Where is the most comfortable place to read?

Discussion in 'Books' started by Larormie, Dec 6, 2019.

  1. Larormie

    Larormie New Member

    I really find it relaxing to read a book in a cafe, where I can drink my coffee and at the same time indulge myself in a good book.
  2. mpovez230

    mpovez230 New Member

    On the sofa with soft cushions and a cat sitting on your lap!
  3. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    • The Beach.
    • In Front of the Fireplace.
    • Cozy Cafe.
    • Cozy Bar (Yes, Bar!)
    • Public Transport.
    • Window Seat.
    • Reading Nook.
    • Library.
  4. Badman001

    Badman001 New Member

    Generally I like to read the books at my home roff and library is also a good place to read the books ..
  5. donald78

    donald78 Member

    I'd like to read a book in my room. I find it a quiet place to read a book and very satisfying because of the silence that I have. In a Library it is also a better place to read or on a beach, but since I am away too far for it so I prefer in my room.
  6. ai7aga

    ai7aga New Member

    On bed :)
  7. andiemay

    andiemay New Member

    For me, it's relaxing to read a book in a quiet place or places that there's only quite people. Like in my room, coffee/cafe shop, beach or park in our village.
  8. Digitalscribe

    Digitalscribe New Member

    Window sit
    Those are few places where you can read and feel relaxed
  9. shawnpeterson09

    shawnpeterson09 New Member

    For me, the most comfortable place to read is in my room with the lights on. Because it's really peaceful to read on my room and no one can interrupt you. It's well ventilated too.
  10. Zurcyan

    Zurcyan Member

    The most comfortable, cozy, warm and enjoyable place I could ever think of is inside my room with my cat snuggling around my bed. Having that kindle I love, playing some Ghibli piano playlist that makes me fall in love again and again that goes along so well with the books that I'm reading. Feeling the warm embrace of my love as I read her some lines that captured my emotions. The second place I could recommend would be my favorite coffee shop, "Starbucks". I don't know but there is really something about that place that makes me feel relaxed, inviting, more focus while reading. Maybe because it's the same place where I met the love of my life that's why it's so comforting to me. I can easily charge my device, order my favorite frappe with additional cream, and if I want to listen to some audibles while reading I can do it too. I can also invite some of my friends to accompany me, to share our favorite books together.
  11. PedroGiordani

    PedroGiordani New Member

    I enjoy reading books in quiet environments like a library or my bedroom when my roommate is not around. It helps me keep focused and understand the book, especially because my favorite books are health and fitness-related which I have to pay close attention to follow the logic behind what the author is talking about.
  12. Missbre19

    Missbre19 New Member

    To me, I think that the most comfortable place to read is at home. Either on the couch or sitting up in the bed with the pillows behind you and a nice soft blanket across your lap. When you are at home in your comfort zone I think you can get into the book even better.
  13. Ahlcampos21

    Ahlcampos21 New Member

    For me, actually my morning routine is to read my book in bed alone while taking my coffee. I'd really feed my thoughts and heart with the encouragement words from my favorite book. And my favorite place is in my bedroom while taking coffee because actually i am a coffe lover.
  14. Bella25

    Bella25 New Member

    I think the most comfortable place to read a book would be at home next to a roaring fire. I can envision the room to be dim with candlelights and sweet crackling sounds from the fireplace. The setting is perfect when accompanied by a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio.

    I will also need the perfect reading material. I would like to indulge in a hot new romance novel to escape my hectic life. I will set a side 2-3 hours and enjoy my time reading while sipping Italian white wine. Also, it would not be complete unless my cat is curled up next to me.
  15. Johndavidgarrote

    Johndavidgarrote New Member

    My own room is the most comfortable. Place for me to read a book. No distraction, and I can lay on my bed while reading. It makes me focus on my reading when I'm on my room.
  16. Dijwar

    Dijwar Member

    If you like to reading books, You can read everywhere. But the Best place that people like to read is a quiet place with a coffee, In this was you can focus on the reading better.
  17. alexiawagor

    alexiawagor New Member

    My two favorite places to read are in the bath and in the outdoors. When a accompanied by a cup a of tea, almost nothing can beat reading in a nice warm bubble bath. If the weather is nice, I also thoroughly enjoy spreading out a blanket and reading at the beach or in the woods. One of the best things about reading is that one can do it almost anywhere.

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