Which do you prefer a sunny or rainy day?

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    I will choose a sunny day, because I can go to the places I want so easily, enjoy the outdoor travels, do some hiking and relax while staring the beauty of nature. You can also transact business such as selling goods and services on field to your probable client. No hassles, flood and traffic. You can play badminton or tennis. So cool. You have no difficulties on drying up your clothes and most of all is that I am on good mood, so energized. I have no difficulties to plan my activity ahead during a sunny day. It is much easier to drive. You can also enjoy an outdoor party with friends and relatives at your garden. So I guess that's it. :)
  2. ganidel

    ganidel New Member

    I'm on the side of Rainy Day. It's a Modest weather, where you chill and relax everywhere you are. A perfect timing for Romance and Easy talking for your Love Once. Solve some issues, to ease the pain. It can refresh your Mind And Soul and be getting ready for's tomorrows adventures of life.
  3. Betty19

    Betty19 New Member

    Rainy day for me.I love sleeping or listening to music when it rains it makes me relax and the cold effect of the weather is good to drink coffee and read some books or watch movies.One more thing that i love about rain is when you play with kids or friends in the rain happiness overload while experiencing every drop of water in my face it makes me really smile.
  4. Lee355

    Lee355 New Member

    I think I'll take rainy, just because I live in the Philippines and it gets quite hot during a typical sunny day. The rainy days are a nice break from the heat!

    My family lives in Oregon, and a sunny day there is a celebration! It's almost always cloudy, so any time the sun peeks out, everyone goes outside.
  5. Brklyn.Bruno

    Brklyn.Bruno New Member

    I’d rather choose a rainy day. Just the thought of a rainy day to me personally feels soothing. A rainy day means relaxation indoors without the troubles of the “outside world” coming in. Especially if you need to take a quick mental break from things because it puts things on hold for however long the rain lasts. And the naps are much better when listening to the patter of the rain. All in all, for me it is more of the “zen” place it takes me when I want my head to have a “re-check” of whats going on in my life.
  6. Jermhelle Sakiwat

    Jermhelle Sakiwat New Member

    Rainy days give a sense of tranquility, the feeling of quietness and of course laziness, because I can just sit by and watch the rain cascading through the window. Sunny days give me a different sense of peacefulness, like the feeling you have when wind blows by gently and caress your face and you kind of just smile because it's peaceful. But then there were times when the sun would shine and the rain would drizzle softly. These were my favorite times because I know I'm experiencing a rare phenomenon where usually two different types collide and instead of creating havoc it just creates something beautiful.
  7. Rixxie

    Rixxie New Member

    I would definitely pick a sunny day. Why, because if it's sunny it easier to travel or go to work. It's also fun to go swimming because i love swimming and i love doing outdoor activities. When it's raining you can easily get sick, It's hard to drive or even commute to work, the weather is so gloomy and you there are limited things that you can do. I don't know if it's just me that whenever it rains it gives me a feel of nostalgia and a bit of loneliness. Sunny weather or Summer is the best weather.
  8. RadPlaid

    RadPlaid New Member

    I prefer rainy days because they're great for naps and make me feel more grounded. Sunny days are too bustle-y to me.
  9. elainepureza

    elainepureza New Member

    Rainy days makes me feel some type of way. The rainy weather makes me feel so much relaxed and gives me a comforting feeling that just makes me want to curl up on my bed and nap. Rainy days plus good music and good coffee is just amazing
  10. MmClavel1890

    MmClavel1890 New Member

    I like rain but I love sunny day! Rainy days make me feel so lazy and relaxed at the same time which I like sometimes. Just wanna stay in the house, do some movie marathon, eat my favorite food when rainy days. But when sunny day it makes me active, go to a places like beaches, do biking/cycling, or just go around some places where I can enjoy myself.
  11. Jennifer Ruskowski

    Jennifer Ruskowski New Member

    I prefer rainy days because they are very comfortable if you are inside. They give you an excuse to stay home, be lazy, and watch Netflix all day. It is also really good cuddling weather.
  12. cathylene

    cathylene New Member

    Rainy days, so feel cool and good to sleep. It is very comfortable feeling once i heard the pour of rain. But It makes me lazy all day.
  13. Rowie

    Rowie New Member

    A rainy day for sure. The sound of raindrops is like music to my ear. A cup of good of coffee on my hand while chilling in the bed, perfect. I am not the outgoing type of person anyway so the rain doesn't really bother me. Watching the rain fall to the ground or roll down the window is such a pleasure to my eyes. The rain calms my soul. Everything seems to be at peace.
  14. Jade30

    Jade30 New Member

    I prefer the sunny day. When I was in highschool, my history teacher once said, "do not wish for the rain, some people outside are struggling". She meant people living in the streets. And I think that makes sense and I started to realize people struggling where to find a covered place. So starting that day, I have never wished the rain to pour, especially when there's a storm. But i don't know, sometimes I enjoy the rain.
  15. I like a sunny day because I can do outdoor activities. In rainy day, we cannot do outdoor activities well. But rainy day is also important in order for us to ave support of water in our rivers for the fishes, and alo to the plants around ud which serve as our primary producers.
  16. chocochuchu

    chocochuchu New Member

    I like winter. Oh, sorry there is no snow in my country. LOL
    But if i am going to pick between a sunny or rainy day, i think i will go with.....
    Today is raining so i will pick a rainy day :)
    I rarely go out so it really doesn't matter if it is raining outside. Most of the time, it is always hot in here so i guess it is better to have a cooler weather. Also, i can think better when it is raining. Having a humid weather sometimes affect your mood. So, i guess that will be it. Rainy day for me.
  17. JM D Looper

    JM D Looper New Member

    I prefer Sunny Day and I love going to the Beach
  18. +spirit51

    +spirit51 New Member

    I prefer the rainy day because it allows me to take a step back from my busy schedule and reflect on things that really matter the most in my life. Being able to take time to relax and to hear the soothing raindrops give me a better perspective of the situations I'm dealing with.
  19. jerick.newyear

    jerick.newyear New Member

    I prefer rainy days as I love surfing but I still like summer to dry up my surf board and have a cold coconut water with of course coconut meat, yes under the sun.
  20. I prefer sunny day, I can go where ever I want, or basically I can walk to a place that I want. For me very much comfortable in a sunny day compare rainy day, because if you in a rush you can walk or run where ever you want. but if rainy day you require to bring umbrella, for me it is very hassle to bring things like that.
    Rainy day make your day slow. Maybe if you don't have things to do or to work rainy days is okay.
  21. Dearrose101988

    Dearrose101988 New Member

    I prefer a rainy day im a pluviopile person .is that the correct spelling ?hahahahha . it realy warms my heart everytime rain is pouring !aside from having a cold weather it realy makes me feel happy.. is that normal? Lol ✌✌✌
  22. hetzky

    hetzky New Member

    I live in the east of Thailand, which is apparently the wettest region (I've only lived here for a year, so I can't really confirm or deny that), but a rainy day here is, quite literally, a whole day. During the rainy season the storms can last for over 24 hours, and, as impressive as they are (and they definitely are), the flooding, noise, and instant saturation when you step outside gets old fast. It's definitely not like that all the time, even during the monsoon season, but I would pick Thai sun over Thai rain any day!
  23. software83

    software83 New Member

    There's a song that says ¨Ain't no sun shine when she is gone¨ It goes without that my preference is a sunny day. I love a bright sunny day so much because am an out door person. Camping, fishing, sporting activities you name it are my favorite recreational activities so a rainy day those me no good. I feel good whenever am out in the open taking fresh air into my lungs.
  24. bikay1

    bikay1 New Member

    I for one favor rainy days. There's something so madly quieting about tuning in to the rain and strolling around under an umbrella when it's down-pouring and seeing the impression of lights in the puddles that it shapes in the city.

    I do appreciate bright days, however, nothing gives me more delight than blustery days.
  25. eolvr52

    eolvr52 New Member

    I'm personally a big fan of sunny days. There's something about the blue skies and sun rays that really bring me to life. I'm the kind of person that connects with the outside world and nature with my spirit. Most people compare rainy days with a gloomy feeling, while sunny days are compared with a happy and uplifting feeling. It's bright, breezy and warm. I'm a very feminine and maternal person, which matches my desire to be outside on sunny and bright days. Rainy days just make me tired and they make me feel gloomy as well.
  26. DreamInspiration

    DreamInspiration New Member

    I prefer a rainy day . It’s more relaxing and helps me sleep. The sound of the raindrops hitting the house steadily is just so comforting .
  27. borrowedlight

    borrowedlight New Member

    I like rain. I'm all about aesthetics and the light filtered through the clouds makes everything more vibrant. I also find the sound quite soothing.
  28. MmClavel1890

    MmClavel1890 New Member

    I like rainy days but I love sunny days! Sunny days makes me more productive, energetic and happy. I can travel everywhere and anytime if sunny days, I can do all my outdoor activities and sports. Unlike in rainy days it makes me gloomy, just want to stay in the house, sip a cup of coffee while reading a book of watching movies or even surf only in the internet the whole day or else sleep. Rainy days makes me lazy but not all the time.
  29. sefie23

    sefie23 New Member

    I always prefer sunny days since I'm an extrovert person. Sunny days gives me the luxury to spend most of my time outdoors. plus this is actually the best weather to do the activities that I love including ph photography and traveling. Rainy days makes me more lazy and less productive, whenever it's raining I just want to stay in bed and and sleep. There are even times when my mood is affected. Sunny days makes me feel great and happy :)
  30. Yanivosso

    Yanivosso New Member

    I love the sun way more , the sun makes me happy! When the sun is out you can go all over with out getting wet a sunny day means lots of out door activity’s and ofc is always good for a good swim ❤️

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