Which one is better Facebook or Instagram?

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Which one is better Facebook or Instagram?

  1. facebook

  2. Instagram

  1. riza1210

    riza1210 New Member

    Facebook is great to discuss to chat and to keep in contact with people that you now or have your same interest while Instagram is a photo sharing platform to show good pictures with a high quality photo filters.

    I use both but do favour facebook more and more. Because Facebook is meant to connect you with the world and your friends. You’ll be in touch with everything that’s happening in their world and vice-versa
  2. buraks7

    buraks7 New Member

    It is difficult to compare both as Instagram stands on a different platform for social media. It is solely for photo/video sharing whereas in Facebook you can participate in groups, discuss, write reviews etc. Facebook is a more complete platform but Instagram is much more popular nowadays. I personally don't use Instagram because most of the people use it for mutually liking each others' photo without a specific reason. It applies almost all social platforms but I think it is more common for Instagram. People follow strangers just to get followed by them in return.
  3. GarzonR

    GarzonR New Member

    For me, it's Facebook since it's more interactive. I also have an Instagram account but seldom use it maybe becuase most of my friends are using Facebook.
  4. Xiang45

    Xiang45 New Member

    both are as intimate. Keeping in mind the facebook age is the main socialization and development satiety due to the wide opening platform such as advertising and marcketing games
  5. sweetpick

    sweetpick New Member

    I prefer facebook for discussion and chatting with friends. Whereas, I use Instagram for sharing images and that works better for my business.
  6. ELMEY

    ELMEY New Member

    For me its Facebook , its very useful in a lot of ways , you chat and interact with other people on varied issues, sharing your thoughts and opinions on anything under the sun makes you feel better about yourself. I personally get updated through Facebook , world news , national news, and even local news, trends and fashions as well. Information are all over on facebook... it makes life easier and fun...:):):)
  7. Rjyu

    Rjyu New Member

    Facebook is a top social media using many people now a days.
    In Facebook yup can call it everything, everything you are there's, sometimes you don't to used other apps because in Facebook already installed it like video messenger, advertising, texting or chatting, calling,
  8. Rjyu

    Rjyu New Member

    Facebook is a top social media using many people now a days.
    In Facebook yu can do everything, everything you need, sometimes you don't to used other apps because in Facebook already installed it like video messenger, advertising, texting or chatting, calling,
  9. fritzvii

    fritzvii New Member

    I use both but I use Instagram more often because, for me, Facebook is already toxic nowadays. Instagram is a new social media platform that you use for a change. Well since as far as I know Facebook already owns Instagram so it's just like they are the same. You can post your pictures with captions, send private messages or even video call. Instagram also has their stories feature. And most of all you can follow or interact with your celebrity idols because most of them use Instagram.
  10. courtney00

    courtney00 New Member

    Facebook is one of the most use app, cause you can do all what you want, than Insta, but I so prefer Intsa in terms of uploading picture, than today's Facebook post are toxic,
  11. magz25

    magz25 New Member

    For me i choose Facebook,bacause you friends in facebook can share your post to their friends and when they saw your blog and they will like it they could share it to their other friends until you get a lot of followers and viewers.Than instagram its just for posting photos and short videos.
  12. Kkolish

    Kkolish New Member

    Both Facebook and Instagram are great for different things but I absolutely cast my vote for Facebook, since there are so many possibilities with the platform.
  13. ivandelrey

    ivandelrey New Member

    I love Instagram. I think it's much more cleaner and less cluttered. Facebook is very cluttered, it's like there's too much going on, I also find the news feed very messy, they show me things I don't care about like what my friends recently liked or commented on. The Instagram ads are also less distracting and they don't show ads on my DMs. IGTV however is useless, I think they should let it go. Finally, I can also disable comments on Instagram, something I use very often, I don't get why they won't let people disable comments on Facebook because Facebook is full of rude people/bullies.
  14. Noel Angeles

    Noel Angeles Active Member

    In terms of usability, features and benefits, I think that Facebook can offer users a lot more than instagram. Instagram is a good photo sharing platform while Facebook cam be used in a lot of ways including video and photo sharing, messaging, you can use it as a selling or blogging platform.
  15. RemAquarius

    RemAquarius New Member

    I have both apps installed on my phone and I use both. I go to instagram for inspirations and ideas, as it showcase a lot of photos in almost different subjects or specific content. On the other hand, I use facebook to connect to my friends, get timely updates of almost everything, be it weather, politics, shows, etc. Both social media platforms have it's pros and cons, so I guess it still depends as to which best suits your lifestyle.
  16. Toyabank404

    Toyabank404 Member

    I like both platforms for different reasons. Facebook you can say more and more older people have Facebook because it's easier for them to use. I prefer Instagram because I love looking at pictures and I like the feautures. Both have their benefits but I choose Instagram.
  17. CherrySign

    CherrySign New Member

    Facebook is more of a communicating tool while Instagram is the art side of your life. For the love of art somehow photography I like instagram more because it gives the user the power to connect to others to art. Picture of things that will interpret themselves. Captions that make you twist your mind just to make does who see it be more hooked to the gallery of your life. I love instagram and I will always choose it.
  18. animae

    animae New Member

    Both facebook and instagram are great apps but I prefer facebook coz it is more useful for me. And most of my friends are active in facebook than instagram.
  19. Manojsingh

    Manojsingh New Member

    I go with Facebook, it has user friendly interface. Facebook have more engagement elements as compared to any social media site.
    "Facebook you rock:)"
  20. sungoddess88

    sungoddess88 New Member

    I used to browse facebook like a daily magazine for news. Then I realized it was all too fake. So i switched to Instagram and there was more reality and less fakes. I preferred Instagram because I like looking at photos and browsing images, without reading fake stories or cheezy statuses.
  21. Kidk

    Kidk New Member

    Instagram is much better and more "hip". All the kids today use Instagram , some people use facebook but instagram is where it is. So if you want to see some real entertainment, you should make a Instagram and add as many people as possible and fill your feed with good vibes and laughter. Also it is where everybody is also surfing the web. You can engage with people more freely and easily. Instagram is so much better than Facebook
  22. jwriter

    jwriter New Member

    Facebook and Instagram are just targeting different audiences and Instagram is even more about photos and video. The trend seems to be that Instagram is taking over completely now worldwide and that people have very low activity on Facebook.
    Personally, I also enjoy Instagram better with the easy access to stories and good functionality for posts that will look good even if without text or with very little text.
  23. Jonasaguilar

    Jonasaguilar Member

    Facebook's paid advertising is still quite effective, and it's able to reach older groups than Instagram. Facebook is also a bettergateway to external sites or online stores because you can post links to anywhere. ... But for the time being, Facebook is still relevant for marketing.
  24. leradj001

    leradj001 Member

    Facebook for more social media interaction while instagram leans more on photos and videos as far as I know.
  25. chugchug1

    chugchug1 Member

    Facebook for me. Chat with friends,viewing profile and sharing photos and posting :)
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  26. userhichou1

    userhichou1 Member

    i use instgram for business
  27. Prince98

    Prince98 New Member

    I think Facebook is better than Instagram because it's easy to operate for me and uses less data than Instagram
  28. ariieskid

    ariieskid Member

    I specifically love both sites, but if i had to choose one it would be Instagram.

    Instagram has a way that can protect your privacy without people annoying you. In Instagram you mainly post pictures and can post captions in your mystory. The thing is about instagram, it has a lot of privacy settings. You can make your account private and you can choose people who you want to follow you, you can also turn off comments in your posts which is really convenient and comfortable to me. Mystory options can turn off replies also, you can choose also which people who you want to see your posts. Mostly artists and celebrities use the site because mainly there are a lot of possibilities to make it more private.

    Let's go to facebook. Facebook has unlimited things to do which is mostly the pros of the site, cons are like in the news in the past years, Facebook is having privacy issues which is true. There are no options in the sites where you can make some posts or things private which is really incovenient and uncomfortable.
  29. cesstravels09

    cesstravels09 New Member

    It may be a little difficult to compare because they do have different platforms. If you are into photography and loves to showcase your work and creativity with colors, then INSTAGRAM is a good one.
    However, if you are more on posting about what you feel or connecting to people, then FACEBOOK it is.
  30. fajaybar

    fajaybar New Member

    for me personally, i have no instagram account. Because im not used to post my pictures because instagram is for pictures. Facebook, is mainly for information of the people litteraly for massive components of people such as news.

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