Where you get your username?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by zZJoennZz, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. splendiddexter

    splendiddexter New Member

    Well, the "dexter" part is because I like the name and I liked watching Dexter's Laboratory when I was younger. As for the "splendid" part, I was trying to register on a website and since "Dexter" was already used the site gave me an alternative idea: SplendidDexter. I was like "Okay that works" and I've stuck to it ever since then.
  2. SpeedOfSmell

    SpeedOfSmell New Member

    My username came from a phrase a Battlefield 3 buddy of mine used to say. He would refer to slow-moving objects as moving at the speed of smell. As in "Hurry up, you're moving at the speed of smell!" I stopped talking to him but that phrase has stuck with me and years later I started to use it as my username.
  3. aleumdawo

    aleumdawo New Member

    It's the romanization of the Korean word "아름다워." When romanized its areumdawo, so my username is actually the misspelled version.
  4. Nnaka M

    Nnaka M New Member

    i'm horrendously bad at choosing usernames so i always just stuck with my actual name; i'm pretty screwed if i ever want to disappear. but I've learned my lesson from the.... questionable usernames of my teen years... *shudders*
  5. fabianfabbo

    fabianfabbo New Member

    My friend gave it to me. It started out as a joke while still in high school and the name has stuck with me since then. Now everyone, my family included, call me Fabbo. Had to check it out online. Turns out it's a common nickname meaning "the best."
  6. blessing02

    blessing02 New Member

    I got my username trying to logically combine my first name with my date of birth, Can you imagine? I ended up blessing+02.hehehe
  7. Rhodz

    Rhodz New Member

    I got it from my first name, I've just shorten it, and adding in the end to sound it better.:)
  8. MadeInEsca

    MadeInEsca New Member

    I had to do a blog for an assignment in middle school, and the teacher requested us to come up with really creative and fun usernames. I couldn't come up with anything until I saw the label on my sweater ("Made In Peru"). I thought to myself... what if I just add my initials? And voila! MadeInEsca. My teacher loved it, even though it's not that creative nor fun.
  9. nickyj83

    nickyj83 New Member

    Its part of my name, with my birth year. For some reason though, i change the Nick to Nicky, not sure why ive always done it!
  10. Henrywrites

    Henrywrites New Member

    Truly, usernames should be letters, words, symbols, or numbers one can recall easily when making log ins to sites. This is because if one makes the mistakes of failing to remember his/her username during the login, then it will take a whole lot of resetting process to get it back.

    Like you rightly pointed out, using one's names or anything related to he/she is a great way to forming username for easy recalling. My username was formed with my middle name with the hashtag 'writes" to show that I enjoy writing a lot. This is a way to show friends online that I am a writer and can make articles for them if need be.

    So, I feel in choosing a username, the use of something familiar with the person is important for easy recalling.
  11. GeorgHalmos

    GeorgHalmos New Member

    My name is the combination of two mathematicians I hold in high regard and that represent two aspects of the mathematics profession.
    • Georg comes from the German mathematician Georg Cantor, the inventor of set theory, which now lies at the foundation of all the mathematics that are done in the world. He also discovered that are many types of infinities, for example, both the set of all integers and the number of points in a line are infinite, but the latter is bigger. He represents the research aspect of mathematics; discovering new theories, exploring new concepts, etc...
    • Halmos comes from the Hungarian mathematician Paul Halmos (he is the one in my profile picture). He worked on an area called mathematical analysis, particularly the theory of Operators on Hilbert Space, but he is most famous for being a great expositor of mathematics. He represents that other important part of the profession that involves explaining to others the theories developed by researchers.
    I believe that we need this two kinds of scientists to make progress in the sciences: those who come up with new knowledge and those who explain it. My username is a homage to two of the best in the business and also a remainder that being an educator is also very important in our society.
  12. Myfurryplace

    Myfurryplace New Member

    I have mine brainstorming with my husband its my blog name.
  13. Veeckay C

    Veeckay C New Member

    My classmate used to play around with my name just for fun. She called me vikay instead of Vicky. When the internet started and username is needed, my nick name is very common therefore I tried what my classmate called and it worked. Though I played around with letters to get the same rhyme to it.
  14. Jam&Jelly

    Jam&Jelly Member

    I just love jam, and I like jelly too. So I just combined them. Also, I think it's pretty cute.
  15. yamyan0119

    yamyan0119 New Member

    I got mine from my kid's name and birth day. Sounds like li-yam and yan-na. I combined them so I got yamyan0119 :)
  16. Kashmir

    Kashmir New Member

    My username is the name of the first mare that I bought for myself and trained from the beginning. That mare gave me so much, she had a heart as big as the universe and she tried everything I asked her to do... I learned a lot and won quite a bit in competition with her. Riders say that you eventually find YOUR horse and to me, it was Kashmir.
  17. angeligarnet

    angeligarnet New Member

    I use my partial real name then my stone color. It just sounded right, and it was unique!
  18. sirfreelancealot

    sirfreelancealot New Member

    I needed a username when I first decided to try my hand at freelance writing. I remembered being fond of King Author so I decided to use one of his knights as my username. Sir Lancelot was close to what I was looking for in a username and the the rest is history.
  19. sibayannelson7

    sibayannelson7 New Member

    My user name was based on my real name. This user name was suggested by gmail when i signup for my new email ad. I am always using this user name so that i will not be able to forget. Every time i tried to use other user name and password, its too hard for me to remember them
  20. ploughtow

    ploughtow New Member

    My parents didn't gave my name. My aunt derived it from the first names of my parents. But it's fine, I get used to it.

    PS. (real name is not my username)
  21. ploughtow

    ploughtow New Member

    I didn't realize it's the username we are talking about. I actually got from our dwarf planet, Pluto.
    I want to always remember it so that's why if you read it, it's sounds like Pluto!
  22. I got "Rick Sanchez" from Rick and Morty (American TV series) and "Shire" from a fictional place in the Lord of the Rings. I would love to see characters from both worlds to have a crossover. Imagine Rick defeating Sauron, Morty being buddies with Merry and Pippin, and Gandalf providing marriage counseling to Jerry and Beth. It'd be awesome!
  23. rbeat7

    rbeat7 New Member

    I usually pick a theme, mostly relating to a movie I like and work around derivatives of that. I have many logins to many sites so it does get challenging coming up with so many different names but you can also use username generators online which help greatly.
  24. yetyet

    yetyet Member

    Usually my username comes from nick name. It may sound boring but for me it is the best way because there's no need for me to take extra time to memorize it. Sometimes I give a twist on it by adding something that's memorable or useful to me.
  25. mbrnrd

    mbrnrd Member

    Actually ot came from my real name. I just removed some letters
  26. I get my username from my pastor when im a kid, Brother Clem the great and amazing pastor for me when i was a kid. Hes very caring and good to us always giving us food if we hungry always checking us spiritually if were fine

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