Which Operating System YOU prefer?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by ajit m, May 19, 2017.


Which Operating System YOU Prefer

  1. Windows

  2. MAC

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  3. Linux

  4. Google Chrome

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  5. Lubuntu

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  6. OS/2

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  7. Other

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  1. ajit m

    ajit m New Member

    myself: Windows

    Well the answer may very person to person as per requirement.
    What's your best fit?
  2. PositiveVibes432

    PositiveVibes432 New Member

    Well for me it came down to a tight race between windows and mac.....with OS X taking the victory with quality of applications and security it going to be a tough completion for any os
    trying to compete with the old mac!
  3. PositiveVibes432

    PositiveVibes432 New Member

    Don't get me wrong,windows does have its perks,I feel windows has a bit more ease of use whereas mac is more command line useable.
  4. Hux

    Hux Member

    100% Windows for me, currently running Windows 10. I'm studying applied computing at university currently so sometimes I switch between macOS and Windows but I prefer Windows massively. There's much more you can and a lot more compatibility between the OS and applications than there is on macOS. I've used some of the other OS' but only Linux mostly for networking. Chrome for example is one I wouldn't ever use as it's mostly for web-based applications and general usage whereas I use mine for much heavier applications and gaming.
  5. PositiveVibes432

    PositiveVibes432 New Member

    3-2 pitch bottom of the ninth....Line drive deep to right center field the go ahead run scores and mac wins the race with its uncompromising quality and unforgiving quality it provides right out of the box!
  6. PositiveVibes432

    PositiveVibes432 New Member

    Bottom of the ninth 3-2 pitch o it's way....line drive deep to center field...home run OS X wins the game with its uncompromising quality and unforgiving security features it offers right out of the box!
  7. Hux

    Hux Member

    They're good systems, but nothing compared to Windows in my opinion. You're so restricted to what you can do on them. Yes they're good for command line, app development and web design/development, other than that they're just too basic for me. But that's my opinion. I currently own a Microsoft Surface Book.
  8. rohitkollam

    rohitkollam New Member

    Basically, I am a Windows user and I like it very much but when the question comes with which is the best OS the answer will be Linux. I am using Linux in my Virtual machine (VirtualBox) as its an open source its the best place to try something yours.
  9. Artois52

    Artois52 New Member


    Nothing can beat the sense of achievement that you felt when you wrote a .BAT file that worked, the sheer pleasure of reloading all your software from floppy disks, again, because you had to reformat your hard disk, again, and who can forget that sinking feeling when you realized you had typed DEL*. *, and you were in the wrong directory when you did it?

    Recycle bins are for wimps, undo makes you lazy, and more than one application open at the same time? Ha! Who needs it? - Bring back that scary black screen with nothing more than C:\ on it and put the challenge back into computers. Those were the days!

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