Where to get the best freelancer job

Discussion in 'Freelance Writing Jobs' started by Meekfelicia, Oct 31, 2017.

  1. Meekfelicia

    Meekfelicia New Member

    Getting a freelancer job seems pretty much impossible,bid on gigs that they never choose anyone for,or freelance sites want you to purchase bids to get work.
  2. DragonBallZ

    DragonBallZ New Member

    It truly depends. If you want to freelance as a writer then there are site available just for that. I recommend sites like edubirdie for writing because it is a legit verified site that doesn't require bids to be purchased.
  3. Mutin

    Mutin New Member

    Getting a freelance job depends on many factors, especially on how you market yourself. Keep in mind that there are millions of freelancers out there. What do you do to stand out from this crowd? That happens to be the question you ought to ask yourself. I have noticed that getting a freelance job is somehow easier depending on the skills you possess. Freelancers with skills that are high in demand always have plenty availability of jobs online.

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