Which do you prefer? Physical books or digital?

Discussion in 'Books' started by tphillips1222, Sep 4, 2015.

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    This is a really cool question! I personally prefer physical books because I feel I grasp content a little better. In this regard, I have found a scientifical research on this topic and according to these researchers ( I can't remember which University), they have proved that reading from physical paper allows the reader a better text memorization and understanding. It seems that our brains achieve better concentration levels when reading on paper. To me, there is also the pleasure I feel from having a physical book in my hands. I do admit though that I also read a lot from digital sources, but those lectures are mostly work-related. I always prefer paper books for my leisure reading.
  3. Diana Jane Perez

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    I love real books better than digital books! Real books gives me more satisfaction in reading than the digital version which strains my eyes. I also love the smell of real books and the sound it makes every page that I turn. It's like magic! The only disadvantage of real books that I can see is that it can't actually fit in our pockets unlike the digital version where in you can download and carry in your pocket.
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    I prefer to use my IPAD. It contains all of my precious books, lessons and manuscripts
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    For me I'll go with physical books, nowadays mostly of the readers using digital books and the physical books industry is getting down. If you really love reading books anf you're passionate about it you will prefer using physical books, because you'll be satisfied reading when you can touch it and see the cover and also as a collection for every books you read. You can also help the author and the publisher to give them a right price for their work, because some of digital books can be copy illegally. Reading in digital books can also harm your health because of the radiation from the device you're using which can effect your eyes.l
  6. Hatless

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    I mostly check out books at the library, so I clearly use real books more than digital. I also have a kindle and an Audible subscription so I definetly do a lot of reading online. Comparing the two has already been done here, but my personal opinion is real copies will still be around long after the internet is a by-gone memory, but digital has some potential for staying around power as well so that point is maybe moot. I prefer reading real books because digital hurts my eyes a bit, and also a real book in hand makes one look infinitly smarter than they actually are, usually.
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    According to me i like both mens to study Online as well as offline but the problem is simple we get bored infront of textbooks means when we try to study physically ( hapens with me )and online digital leaening is good but we loose our health , eyesight due to continuously watching anything and because of too focus .
    The best is Offline physicall study and it cannot be replaced even in future !!.
    Currently I'm using both but i recommend the best is physicall learning not digital ,,,,,digital era is only suits for technolgy and other perspective not for our study !!.

    Health is Wealth !!.
    Thankyou !!...
  8. Nelsondavid

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    I prefer physical copies of books because, they present a momentary escape from the digital world we live in today. They also serve as a reminder of when my mother used to read to me as a child. Those memories shaped me into the man I am today. With that being said, I do like the convenience of ebooks and the space they can create. I do find them especially helpful when I'm traveling, because all I have to do is bring my tablet along with me. At the end of the day, I believe that they both have their benefits and it all comes down to individual preference.
  9. Blinkz

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    I like both of them. Even though the digital books come in handy, there is nothing compared with th fresh smell of a new book, lol, or with a home library. Even though I use physical books more, I am not completely agains ebooks or kindle, when you are departed these technologies are very good for you to read your books. They have an advantage here over the physical books.
  10. Airess14

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    I used to be a huge advocate of physical books; the smell, the feel of the pages between my fingers, cuddling up in a corner to embark on my next adventure, what more could I want? Unfortunately, I'm not that young anymore and my eyesight started to go bad. I didn't have the money to buy the books I wanted in physical form and going to the library when I was too busy and tired was just too much of a hassle. I ran up so many late fees I stopped going to the library. I now changed to the digital form of reading. It's not so bad and while it has it's major cons the pros make it worth it to me. I guess you just have to figure out what suits your changing lifestyle.
  11. Kimberly Temple

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    It's all about time and place. If I'm out and about, an e-book is so much easier. I sync my library across all of my devices, so I'm never at a loss as to where I left off. I am one to leaf back through a book to find out exactly who that character is, or what did that guy look like that was standing in the shadows. In that regard, for me, an e-book is a distinct disadvantage. There's also something satisfying about the smell of a fresh book from the bookstore.
  12. Rosel Solayao

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    In my opinion both of the choices are great tools in providing knowledge and wisdom in this generation, but both has different advantages. It depends on the person who will use it. Like E- book it is very handy, it doesn't need a lot of space when travelling because it can be downloaded thru mobile ,laptop and other gadget that similar with the two that I have mentioned. The price is cheaper because there is no printing fee and you can buy it anywhere even in the comfort of your home. The font size can be adjust. It can be read without reading light. While Physical book it can be resale if done reading it. It can't hurt your eye lets face it too long exposure with gadgets can damage eyes. No need to worry having devices. You can put book mark on the page or chapter you already read. The best thing reading physical books is the smell of the paper of the book it brings memories of our childhood.
  13. Carolb

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    About 6 years ago I was a big snob about eBooks. This is probably because I've been a big library geek my whole life. So I had a really snooty attitude about it. Anyway, I bought one eBook on kindle and before I knew it I'd bought 20. Let's just say I've been converted. Fast forward 6 years and about 2 weeks ago a neighbor gave me some old books. They were really filthy. Some lizard poop fell out of one of them when I opened it so I immediately went online and looked for the eBook because I don't want to touch it. So I can't believe it but I now love eBooks just as much as real books.
  14. Kidcougar

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    I own a personal collection of around 300 physical books which is an assortment of classical literature, fiction and fantasy. I love physical books but Kindle and e-book apps have changed my perspective because of sheer convenience of having a book anytime in my pocket.

    I'd say that physical books have mostly been eliminated from my day to day reading and are now just part of my showpiece while i read an e-book everyday.
  15. Rosamistika

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    I prefer having real books because you can share it to people close to you and grand children too. We can even collect these books and sell it if you wish. Collecting books can bring back fond memories.
  16. Oriel123

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    I far prefer reading physical books, especially before bed as I find the light from a device can be over-stimulating and stops me sleeping. Also, there's nothing quite like the excitement of getting a new book from the book store. One time that I prefer digital books is when I am researching a topic and need to carry lots of books with me. Then it is much more convenient to have all your books in one place (and better for your back, too!)
  17. Simone37

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    I used to like reading lots of physical books when I was younger. I still do once in a while, but now I've become a tablet person and its more convenience reading from my laptop or tablet. If I have to compare both experiences, I would say I
    liked reading my paper books more. It felt different.
  18. cds93

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    Audiobooks for sure. I rarely have the free time to just sit down and read, so an audiobook I can download to my smartphone is perfect for person who is always on the go like me.
  19. Stacy Stephens

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    It's according to what kind of book it is. If it's something I'm reading just for enjoyment I like to read it on my tablet through OverDrive. But if it's a cookbook or anything I may need to refer back to I want a physical copy, hardback if I can get it. But the main reason I like reading on the tablet is that I can control the size of the text and I like making the background black to be easier on your eyes.
  20. jerrold

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    I prefer digital book than the physical, this are the benefits and advanteges down below.

    The Benefits and Advantages of eBooks

    An ebook is a book in electronic format. It is downloaded to a computer, PC, Mac, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other kind of reading device, and is read on the screen. It can have numbered pages, table of contents, pictures and graphics, exactly like a printed book.

    Ebooks offer many benefits and advantages, and this article shows a few of them.

    It is very simple and easy to purchase and download ebooks through the Internet. It is exactly like purchasing any other product. The only difference is that after payment you will either be directed to a download page or receive the download link in an email. All you have to do is click on the link and the ebook will automatically download to your computer, to a folder of your own choice.

    After download you don't have to be connected to the Internet in order to read the ebook. You can stay offline. If you wish to have it printed, it is very easy. Just click on the print button in the ebook, to print it with your home printer.

    What are the benefits and advantages of ebooks?

    1. Ebooks are delivered almost instantaneously. You can purchase, download and start reading them within minutes, without leaving your chair. You don't have to go to a bookstore to buy them, neither wait for them for days, weeks and sometimes more to arrive in the mail.

    2. No trees are required to manufacture paper for the pages of ebooks.

    3. When you need certain information, you can get it immediately, by downloading an ebook.

    4. Many ebooks are sold nowadays with bonuses, which you usually do not get with a printed book. This adds value to your purchase.

    5. Ebooks take up less space. You practically don't need any space to store them. You don't need a library or a room for them. You can store hundreds and thousands of ebooks on your computer or reading device.

    6. Ebooks are portable. You can carry a whole library of hundreds of books with you, on CD, in a laptop, notebook or any ebook reader, without worrying about their weight.

    7. With today's technology you can read ebooks everywhere, on the bus, train, airplane, and while standing in line.

    8. You can carry with you a great number of ebooks wherever you go, which you cannot do with ordinary books.

    9. Ebooks can show links, for easy access to more information and related websites.

    10. Ebooks are searchable. You can easily search for any information in an ebook, instead of turning page after page.

    11. Ebooks can be interactive and contain audio, video and animations, which can enhance the message that the author is trying to convey.

    12. Since ebooks are delivered through the Internet, there are no packing and shipping expenses.

    13. Ebooks can be printable, so that if you wish to read an ebook in the traditional way, you can very inexpensively print it with your home printer or at any printing shop.

    14. Fonts in ebooks can be resized, making it easier to read for people with disabilities. With an additional software it is possible to turn some of the ebooks into audio books.

    15. Ebooks are very easy to sell and distribute.

    16. It is very simple and easy to purchase and download an ebook. People living in big modernized cities, in a remote village in a far away country or on a small island, can equally access an ebook. It takes them the same amount of time to purchase and download an ebook, provided they have an Internet connection.

    17. It is possible to purchase an ebook 24 hours a day, every day of the year, from the comfort of your own house or office. You can purchase and download an ebook, even if you are on a vacation. All you need is a laptop, tablet. smartphone, or a reading device, and wireless Internet connection.

    18. People are already spending a lot of time in front of their computers, so why not read and ebook, instead of doing something else?

    Nowadays, one can find ebooks about every possible subject, fiction and nonfiction, free and not free.
  21. kwwrites

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    I definitely prefer physical books but, being a millennial, they're just not things I have the space or money for. Having shelves full of books is always going to be one of those 'one day' dreams for me, along with a house, a dog and a pension! I also feel like it means that I miss out on opportunities to connect with people - if someone sits down next to me on the bus and they're reading the same book as me, or one that I've read previously, how would I ever know because all I can see of their 'book' is either an e-book reader or a smartphone? So yeah, I appreciate all the good points of physical books, but until the money starts rolling in, I will be sticking to my ever-growing e-book collection :)
  22. rodney0108

    rodney0108 New Member

    pysical because i like seeing all of my books together like some sort of collection
  23. Jeanclaude Gaddahfi

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    Frankly each one has the pro and cons and choosing either depends on a lot of factors, some of which could be personal. A digital lover of my kind would prefer digital books because, they require just a little space, they are portable and can very accessible. Unlike the traditional books, they can be very stressful when reading especially books with large volumes or pages. Talk of the weight of the book alone is a big load. Nevertheless the traditional books have some good sides, example they good for memory retention. Reading from paper other than digital screen gives good enables you to be focused. All said and done, I will choose digital books ahead any day any time because of its portability.
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  24. billitoire254

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    I prefer a physical book to a digital book, because all your 5 senses are elevated and ease to digest the story. However, I believe it's more convenient having an e book to avoid physical efforts to search and buy book from store and is accessible, sharable and universal in that anybody can get an instant copy without a lot of hustle. Internet is the change revolution and it has replaced the old style of reading books, even nowadays you can listen to audio books.
  25. Reuben720

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    I don't read very often but the books that I do read have been a mixture of both forms, both digital and physical. There have been a ton of books and scripts that are available only online and nowhere else. They are usually made available for free to the public because of popularity or because students have them in their curriculum.

    Being a literature student myself I read half the syllabus books online and half in physical format. Other books that I read for my leisure have been only in physical format. But then again I don't read too much so its just a few books and the online format does make it easier to store a ton of books for the avid readers without taking up physcial space.
  26. Caio Santiago

    Caio Santiago New Member

    It's real convenient when the book fits my jeans' pocket, but the sight of a paper full of (both silly and serious) scribbles makes the physical copies have an edge here haha

    To keep balance and not end up with a shelf overflowing with books I usually buy in physical media only the books I enjoy the most.
  27. swedishyankee

    swedishyankee New Member

    A physical is awesome at home, but digital while travelling!
    But personally, I prefer the real deal!
  28. daimas1972

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    I think that ther is no big difference betwin e-book and physical book.However in nower days it seems that digital book is more accessible all the time and in everywhere because of the new smart technology as mobile,latoop etc meanwhile the physical book is still in the librery.I think the difference betwin the two option is the willig of the reader himself and if he prefer read or not.
  29. haru

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    Paper books, I love holding them and turning the pages. You are right it is less strain. Digital book wont be cheaper at all because it strike the eyes of the reader so in the long run it will become costly because they need to check their eyes...
  30. barbra2k6

    barbra2k6 New Member

    I don't have any problems with both paper and digital book (I prefer calling it e-book). Well, I have an eye problem. I'm nearsighted shall we say. I am basically wearing glasses all the time, but that didn't stop me from reading good books. May it paper or digital. If I were to rate them both paper book would be the winner because of course, as a 4-eyed person (that's what my friends call me), it helps me ease the eye strains. E-book, on the other hand, is much convenient especially when I'm at the office enjoying my lunch break.

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