Which one do you prefer, Marvel or DC?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Deelaqueo, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. Deelaqueo

    Deelaqueo New Member

    I'll take the Marvel movies because it gives me chill and excitement. Compare to DC, Marvel also built sense of humor in some of the scenes that's why it gives more power and impact to me. In DC, the story line seems to be so serious and there's no break for taking some jokes in every scenes. But in analyzing their back story, I'll go for DC because I found out that in the comics DC has a dramatic stories than Marvel that really catches one's heart.
  2. mstrgps

    mstrgps New Member

    I prefer watching Marvel because my favorite marvel superhero when i was a kid is spiderman. I do love watching peter parker climbing buildings. hahaahahaha
  3. Addwark

    Addwark New Member

    No Doubt it is MARVEL that has more characters and they all interact with each other from time to time , whereas DC has limited HEROES who likes to work solo instead of working as a team :). For the record my first superhero was Superman and still remains the same till this day.
  4. jameteja0000

    jameteja0000 New Member

    Marvel, although Batman is my favorite superhero. Marvel has more quality and quantity. Better comic books, movies, stories and characters. I love how they incorporate humor and action together. RIP, Stan Lee.
  5. Vonthe1

    Vonthe1 New Member

    Ill have to go with DC over Marvel. Its simple DC with the extra hidden abilities. As well as the humor. DC jokes are more funny too. Marvel is predictable. DC keeps you guessing. Also Marvel characters are dieing out. So sad so sad
  6. angelasaman

    angelasaman New Member

    Marvel is far more interesting than DC in my opinion. It gives me more emotion. DC’s always just. So. Dark! Literally. You won’t see a thing and it’s all more gore than Marvel. Marvel’s the real deal here
  7. Jhondirk

    Jhondirk New Member

    I personally loved "Batman VS. Superman" movie and "Justice League" but marvel has edge them by connecting every character or superhero to one another, unlike DC who rushed things that the viewers cannot digest who's who and who's not? not to mention DC has the greatest Hero of all time in Superman but i think the lack of thrill and humor to their characters lost the battle for DC. Marvel also did a great job by getting the right actor to the right character or hero of their film that every viewers loved it. So I think that's why Marvel is a more complete movie maker than DC.

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