Which do you prefer? Physical books or digital?

Discussion in 'Books' started by tphillips1222, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. kayceeee

    kayceeee New Member

    I would pick the digital as i don't tend to sleep fast looking at the screen of my phone. And you can actual have the book with you anytime just by opening the app in the phone unlike the book where you have got to carry it in a bag to where ever you going to.
  2. Samiracle10

    Samiracle10 New Member

    Digital books are convinient. People nowadays prefer convience, and something that can make life more easier. Well, they’re just the same if you’ll compare. But there is something about books that makes it more special. Its the feeling. The feeling of owning a book. The value of it. The smell. The texture. The feel of it. Its magical, its unexplainable.
  3. AlleySam

    AlleySam New Member

    I'd have to admit, I do love the smell of a physical book....especially old ones! But, it's been quite some time since I've read a physical book. It's just so much more convenient these days to go the digital route. I'm not someone who drives so for me it's a hassle to have a book in my hand while travelling on public transit. I love the ease of being able to pop in my headphones and just listen to a soothing voice read the book for me lol. It even helps put me to sleep some nights!
  4. dannypost

    dannypost New Member

    Reading physical book is much different in reading an ebook. You can make a note on the side of the physical book which is not possible to ebook. The physical book ( the pocket size) you can put it in your back pocket. If you accidentally sit on it, nothing was broken unlike the ebook if you are reading it on your tablet. But ebook is the sign of the time....this is technological development.
  5. Angelo Harley

    Angelo Harley New Member

    I love reading physical books, the only problem is that they are costly. When I buy a book one of the first things I do when I open the packaging is smell the paper. I love the aroma of the newly published book, it smells like happiness and nostalgia. The second thing I love when I'm reading a physical book is that I get to touch it. Every time I turn a page over its like I'm part of the world I'm reading. These reasons are mostly just for me though and I don't judge anyone who doesn't have the same preference.
  6. Doris Nthumbi

    Doris Nthumbi New Member

    I too i'm old school and prefer reading the physical book. For some strange reason i tend to feel sleepy when i'm reading a book online :sneaky:
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  7. slmaes

    slmaes New Member

    Honestly, I like both for different reasons. I tend to prefer the feel of a physical book when I'm at home and when I'm on the go, I prefer the digital books. But, if I could only choose one though, it would be a physical one for sure. After utilizing both methods for a while now, I do find that I retain more with a physical book.
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  8. I prefer an ordinary book bought from the store. I do not really like that even when I read to do it on a digital screen. Not to mention that if I read on my phone or laptop, I'm getting tired of my eyes and I would be lazy to read so many pages that I would read if I had done it with a normal book
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  9. Kilroy953

    Kilroy953 New Member

    There is no question about it, reading a paper book is the superior experience for me. While digital books are fine as far as being able to read them clearly, the intangibles of a paper book make the reading experience. The feel of the paper, the smell, the swish of the page being turned; these make the experience a multi-dimensional pleasure all by themselves. Digital books beat paper for convenience and portability, but paper books will always be better for me.
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  10. hitower53

    hitower53 New Member

    I understand the question, but my problem is I don't like to read especially when it is books so i don't have a preference to either one .If i was to start enjoying books i would prefer audio books instead.I use to read regular books when i was younger but now if i was going to pick up a book so to speak it would have to be an audio book.
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  11. adrianr56

    adrianr56 New Member

    I actually like both, depending on where I'm reading. If I'm on the go, like on a bus or an airplane, I love the convenience of e-books on my iPad. It's light and I can keep multiple books on there for long journeys. At home, I can't beat the familiarity and comfort of curling up with a physical book.
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  12. BettyG

    BettyG New Member

    I love the feel of a book! Holding the book, turning the pages, the warmth of the paper. However, my lifestyle has adapted my reading habits. I live and travel in an RV Full-Time and to carry around books is a big waste of space and weight! I have now moved onto using electronic device to satisfy my reading time. There are more advantages as well. Most books are cheaper in an e-book, I don't need a light on to read, and I can adjust the size of text for my eyes and not wear my reading glasses!
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  13. hopelesshopeful

    hopelesshopeful New Member

    Digital books are great. Easy to find, portable, accessible and storage will not be a problem.

    But nothing defeats the smell of a book's actual pages. The feeling of touch and satisfaction when you go through a series of paper is way fulfilling than finishing a book by swiping.
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  14. Aeron Joe

    Aeron Joe New Member

    Physical books are better mainly (in my personal opinion) is the feel you get when reading an actual book rather than reading digital books. Although there are pros and cons with both sides. I personally chose a physical book because it completes the typical scenario of reading a book. Oh, and don't forget the smell of a newly bought book! or ever a pass me down book or a second hand book. You can never replace the smell of a physical book!
  15. Lotusdrone

    Lotusdrone New Member

    As a person who moves a lot, I really appreciate digital books. The fact that I can have the book I want to read within minutes is amazing. I love my Kindle, always have it with me and read whatever I want according to my mood. No need to carry multiple volumes with me, or keep bookmarks in my books. Unlike many others, I don't miss the physical sensation. Moreover, I don't like the musty smell of old books from the library. I do retain more from physical copies, so if I need to study for an exam it is useful to get an actual print of the book.
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  16. summ123

    summ123 New Member

    The answer is "yes" Ii will love to bring books,it teaches you how to be patient. And it will keep as a my collection..
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  17. Dilpal

    Dilpal New Member

    Most of time physical book is my choice as it is easy and more satisfactory to use. But at times, I find the digital books equally useful like after going to bed. Digital books are easy to carry and they can be read anywhere. Still in normal circumstances, I prefer to read physical books.
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  18. patrons09

    patrons09 New Member

    I prefer Physical books/Printed books. in my own experience the digital or electronic books has a radioactive effect in our eyes that could cause bad effects. as modern as we go with the advancement of technology today comes the wiping away of printed books. E-readers such as Kindles, Nooks, iPads, laptops, and even tiny cellphone screens are becoming more and more popular for reading. Yes, e-readers are lighter weight, and can store multiple books, but we must not let ourselves forget the benefits of a printed book.

    Research shows that children’s recall levels are significantly higher with printed books, as opposed to e-readers. Books also enhancs co-reading as it takes two hands to turn or fold a page, where as it only takes one to click a button.

    Looking now from an environmental viewpoint, it actually is greener to read printed books. According to TerraPass, a carbon offset business, it takes more energy to manufacture and then dispose of an e-reader, than a printed book.

    One final benefit is that printed books are actually better for doing research and taking notes. Printed books help long-term memory recall. Scientists, who experimented with students reading digital versus printed text, found that those who read digital text had to read and reread the material multiple times before understanding the material as well as the students who read the print text. With the click of a button e-readers make it easy to get distracted and put your reading material down. The constant scrolling, and the inability to physically highlight the text does nothing to benefit your long-term memory.

    As of today even how great will the technology become i would still choose those manufactured books, it could be use by my future children and grandchildren.
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  19. Yhas2014

    Yhas2014 New Member

    I always opt for the physical books. I'm working online for 8 hours a day and the only way for me to distress is to read a book, and I can't risk my eyesight for it. Plus, the smell of the paper in every pages are so satisfying. My friends are actually considering me as a weirdo because every time I buy a new book I always smell the pages.
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  20. yoel23

    yoel23 New Member

    In order to fit in in our latest technology today, i would prefer digital books. Using digital books, changing pages and going direct to the topic you want to read would be easy and time saving. Through this, you can read a lot, search a lot, and acquire knowledge more easily compared to using physical books. A single digital gadget like tablet or computer can be downloaded with hundreds of books which you can read anytime and wherever you want or need to. While physical books are heavy and bulky that really needs space in your bag for you to bring it anywhere.
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  21. frgenesis01

    frgenesis01 Member

    If talking about convenience, digital books are more convenient. It's portable, and you may carry thousands of books in one device.
    But it doesn't mean that I prefer digital books. I still prefer reading a physical book. Reading using my device is more of a distraction to me. Some messages pop up. Some reminders pop up. And if they don't, I easily get distracted by the applications on my phone. Games are very accessible. And most of the time, I just end up browsing the web.
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  22. KosovWriting

    KosovWriting New Member

    Just like most people who have replied to this thread, I much prefer physical books. I'd like to consider myself rather frugal/minimalist in most aspects of my lifestyle, but books are one exception that I'm happy with. I love the interesting and unique designs that a lot of great books have, especially when they're consistent throughout a series, such as the Hunger Games, Maze Runner and Harry Potter series of books.

    A great cover grabs your attention and can definitely lead to some impulse purchases. I personally try to ensure that the book is worth the money first, of course. There's also the fact that it doesn't have a negative impact on your eyes provided you're reading in a well lit area. I like to read before bed as opposed to looking at a screen and its known to be the healthier choice. Using a computer or phone at night always gives me a headache or keeps me up, even with Night Mode turned on.

    That said, I can totally understand why someone would prefer eBooks. After all, you're doing your part for the environment and saving some space and potentially money. There is also the convenience aspect of it.
  23. darioigop

    darioigop New Member

  24. Isakft

    Isakft Member

    Physical books are a lot better than digital books.
  25. Jonasaguilar

    Jonasaguilar Member

    • One of the biggest advantages of eBooks is the fact that they require no trees to create them. This is obviously an eco-friendly option that both reduces cost and lowers environmental impact.
    • Information can be obtained without leaving your desk! Need to do some last minute research on a particular topic? Simply find a great eBook store, search for your keywords or phrases, purchase the book and you’re set!
    • Unlike paper books and materials, digital books only require one device to carry around with you. This means you can carry a library of various book genres for every mood.
    I think prefer digital books
  26. sameryahya56

    sameryahya56 New Member

    I think it better to have a digital copy
  27. prexv

    prexv Member

    I used to prefer digital books but when my laptop broke and I didn't get to have backup files of the e-books I've collected along with my other files, I went back on physical books. I also noticed how its not good to stare for too long on a bright screen just to read novels or comics on my laptop or phone because I experienced it before where I had a mild headache from glaring too much. And so with physical books, it will always be safe in my shelves and I can just pick it up whenever I wanted to read and I don't need to worry about spending battery life from either my phone and laptop.
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  28. Sema

    Sema New Member

    I prefer physical books. for me its easier to handle physical books then digital.
  29. leradj001

    leradj001 Member

    I prefer physical books as it will not give stress to your eyes while reading and elating to read and despite digital ones have their own perks of portability and having all of them in one smartphone or computer, I prefer the the first one more.
  30. goldenraph

    goldenraph New Member

    I prefer physical books to digital ones. Digital books may seem handy over the physical ones but I love it if I could easily flip through pages of a book. In addition, looking at computer or phone screen for a long time when reading, especially the lengthy books could affect one's sight. Also having these physical books as part of book collections in my personal library isn't a bad idea.

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