which forum has the highest number of visitors on net on daily basis

Discussion in 'Website Management & Blogging' started by mukul kapoor, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. mukul kapoor

    mukul kapoor New Member

    Anyone know which forum has the highest number of visitors on net.i guess its postloop only because of its best part to pay against post
  2. Peaches100

    Peaches100 Member

    Mylot has the highest vister count at least as far as can tell so far.:)
  3. Sajjad

    Sajjad New Member

    hmmm .. never thought ..lol .. i kinda agree with peaches as i see lot of activity going on there everyday. well i definitely hope we here will make more posts and be on top .. lol ;)
  4. timestandstill

    timestandstill New Member

    I thought it was Gaia, but the top position probably changes a lot.
  5. Mikey

    Mikey Active Member

    I thought it was Gaia too, maybe 4chan if we can still count that as a forum/discussion board.
  6. timestandstill

    timestandstill New Member

    4chan could really use a facelift, but its definitely a discussion board.
  7. rc2007

    rc2007 New Member

    I don't know about the most visitors, but Gaia has the most posts. Check out big-boards.com.
  8. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    Alexa is not the most accurate of metrics when it comes to traffic, but when you're dealing with very high traffic sites, it becomes more accurate. Alexa shows that 4chan receives far more traffic than Gaia.
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  9. Sajjad

    Sajjad New Member

    good to know about the details of the top forums. i wonder that gamers are so active in discussion. ;)
  10. Vrexill

    Vrexill New Member

    I actually found out about this site from 4chan. Do you guys have people that go onto other sites and spread the word about this site? If you dont I would definitely consider it.
  11. anon1577

    anon1577 New Member

    yeah, I'd say 4chan too! Imagine if you could get the traffic they're getting just for one day :D
  12. JW2019

    JW2019 New Member

    If I had to guess, it's likely the Body building forums. Those forums are frequently populated, and have many active discussions. Probably, the most populated section of the bodybuilding forums is the Miscellaneous section. If you check in on the "Misc" section, you'll see constant traffic at any time. Outside of the Bodybuilding forums, I'd probably lean to 4chan as top visited forum.

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