Which movie do you wish you could see again for the first time?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by ladyfirst2010, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. We all have favorite movies we've watched countless times; but what is that one, all-time film, that is so fricking great, you wish you could erase it from your memory; just so you could stroll down to the theatre one day and discover it all over again for the first time.
  2. taixyz1991

    taixyz1991 Guest

    "Inception" and "Shutter Island". Do you watch them??:laugh:
  3. trungvkvk

    trungvkvk Guest

    oh. I'm ,too. but now is very many movies.
    not me out memory
  4. Lindsay Hurt

    Lindsay Hurt Guest

    I would have to go with The Empire Strikes Back. When I first saw it I was very young, and didn't really understand half of it. Now that I watch it I realize how fantastic it really is, and was for its time.
  5. Mian Bao

    Mian Bao Guest

    Pirates of the caribbean, Inception and Avatar. I never get the first "WOW" when I watch them again T.T
  6. Acid409

    Acid409 Guest

    Princess Mononoke. That was an awesome movie. I seen it when I was little for the first time and now, no matter how many times I watch it. I can't stop :)
  7. TranceHF

    TranceHF Guest

    Shooter. It's great movie and I'd like to see it again first time. Anyone else has watched it?
  8. retiredscv

    retiredscv Guest

    Not being racist, but i think that Bollywood movies are very worth watching now a days. I can't believe it myself too, i stumbled upon this movie called "3 Idiots". It is a Comedy cum Educational movie to me. It is about a few students, leaving home, going into a college staying together. They face countless problems but are able to solve it due to a help of a friend among the 3 people. One of his most memorable quote is : "Today my respect for that idiot shot up. Most of us went to college just for a degree. No degree meant no plum job, no pretty wife, no credit card, no social status. But none of this mattered to him, he was in college for the joy of learning, he never cared if he was first or last."

    I am still schooling. After i watched this movie, i told myself that i study for the joy of learning but not for the sake for learning.
  9. Jared Roland

    Jared Roland Guest

    Probably "Saving Private Ryan"! Such a great movie when I first saw it. Now, I am kinda like ehhhh it is alright, but still a classic!
  10. csas25

    csas25 Guest

    It would be "The Transporter" or "Fast & Furious". If your a petrol-head who like's cars and shooting, then those are definitely the movies you would enjoy to watch again and again.
  11. capgrased

    capgrased Guest

    I would have to say all of the Star Wars movies, because Seeing the whole series at the same time for the first time would be EPIC!
  12. Robbiehay1

    Robbiehay1 Guest

    all of the james bond films, id love to see em all from start to finish without knowing exactly what is going to happen
  13. Taken...Likes to Watch
  14. Tehilah27

    Tehilah27 Member

    Shawshank Redemption is one movie I would definitely like to see again for the first time
  15. Klint

    Klint New Member

    Everyone has preferences as to what movie they would like to see again for the first time. Personally, I like to watch Avengers: Infinity War once again. Surely, I would die of laughter from all their humorous speech and act. Not to mention the fact that this movie greatly touched me because of everyone who died trying to stop the Mad Titan, Thanos. It would surely be a great experience once more. Who knows, I might even burst into tears again.
  16. blindwitness90

    blindwitness90 New Member

    I would just love to be able to experience "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy for the first time in theaters again!
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  17. dzonyfox2

    dzonyfox2 New Member

    Vanilla Sky, definitely! It is a great, mind-blowing movie, with a lot of twists, and when you are watching it for the first time, you really don't know what to think, you cant see the difference between reality and imagination... I still like to watch it from time to time, but i wish i could reexperience the emotions from watching this movie for the very first time! It was a true pleasure!
  18. silverwords

    silverwords New Member

    I know this is too old but I will always choose "Titanic". I've always been so in love with this movie ever since the very first time I watched it. I'm a big fan of angst and tragic movies and this one definitely hooked me. Whenever I hear its soundtrack 'My Heart Will Go On', I still feel a slight pinch in my heart and it makes me wanna rewatch the movie again.
  19. imsoooshai

    imsoooshai Member

    I would like to watch Harry Potter again for the first time. It is my all time favorite movie.
  20. imsoooshai

    imsoooshai Member

    Agree. I never watched it in theaters though.
  21. honeyS

    honeyS New Member

    I wish I can watch Harry potter , I do really miss the spell and also it gains me more knowledge.
  22. poshdt

    poshdt New Member

    Set It Off hands down
  23. cristina23

    cristina23 New Member

    i wish i can watch again TITANIC.its very timeless .So great movie i can watch it many times.
  24. RonnieG

    RonnieG New Member

    I would love to see the Star Wars early movies for the first time in theater. That movie was so ahead of its time.
  25. alpaolodecastro

    alpaolodecastro New Member

    Shawshank redemption, phenomenal performance, and great story for sure, plus it's a Stephen King book turned movie.
  26. Lawy

    Lawy New Member

    I wish I could watch The sword in the stone animated version.
  27. Duzzi

    Duzzi New Member

    Fight Club, Memento and all other movies like that have gotcha or aha!! moments, that depend on the conclusion(the end) of the movie. All other good movies are rewatchable even if you've seen them a lot of times.
  28. readhel

    readhel New Member

    If there is a movie that I could watch again for the first time, it would be the Korean movie "Miracle in Cell No. 7". The film is heartwarming comedy and family melodrama about mentally challenge man who wrongfully imprisoned for murder, who builds friendship with the criminals in his cell, and help him to see his daughter again smuggling her into the prison.
    The movie make me cry. The emotions and acting is so pure and real, I really cried for hours. Even my manliest friend friend cried watching this movie.
  29. iamwil101

    iamwil101 New Member

    Titanic. It is because I watched it when I was in grade 6 and made me cry. I want to watched it now in order for me to feel more emotion about it and I cried even more.
  30. Addwark

    Addwark New Member

    If i get a chance to watch a movie for the first time it would be "GLADIATOR". Awesome movie. :)

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