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  1. SimplyD

    SimplyD New Member

    Writing can be really fun, especially when you do it in an online writing site like this.

    Not only can your writing be read by many people but you can also earn by it. In addition, you also get a lot of friends from all over the world. ;)

    But where do we get our ideas of what to post?

    For me, I usually my ideas from my daily experiences in life. I like sharing them and see how others can relate to it.

    I am also fond of taking pictures of sights, flowers, places, events and other things that is beautiful to me. From those pictures, I get the ideas of what to post too and attach the particular picture too.

    Sometimes, I get ideas from the conversations I had with my friends or from the jokes I have heard or read.

    I also get them from the social media where I have read a nice quote or story and expound them on my posts.

    But when I really ran out of what to post, I relax and interact.

    You see when one is relaxed, the ideas of what to post just flow naturally.
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  2. icehaus

    icehaus New Member

    There are a lot of good ideas for writing that come from asking "what if?" This is true for both fiction and non-fiction. In non-fiction, asking "what if?" is a good way to evaluate the pro's and cons of things like political and financial decisions ("what if I paid an extra $50 a month on my credit card bill?" "what if I quit smoking?"). While in fiction it can create opportunities for stories from unique perspectives ("What if everyone could only experience one emotion per year?").
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  3. Tanyi

    Tanyi New Member

    hahaha. What if everyone knew SEO?
  4. Tanyi

    Tanyi New Member

    I find it easier to find ideas to post from groups such as Facebook groups. What I do is find trending topics in my niche that people are struggling with and then I write a blog post about it. It's really exciting and fun to do it this way.
  5. Gooddeals

    Gooddeals New Member

    First, I will advice you write only on what interest you. If you have interest on a topic ideas will flow freely because daily and unconsciously you get yourself updated on the topic without stress. Through search engines, books, social media and forums you get updated.
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  6. Gratiano

    Gratiano Member

    Absolutely valid. Topics one likes sound more attractive...
  7. aegialia

    aegialia New Member

    Finding topics can be so frustrating! I try to find news articles that I can relate to my content, especially if there is something big or controversial going on. When I do this, I've found that my readers are more likely to care about my article and respond with likes, comments, shares, etc. I don't do this with every article, though, because I don't want to date everything I write. When I'm stuck, though, or can't figure out how to tackle something, the news is usually where I start.
  8. Lui Adick

    Lui Adick New Member

    For me, ideas tend to flow when am under pressure, this is when i get numerous topic ideas. However, i also tend to relate to what it is am writing about.
  9. Lui Adick

    Lui Adick New Member

    For me, ideas tend to flow when am under pressure, this is when i get numerous topic ideas. However, i also tend to relate to what it is am writing about.
  10. Peterr

    Peterr New Member

    Ideas are everywhere like even if you look at a blank wall there are many ideas in it specially for a designer.
    Also some ideas grow out especially when one is hurt from the inside.
    The best idea generation can be achieved through having education because this is how one is able to read/practice and also share knowledge with others while keeping in tact the idea of mind.
    There is no limit on generating ideas. Even existing ideas need modification as well
  11. Godwin23

    Godwin23 New Member

    Generating ideas for a post can be very challenging at times but when it flows it could be motivating. I believe ideas can come up from different areas such as: one's own experiences or that of others, stories you hear, trending news or happenings in the social media. It can even come from books one has read. Social, political, or economic challenges experienced in one's own country or those of others. For me as a Christian, I believe that the ultimate source of inspiration is God because He's omniscient. He is an unfailing and inexhaustible source of inspiration if only we ask Him. A notable example is King Solomon who is reputed to be the wisest man ever. Those who approached him for wisdom and inspiration were never disappointed since his source is the Almighty Creator, whose source is unfathomable and inexhaustible.

    I would encourage blog owners and free lancers to not only rely or consult other sources of inspiration, they should never neglect the ultimate inexhaustible source, God. I do not joke with Him. Reason being that He never disappointed the patriarchs and by extension, He will never disappoint me or anyone who relies on Him.
    In addition, I would also advocate that for good one to have good ideas for a post, one can take a walk through the woods, sea shores, garden or any other serene environment. Also keep your ears on the growned to always hear catchy or interesring stories. A combination of all these factors and different other sources would be very good sources of ideas for blog post.
  12. Merz2311

    Merz2311 New Member

    Ideas just cross your mind no need to get it else where. It just come and go, especially if your inspired many ideas just crossed you mind. It sometimes depend on your mood.
  13. bbibbebbubben

    bbibbebbubben New Member

    I too have this mindset when I try to write, but sometimes I'm afraid that I'm sharing too much about myself. I'm a very reserve person that's why it has been my struggle ever since. But this limits my ability to share or write what I really want to say.
  14. Carmilina

    Carmilina Member

    For ideas you can just get it from the normal things you are encountering with your everyday life. Always make sure that you can contribute something to every topic you wish to join. Make it very conversational. I permanently work in a company that requires to communicate to different kinds of people that's why I can converse to any topic they will try to butt in.
  15. Soo

    Soo New Member

    There are many ways to get ideas for a post. I think the first thing that you should do is to classify the topics that you would like to post and age bracket that will appeal to your post. General audience, for men, for ladies, for teenagers.
  16. Jhengszki

    Jhengszki New Member

    For me, a perfect idea to write is the one that comes from the heart. Let your heart tell your mind what you feel at the moment, and then write it down. Express how you feel. You'll notice that words are coming inside your head and soon you will fill in the content of the topic you may want to talk about. Let the words flow. This is suitable for beginners, try to write about your feelings. Do this for practice it may unlock your potential as a writer.
  17. Rom

    Rom New Member

    I find this question very interesting yet being new here is somewhat a challenge but very inspired as I quickly invasion my purpose is to show and make a contribution to tell the world that life is really simple.
    I posted 2x and replied to some of the forums here and what makes me chose the topic is because I been there and it's all about the experience and how life managed to always show me to chill or sometimes just deal with what we have and what is available..... and I will not stop choosing this topics bec in every forum here whether a fiction or non fiction or whatever it is there will be no existence if we don't apply our daily lives in it.
  18. Jocelyn Ortiz

    Jocelyn Ortiz New Member

    I just recently ventured into writing and usually what I do is to write about something I am truly interested in. Since I am not a professional writer, I feel that writing about something I have experience or passion with helps a lot. In this way, you can write about a lot of things and you do not get lost for words along the way. Writing is healthy for the mind because it gets your brain moving all the time. Writing about something you really know or love will also help you narrow down your options and come up with your niche.
  19. Girl13

    Girl13 New Member

    Occasionally, getting ideas for a post are based on stock knowledge. Some ideas are inspiration, experience, or the people who influence you. Researching is one of the tool to learn and new things. You had to be focus on topic they give, I take a look on the topic if I can contribute on it then I find myself typing out words what's on my brain. Freedom to share ideas is the way of expressing myself and it feels so good. Ideas that had been to me a long time because I was afraid of sharing my thoughts to avoid rejection or getting judge by other people.

    Now, I'm open that everyone has its own opinion or views that people always had something to say good or bad. Ideas comes from within ourselves that mold us thru the years and these are things that we believe in. These ideas are what we see in our group of society, culture, religion we belong to. That's why we can't judge people on how they think or act on a situation because we are all different usually its based on their personal experiences. People learn, change and let go. Ideas are coming from within us that talks about ourselves where we came from.
  20. OlaSidiq

    OlaSidiq New Member

    There are many ways of generating ideas for a post. I will share three ways here. There is a website that will generate all the questions asked in your niche with just a click, the site is called "answer the public".

    The second idea is to ask your friends about what they don't know about a given topic. You can ask your friends on social media as well.

    And the last way to get ideas for your post is using Google. Search your seed keyword in Google then go to the related searches at the bottom of the page you will see some blog post ideas that you might not have thought of.

    These three ways can get you thousands of post ideas. My advice is this, copy these ideas and paste into a word document.
  21. charles2reality

    charles2reality New Member

    The best advice for this situation is to improve your "idea capture" skills. This will help you as a writer in all areas. In regards to forum posting, don't try to force an idea. Let it come on its own. Look over the forum topic and responses and see where you can be helpful or can get some help.

    That's the key function of a forum anyway: to get and share information.

    If you can do that, you should be fine.

    Also, don't forget to write ideas down when you're on other sites. For example, if you come across an online article that might be good to talk about in the forum, make note of it. As you get more involved with the topic in a forum, this will come naturally.
  22. WM11808

    WM11808 New Member

    It has yet to reach a difficult time for me. I am rather good at writing ideas even if at first they aren't quite clear I just keep on tip tapping away at my keys until all the right words are in front of me and my message is clear. If I don't know what I'm trying to say then I usually just stall and write train of thought style. It works well enough for me and I think I'm communicating that pretty well right now. Thank you for reading my reasons buds
  23. yellowthegreat

    yellowthegreat New Member

    Ideas for a post can be from anything under the sun. It should be about something you love and interested with so you can relate deeply. Though there a lots from google or the net, you'll appreciate it more if the ideas are truly yours.
  24. Giobordj

    Giobordj New Member

    The best ideas in my opinion are our interests and things that we are most knowledgeable about. They may be our hobbies. They may be our skills. They may be our talents or passions. They may be our current job or what we attained after we finished university. They may be even be new things that caught our attention or interest. Blogging for one is new but caught my interest. I started to blog ten years ago. I just had to pause for awhile ever since I became a full time hands on mom. It just cannot compete with my little angel/angels. Now that they have quite grown a bit, I can make time doing the things I usually do online. Time is of the essence so after I finish doing stuff for my family, it's time to hit the keys. The ideas may be endless. It may even be about the flower I see from outside my window. I just have to stretch my imagination.

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