Which one do you prefer "Windows 8 or 7"

Discussion in 'Computers' started by dougysko, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. dougysko

    dougysko New Member

    I love windows 7 but windows 8 is made of more colorful graphics. For new users Windows 7 is easier to use than 8 but make a choice.
  2. sandeemdg

    sandeemdg New Member

    I like windows 7 than windows 8 . Win 7 is very easy to use.
  3. Duskre

    Duskre New Member

    Even though Windows 8 wasn't much of an upgrade from Windows 7, the improved start-up speeds and lighter feel of the operating system makes me satisfied enough to stay with Windows 8 and not look back.
  4. vladstafford

    vladstafford New Member

    Windows 8 was made for computers, or tablets, that have touch screen displays. Something new and shiny dose not mean it's always better. The best operating system is always the one that works best for you. So if windows 7 works well for you, then why upgrade?
  5. idin54

    idin54 New Member

    I will prefer windows 7 than windows 8 because window 7 is more stable for non touch laptop
  6. Seotube

    Seotube New Member

    I favor Microsoft windows 7. Get 7 is incredibly convenient to use.
  7. JoshuaT

    JoshuaT New Member

    I have always upgraded Windows in the past when the new versions came out, but Windows 8 is the first one that I haven't upgraded to. It just doesn't look good to me, in my opinion it looks like it was made for touch screen computers, tablets and phones. To me it doesn't even look like a computer anymore, I prefer sticking to what I know. I want to have my start menu and to go straight to the desktop without any metro interface. I know that you can change it all to act like Windows 7, but why go through all that work and pay to upgrade when I have everything I need with Windows 7? I think I'll be sticking with Windows 7 tell the new version of Windows comes out, or switch to Ubuntu if Windows 7 gets too outdated.
  8. Parallax

    Parallax New Member

    Windows 8 is meant for touchscreens, not desktops so much. Running Windows 7 Ultimate at the moment.
  9. Snakob

    Snakob New Member

    I prefer Windows 7 over Windows 8 mainly because Windows 8 was designed with tablets and other mobile devices in mind. It kind of upsets me that Microsoft tries to pass off Windows 8 as their latest and greatest operating system even though they clearly didn't have desktop users in mind during its development. I will be sticking with Windows 7 until Microsoft designs a new operating system for all the desktop users out there.
  10. Tor

    Tor New Member

    While I've never used Windows 8, I have read a lot about it. I'm pretty sure that I would prefer Windows 7 to Windows 8 unless there is some big amazing feature that has gotten no coverage. Windows 8 has a lot of security problems, it seems way more geared towards mobile platforms as opposed to desktops, and it just generally has a poor user interface. I love the start menu and have always found it to be really helpful. I know many people who feel the same way. Who thought it would be a good call to remove one of the trademark features of the Windows OS?
  11. gyr0

    gyr0 New Member

    Windows 7 is great. Windows 8 is just too "dumb friendly". It's actually very hard to get to the advanced settings, unlike Windows 7.
  12. Artem

    Artem New Member

    Windows 8. The thing that people complain about is it's new modern UI. It's only a start screen people! Other than the start screen it's basically windows 7 only more awesome and fast.
  13. coolguy

    coolguy New Member

    I feel in love with Windows 8 after using it the very first time. The thing that struck me the most is the touch feature and that alone makes it better than Windows 7 in my opinion. Windows 8 in some ways have also simplified some of the most common tasks we do everyday on our computers. One other cool feature is how it interacts with other devices and makes connectivity so simple and user-friendly. People make a big issue of the start screen but remember it was built for mobile devices but i think its easy to adapt to the new start screen as more people use it on mobile phones and tablets.
  14. Kayta

    Kayta New Member

    I just upgraded to Win 8 a few days ago. I actually wasn't a huge Win 7 fan so 8 is definitely the better of the two for me. I also like that it connects to my xbox. I can hit the pause button on a movie while the kids are watching it downstairs on the xbox and giggle while they try to figure out what is going on.
  15. Gabi Staheli

    Gabi Staheli New Member

    I personally like windows 8 a lot better than windows 7, but that is mostly due to the fact that it takes like 20 seconds to start up. Windows 7 use to take forever! Also usually when you upgrade, some of your old computer problems go away. (at least that was the case with my friend). There are a few things that are bad about windows 8, but that is probably just because it is new. Windows 8 is just like windows 7 though. I mostly just use windows 8 on the desktop app, so it is like I have windows 7, but it loads a ton faster.
  16. Rethosphix

    Rethosphix New Member

    I haven't used Windows 8 yet, but from what I hear, I think I will be sticking with Windows 7. "If it works, don't fix it." That's my motto, and Windows 7 has worked fine for me, and I don't think it needs any major improvements.
  17. liger89

    liger89 New Member

    Windows 8 works really, really well on my PC. I expected a lot from it when I upgraded from 7 and it has definitely satisfied (if not surpassed) my expectations. Ergo, Windows 8 wins this ‘race’ for me.
  18. onegoldjoe

    onegoldjoe New Member

    Personally, I've never given Windows 8 a try, mainly because the metro UI comes off to me as a way for Microsoft to sneak in advertising. Growing up with windows 2000 and XP has influenced me to believe all windows operating systems should have the desktop as the primary interface. Although I do hear Windows 8 runs slightly faster compared to 7, and has a more advanced dual monitor function as well. I'll likely give Windows 8 a try in the near future.
  19. ElaineWeston

    ElaineWeston New Member

    Windows 8 it seriously a piece of garbage. It's taking minimalism to the extreme, they were crossing the line with that one. Love Windows 7, and I will defiantly stick to it for a couple of years, until Windows 9 comes out.
  20. Demonface

    Demonface New Member

    I currently use Windows 8 as my main operating system. To be honest its not that big of an improvement. Windows 7 is good, but they did remove the start menu , But there is replacements for it. Out of the two operating systems , I would prefer Windows 8.
  21. Lernia

    Lernia New Member

    I've had Windows 8 but it was not so good, I uninstalled it and installed windows 7 again, I like Windows 7 the most, it's fast, it reminds me of Windows XP and it is easy to use. There are so many features that make it by far the best of all operating systems.
  22. ruyn

    ruyn New Member

    I upgraded to Windows 8 last month and I'm pleasantly surprised. For the first time, I'm not disappointed by the newest OS.

    I gotta say I had read loads of awful things about it, and I wasn't so keen about the Metro UI Microsoft loves so much, but once I tried it for myself I couldn't complain. It's faster, sleeker and lighter.

    I think my only complain would be towards the touch-screen like controls, specially the lock screen, which is pretty redundant on a desktop. Luckily, that can be removed with some user modifications.
  23. Jackw

    Jackw New Member

    Windows 7, i believe windows 7 is basically the new XP. I heard a lot about windows 8 as well as read a lot about it, and nothing seemed to be "next gen" i guess you could say. Seems a lot like Lion OS.
  24. prodigykid

    prodigykid New Member

    As far as video gaming goes (I'm an avid video gamer), I didn't notice much difference in graphics, sound and fps. In fact, there was a significant fps drop (around 5) when I played Dirt 3 in Windows 8 and Sleeping Dog doesn't run whatsoever. Not beginner-friendly either. So, my vote goes to Windows 7.
  25. terri brazell

    terri brazell New Member

    From my understanding of Windows 8, it will only run Microsoft products. I imagine that it has more bells and whistle than Windows 7. So for me; I will stick to Windows 7 because there is so mush more I have to learn about it, and Windows 8 would probably make my brain hurt. But it is a matter of preference.
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  26. theobeast255

    theobeast255 New Member

    I like Windows 7 better, in my opinion windows 8 was made more for touch screen tablets and laptops. Also at the moment there are more programs available for Windows 7 so it would be a waste to get Windows 8 for a while.
  27. ytr191

    ytr191 New Member

    In my personal experience,

    Windows 7 fits my needs better.

    Windows 8 just does not fulfill what I need in a operating system like Windows 7 does.

    Although that is my opinion, others may prefer Windows 8.
  28. Junior Dawkins

    Junior Dawkins New Member

    i find windows 8 to be complicated. I think microsoft is take steps back than forward. I hate the windows 8.
  29. johnfge

    johnfge New Member

    I still prefer Windows 7, I have given Windows 8 a try but I am not to sure about it. There is really no difference and instead they put in a lot of random things to try make it look different. The only real difference is that Windows 8 starts up a few seconds faster.
  30. mahskillz

    mahskillz New Member

    Windows 7 is by far the better choice. Windows 8 is very touch oriented, too much so, that it becomes difficult to use and not as user-friendly as previous versions. Currently, Windows 7 is the best operating system Microsoft has come up with. However, I do look the idea of Windows 8 on the new Surface tablet. I would like to purchase one. As many others are also saying, Windows 8 is not much of an improvement, so if you already have a seven, there is no reason why you should waste your money on an 8.

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