Which devices do you use the most when listening to music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by raddpojk, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Steven Sass

    Steven Sass New Member

    I listen to music every night . I just throw the headphones on jump on Sound Cloud, and play Spades Plus. It has became a way to unwind for me.
  2. Onni89

    Onni89 New Member

    Personally I use my phone the most when listening to music. It's easy to carry everywhere and it's always in my pocket so it's a no brainer.
  3. Dedomor

    Dedomor New Member

    I listen to the music mostly on my PC and I usually find what I need on YouTube. But when I download music I use Winamp. I know there are probably better players out there, but Winamp has a sentimental value for me since it was the first player I have ever used on PC.
  4. Looking4datdoe

    Looking4datdoe New Member

    I listen to music on my phone and radio. Sometimes I listen to music and watch videos on my TV through Youtube as well.
  5. Doctorstew

    Doctorstew New Member

    I mostly listen in the car - I bluetooth my Samsung phone into the car stereo. This is great for on the go stuff ( I am a musician and spend a lot of time in the car ) and it also means I can listen to recordings I made on the phone at rehearsals on the way home.
    At home though, I prefer to use my proper HiFi system and get a fuller and m ore realistic impression of what the original artist was going for.
  6. tuneum

    tuneum New Member

    I have a pretty decent record collection, and I really enjoy just putting on a record when I'm at home. I don't own any speakers of note, but find the act of putting on a record more relaxing anyway.

    On the go, of course, I use my iphone. I usually plug that into my FM-transmitter when I'm driving, too.
  7. Ruben_Trill

    Ruben_Trill New Member

    I use my cell phone most of the time. Its very rare when i use my ipad, mp3, or computer.
  8. josephpanes02

    josephpanes02 New Member

    Cant live without my phone, i usually listen to music through it. I also use my laptop and wear a headphone , i find music different from noise.
  9. Kira Staley

    Kira Staley New Member

    I use my phone the most when listening to music. It makes it so much more convenient because it's faster to browse on my phone and I can connect my phone to my Bluetooth speakers with a press of a button. Other ways of listening to music are great but they are so much more of a hassle to me. I prefer to keep everything as simple as possible.
  10. cmarkcsco

    cmarkcsco New Member

    Hello! I mainly listen to music using Spotify through the use of my phone or laptop. Sometimes, I also use YouTube to stream content. I know some people who still use MP3 players to listen to music but most have switched to more modern means.
  11. Damistrauss

    Damistrauss New Member

    Most times, I listen to music on my phone. Listening to music on my phone is very easy and I can easily carry my phone around and still continue to listen to my favourite songs. Occasionally, I listen to music on TV but this is rare. I normally do that maybe when a new video comes out and It's not available for download yet. Listening to music on my phone gives me the flexibility of listening to my favourite songs while also doing any other task I might have on hand. I just simply put my earpiece on with my phone in my pocket and I'm ready to go.
  12. ladydinpuz

    ladydinpuz New Member

    it depends on my situation, when I'm at home, I prefer to use my PC that connects to the speaker to listen musics. But if I'm out for somewhere, usually if I'm alone, I use my phone to listen musics to entertain myself. But beforehand, I always download mp3 files from various sources and save it to my SD card, and then I insert the card to my phone.
  13. Redenthor Macariola

    Redenthor Macariola New Member

    Like other typical music lovers, most of the time that I listen to music is from my cellphone. But, when I'm driving my car, I do listen music to my favorite FM radio. If I'm working with my laptop, I also play music from it.
  14. Mishy

    Mishy New Member

    Definetly my smartphone because it goes with me everyday everywhere and so I need it.
  15. Lms25

    Lms25 New Member

    The device I use the most for listening to music is my smartphone, I can take it almost everywhere I go, and listen to any song I want.
  16. @althea27

    @althea27 New Member

    I usually use my phone.
    I use it listening online or my save music and radio
  17. annie2911

    annie2911 New Member

    I mostly use Spotify on my phone. There's nothing better than putting your headphones on and forgetting the whole world while listening to music. Taking walks at night listening to your favorite songs or falling asleep listening to them, it's a great feeling. Spotify is a really cool app.
  18. Lord78

    Lord78 New Member

    I personally listen to music with my PC, laptop, cellphone and maybe my tablet.I usually listen to them with YouTube app on my smartphone or I just use their website when I want to listen with laptop. but I mostly try to download them as I will be able to listen when I am out of home or offline.also my friends send me on social media apps like Facebook and Line.although I listen with these devices nowadays,but I used mp3 player around 10 years ago which was good at that time!!!
  19. tmccoy

    tmccoy New Member

    Mainly I use my iPhone. I still have my iPod Touch, but every song that's on there is on my phone.
  20. Gidsmonts101

    Gidsmonts101 New Member

    Mostly i use my computer in listening to music, i really like the sounds when it comes when using a quality speaker. When I am outside i just use my phone but often play music at home, loud and clear ,and always stream for new music at spotify or youtube.

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