Which do you prefer a sunny or rainy day?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by PAMELA BISCOCHO, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. HoneyPretty

    HoneyPretty Member

    I like sunny day more because it brightens up my day and I can go wherever I want to without feeling annoyed and uncomfortable. And the most important thing about sunny days is I can wear my most comfortable outfit whether i'm inside the house watching tv or hanging out somewhere outside. Rainy days for me are boring and lazy. I just feel like laying in my bed reading books or browing social media sites. It's too dull, gloomy and lifeless. Whenever I feel lonely and sad I can only stare at the windows and hear that annoying sounds of raindrops. To some it's pleasing to the ears and calming but for me it always make me feel lazy and sleepy, I can no longer do task which I need to be done.
  2. Arsal

    Arsal Member

    Both systems have been made by Allah Talah ( GOD ) so it depends on using it in a better way. sunny days can influence your cholesterol because we need Vitamin D that sunshine gives us for our better health, getting moderate amounts of sun can help clear up skin disorders. And even still, the sun may improve your digestion and metabolism. sunshine can take us in a better mood, lots of benefits for all of us for taking sunshine. Rainy Days are very important as Sunny Days
    Some vegetation and plants, trees, need water to survive, in fact, Rainwater is better than artificial water that is being prepared with the help of chemical that is very dangerous for the health of the human being. one thing is very common and necessary for all of that we need both of these systems for live our life in a healthy way. Thanks
  3. dynzrhoss

    dynzrhoss New Member

    I like sunny and rainy day. It is through the rain that we value the importance of the sun and vice versa. I like both season or days because it's a constant reminder for us that life changes from day to day. When your "today" is not going well, relax. There is still tomorrow. And tomorrow might be diffrent and a lot better than today.
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  4. dynz123

    dynz123 New Member

    I love both seasons. Why? Because we both need it. Especially here in the Philippines, where there are a lot of farmers, a perfect balance of rain and sun are essential for the growth of their plants. Too much rain and too much sun will surely kill all their plants.

    Besides that, I love the idea of weathers changing from rainy to sunny and vice versa. It reminds me that nothing is contant in this world, except change. No matter how chaotic our life today, rest assured that tomorrow is a brand new day. We can't be in the same situation forever. There will always be rainy days in our life and with it, comes hope. We become hopeful that tomorrow the sun will shine and smile upon us.

    Both rainy and sunny days teach us the value of hope and faith.
  5. pevkay97

    pevkay97 New Member

    My preference depends on my plans for the day. If I am going to stay inside all day and just lounge around, then I prefer a rainy day because I love to hear, smell, and watch the rain. Furthermore, the rain is very relaxing and soothing, which is perfect on a lazy day. On the other hand, if I am going for a run, or to an outside event, then I prefer a clear, sunny day. When my hair gets wet, it turns into a frizzy disaster, and the rain will also ruin my makeup.
  6. laleecarreon

    laleecarreon New Member

    I love sunny days! Being an extrovert person, I enjoy being out where I can see sunshine and clouds. It gives me a happy feeling whenever I see a beautiful nature. In addition to that, I can easily go from places whenever I travel.
  7. vicdragon

    vicdragon New Member

    For me its a sunny day because of the word Hussle it is hussle to go in the work when it comes a rain
  8. Ozella Decola

    Ozella Decola Member

    Definitely, a sunny day, because I love to travel.
  9. jadeliz

    jadeliz New Member

    I prefer sunny day because I usually wash our clothes especially the clothes of my baby, which is always needed to dry fast since he doesn't have a lot of clothes to wear. It is also because I love to eat cold foods, and I can only do that during sunny day, if I am doing that on rainy day, I usually got colds.
  10. mimacheeks

    mimacheeks New Member

    I love a sunny day when I go out of the house but a rainy day is just perfect when I'm inside the house. To answer your question, I would still prefer a sunny day. In my country, flood gets everywhere when it rains which causes heavy traffic. There are also tons of homeless people here and it's the worst for them when it rains. A sunny day on the other side gives a sense of happiness and optimism that's why it's recommended for people to soak under the sun sometimes. I can also wear cute sundresses during a sunny day which is a plus.
  11. loulee

    loulee New Member

    I live in a tropical country. We have a long rainy season that causes flood but i still prefer rainy day because i love cold weather instead of hot weather. Sunny day is good because you can go out side do the things that you cannot do when its raining but in our country it is too much. If you will not be careful you will suffer a heat stroke. Ever since i dont like summer it is just that i don't want the feeling being sweaty and hot.
  12. deadlyknightshade

    deadlyknightshade New Member

    I prefer sunny day because I usually go a lot outside rather than just being inside the house the whole day because it bores me to death.
  13. Domenik

    Domenik New Member

    Well, Im not much of a inside guy. I dont own a tv, Im not glued to my phone, I just occasionally watch a movie, andI have my laptop only for work.

    When I want to have a great day I go outside to meet people and do stuff together, and you have so much more opportunities when the sun shines than if not. Also you get a sexy tan.
  14. jpb.ldn

    jpb.ldn New Member

    As we are going through a heatwave right now, a rainy day sounds beyond pleasant. Petrichor, the coziness of being inside as the rain hits your window, the freshness of the air as the storm pieces through the atmosphere and makes everything seem lighter and fresher.
  15. dmary

    dmary New Member

    I would choose a rainy day anytime over anything else. Nothing is more comfortable than hearing the rain drops, cold breeze, and maybe a cup of coffee in hand.

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