Which do you prefer? Physical books or digital?

Discussion in 'Books' started by tphillips1222, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. tphillips1222

    tphillips1222 New Member

    It's a big debate in the world these days. People are going back and forth. Do you prefer the feeling of a real book in your hands? Is it the smell of the old paper? Or would you rather have the convenience of a digital copy? One that you can take anywhere and carry around in your pocket?
  2. lillismommy

    lillismommy New Member

    I love my reading apps and all that, but for me nothing compares to snuggling up with my favorite book that has been past down through my family. I think this digital time is ruing some of the good ol' fashion things people should experience. I as a mom want to make sure my daughter gets to enjoy good old fashion books like i did, no matter the era shes growing up in.
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  3. Gothika Ember

    Gothika Ember New Member

    I prefer the real thing if I had unlimited storage space. However, as I'm running out of room to store all of my books, I have started thinking about physical form versus digital. I have come to the decision that if the book is non-fiction, a reference book than I would want it to be in physical form. If it's fiction, than I would want it to be digital.
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  4. thebinarykat

    thebinarykat New Member

    I definitely like digital over physical books. I just don't have the room to keep a big collection. I got over 1000 books on my Amazon kindle app and majority of them I had gotten them while they were free and bargain priced.
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  5. lulu123

    lulu123 New Member

    I remember when E-books first came out and I thought they'd never take off! I love physical books and always have but I admit, now I have a huge digital library too.
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  6. jensandhens

    jensandhens New Member

    I think my answer depends on the context.

    If I am trying to read for professional or personal reasons when I am away from home, I prefer the no-fuss experience of having books on my phone. I can put it down at a moment's notice (no bookmarks!), and I don't have the weight and space usage of a physical book.

    If I am trying to relax (generally at home) or referencing information (often a cookbook), then I consider the physical format as the supreme form. There is a comforting nostalgia to turning pages, and there is a convenience factor to flipping through a cookbook when I don't quite know what I am looking for.
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  7. LJ Claypool

    LJ Claypool New Member

    As an adult, I just started actually reading a few years ago. My mother always wanted me to read, but I never got into it. When I picked up an actual book to read, I was hooked. I only read a few actual paper books at first, when I got my hands on an eReader, I never looked back. I now have 2 eReaders, one that is strictly a books and magazine reader, and one that is a tablet. I like the tablet, because I can get the books on my phone, so I can read while on lunch breaks. Friends have tried to lend me paper books, but I never accept them because I am spoiled by my eReader.
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  8. Morningstar328

    Morningstar328 New Member

    As much as I love the internet, I have to say that there's no comparison to picking up a book. I found that reading for long periods of time on a computer screen can actually strain the eyes more, and leaves me subjected to the occasional migraine. Plus, have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror after spending hours staring at a computer screen? That's just my personal opinion though. I can relate to anyone who enjoys any form of literature, as long as they can have extensive thought provoking conversation on what they've read.
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  9. mali.a

    mali.a New Member

    I definitely prefer a physical copy of a book. There is something so satisfying about flipping the pages of a book and flipping the last page when you're done with a book. It's such a great feeling. Also, the smell of books is one of my favorite things in the entire world. Going to the book store is one of my hobbies, to be honest. I love going through the pages of book, it's almost an addiction. But, I love reading and I do read on my phone and tablet a lot. I also have an old nook that I still use to read on. Although, I would rather have an actual book with pages to read, a digital copy of a book is just as good.
  10. abster

    abster New Member

    The convenience of e-books wins me over every time. They're more portable with dozens of books in a single device versus a heavy load leaving very little space in bags, and I can find what I need to read on my tablet than on my own bookshelves or in a library or store. Additionally, I can highlight different parts of the text without crying over the permanence of the markings in a physical copy or make notes and not be exasperated at the number of post-its I use up. Paper books are great to have when I'm a big fan or I need to loan a copy to a friend; otherwise, I'm really indifferent about the "look, feel, and smell" they have to offer for the love of tradition. Eye strain? Actually an issue with both for me!
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  11. dreamer254

    dreamer254 New Member

    For me this depends on the time you have really. Digital media like movies really summarise everything in less than two hours and that works for me.
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  12. Angelika

    Angelika New Member

    I prefer reading paperback books, because my eyes feel less strained, I feel more comfortable and I like to physically turn the page. In middle school I would walk from class to class holding a book, so that whenever I finish an assignment early, I can grab my book and just read it. A digital copy would get me in trouble, plus a paper back book makes me look smarter and teachers would label you as a "good student." However, digital books are becoming more accessible and cheaper, so most people would prefer a digital book than a paperback book.
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  13. Gentleman

    Gentleman New Member

    I have to concur with the majority of folks here. Physical books are just swell, nothing compares to that old book smell or now come to think of it, that new book smell. I own a kindle but if I get the option I buy the real thing, I wish I could pin point exactly what it is that I enjoy about physical books so much.
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  14. rosesania

    rosesania New Member

    it is very hard to say that which one is better. I personally like hard books. they are less burden on eyes. they also have a feeling and a sense of attachment. I also read books on computer in PDF and E PUB formats. I must say for books on internet portable document file (PDF) is most appropriate type of file. it can be easily managed. both the hard books and soft books have their own advantages and disadvantages. as i have already said hard books are my charm so in the end I must say " books are my passion"
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  15. Twanda Black

    Twanda Black New Member

    I would prefer both physical and digital books.I love to read , when I have time .Reading relaxes my mind. I would use digital books if I have a short period of time to read . And every detail is summer zed for you.
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  16. jessiicaa

    jessiicaa New Member

    Physical books with always have a special place in my heart. There is something so magical about holding a book in the palm of your hands, turning the pages and bending the corners. I certainly will never cease to buy books, however, with physical space limited, both at home and whilst out and about, i have found comfort in my kindle, knowing i can store a hundred or so books, in a light, compact tablet. So both physical and digital books have their ups and downs.
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  17. darthlunchbox

    darthlunchbox New Member

    I prefer physical books. I tend to space out when trying to read an ebook, but having the book in my hands can keep me occupied for some reason. I love turning the pages, the soft whisper of sound it makes, the weight of the book in my hand. For me there is no comparison.
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  18. Ana Beaumont

    Ana Beaumont New Member

    No thing can trump the feeling of holding the book in your hands. And besides, the smell (yes that book smell is addictive)! How can you smell the book if all you have is a screen? Physical books are cheaper, I give you that, and I read them a lot, but if offered I would always choose the real deal.
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  19. Alesa Clifton

    Alesa Clifton New Member

    For me, nothing compares to the feeling of holding a real book and feeling each page turn, or that new book smell! Watching my bookmark get closer and closer to the end, and best of all seeing the books I have collected over the years fill up my bookshelves. I have yet to read ebooks, but I have tried out an audiobook once and found myself disconnected from the storyline. It was rather difficult to get lost in the story, and my mind started wandering ( sort of like when you look up a music video and then 15 minutes later you are watching vine videos of cats!). Physical books do it for me every time.
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  20. bluemug

    bluemug New Member

    I will have to agree with the minority here and say that I prefer ebooks. I commute to uni, so the convenience of being able to read whatever I want on the train without having to carry all the books (in addition to books I need for classes) is very convenient. I have also moved around a lot in the past few years and I'm sad to say that some physical books always get left behind because I really can't justify bringing ten heavy boxes of books with me everywhere I go.
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  21. adelaney713

    adelaney713 New Member

    I love that I can have (almost) any book in my hands within seconds with the rise of ebooks. With the kindle app on my phone, I can read whatever I may want, wherever I may be (battery allowing of course). That being said, however, my physical book collection is my pride and joy. There is nothing more wonderful than the feeling and smell of a book, old or new. I grew up before ebooks were the go-to and most of my childhood was spent nestled in a cushy chair in the library with the solid, reassuring weight of a book in my hands. No amount of convenience can replace that feeling.
  22. TMMamba

    TMMamba New Member

    I prefer holding a book and turning a pages than swiping or scrolling. I love the feel of a book in my hand and the smell it has, both old and new. Bookshops are exciting places for me and I do not get the same excitement looking at Amazon deals.
    However the convenience of e books is astounding. Having an entire library that weighs about 250 grams is unbelievable. I can travel with my library!
    I'm still a die hard hard cover fan but it might change as the technology gets better.
  23. Justin Lashley

    Justin Lashley New Member

    My Kindle has changed my life. I'm constantly on the move, both in my daily activities and moving residences every few years. Ebooks have allowed me to carry a library in my back pocket and access it at home, the office or on my commute to work. My home library know sits on my nightstand and I no longer spend large amounts of money moving the hundreds of books I used to have around the country. The only time I buy physical books anymore are if they contain detailed diagrams I need to read or are photo books.
  24. DiCervantes

    DiCervantes New Member

    Nothing can replace the nice bookshelf and real paper books. I love the way they look in my bedroom, it just makes it cozy. I enjoy my Nook and my tablet too, it makes it so convenient to keep your favorite reading materials with you. Some of the digital features that I like is the nice apps, the bookmarks and the ability to make the screen lighter or darker. But I have to say, between digital and the real thing, I'll take the book.
  25. naturallyjmharris

    naturallyjmharris New Member

    I prefer the physical book every time. Your brain actually comprehends the text differently if it is digital. I was given so many documents online in college and I found that I always retained information better if I actually printed them out. I just can't focus well if the text is digital. That being said, I was a Creative Writing major and had to carry around so many heavy books that I do understand when people prefer having their textbooks on one device.
  26. moonface13

    moonface13 New Member

    Physical books are amazing, simply put. The smell, the crispness of the pages, it all creates a certain aura that cannot be duplicated by images that are reproduced on a screen.
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  27. Progeny of Artemis

    Progeny of Artemis New Member

    If I'm out somewhere and have to sit around for a while with no other form of entertainment, I love my e-books. Just because of the compact nature, and not having to carry around a ton of actual books.

    If I'm at home, though, I have a lot of physical books to curl up with. I'll get eye strain reading e-books for as long as I do when I'm at home. And besides, I don't have to worry about the batteries dying in the paper or something like that. :p
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  28. essentialsyzygy

    essentialsyzygy New Member

    I've tried to use Ebooks but I always forget that I have them. I like the feel of books in my hands, and the smell of paper. I enjoy the art, and when I have copies of books I like physically highlighting and underlining them. I enjoy having nice looking bookshelves, with hard back books lining the shelves. I understand the convenience but I just cannot get used to reading on a screen.
  29. k.kristie

    k.kristie New Member

    I want the real books! I want to stay away from hi-technology as much as possible. I find flipping through pages relaxing and there's something about books on display in my bedroom.
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  30. Respawn

    Respawn New Member

    To be honest, I don't read nearly as much as I'd like to because I sometimes find it hard to find the time and motivation to pick up a book and read it. However, I will always prefer physical books over digital or pdf versions. It just doesn't feel the same, it kind of loses the magic of opening and holding a book in your hands. Perhaps it's just me being the old school type, but digital books simply aren't attractive for me, despite their advantages over physical books.

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