Which Operating System YOU prefer?

Discussion in 'Computers' started by ajit m, May 19, 2017.


Which Operating System YOU Prefer

  1. Windows

  2. MAC

  3. Linux

  4. Google Chrome

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  5. Lubuntu

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  6. OS/2

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  7. Other

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  1. ajit m

    ajit m New Member

    myself: Windows

    Well the answer may very person to person as per requirement.
    What's your best fit?
  2. PositiveVibes432

    PositiveVibes432 New Member

    Well for me it came down to a tight race between windows and mac.....with OS X taking the victory with quality of applications and security it going to be a tough completion for any os
    trying to compete with the old mac!
  3. PositiveVibes432

    PositiveVibes432 New Member

    Don't get me wrong,windows does have its perks,I feel windows has a bit more ease of use whereas mac is more command line useable.
  4. Hux

    Hux Active Member

    100% Windows for me, currently running Windows 10. I'm studying applied computing at university currently so sometimes I switch between macOS and Windows but I prefer Windows massively. There's much more you can and a lot more compatibility between the OS and applications than there is on macOS. I've used some of the other OS' but only Linux mostly for networking. Chrome for example is one I wouldn't ever use as it's mostly for web-based applications and general usage whereas I use mine for much heavier applications and gaming.
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  5. PositiveVibes432

    PositiveVibes432 New Member

    3-2 pitch bottom of the ninth....Line drive deep to right center field the go ahead run scores and mac wins the race with its uncompromising quality and unforgiving quality it provides right out of the box!
  6. PositiveVibes432

    PositiveVibes432 New Member

    Bottom of the ninth 3-2 pitch o it's way....line drive deep to center field...home run OS X wins the game with its uncompromising quality and unforgiving security features it offers right out of the box!
  7. Hux

    Hux Active Member

    They're good systems, but nothing compared to Windows in my opinion. You're so restricted to what you can do on them. Yes they're good for command line, app development and web design/development, other than that they're just too basic for me. But that's my opinion. I currently own a Microsoft Surface Book.
  8. rohitkollam

    rohitkollam New Member

    Basically, I am a Windows user and I like it very much but when the question comes with which is the best OS the answer will be Linux. I am using Linux in my Virtual machine (VirtualBox) as its an open source its the best place to try something yours.
  9. Artois52

    Artois52 New Member


    Nothing can beat the sense of achievement that you felt when you wrote a .BAT file that worked, the sheer pleasure of reloading all your software from floppy disks, again, because you had to reformat your hard disk, again, and who can forget that sinking feeling when you realized you had typed DEL*. *, and you were in the wrong directory when you did it?

    Recycle bins are for wimps, undo makes you lazy, and more than one application open at the same time? Ha! Who needs it? - Bring back that scary black screen with nothing more than C:\ on it and put the challenge back into computers. Those were the days!
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  10. slloyd_roberts99

    slloyd_roberts99 New Member

    I have several PCs. One is an iMac and a couple of laptops. One laptop is running Windows 10 and I use the other for my "daily driver", which runs Manjaro Linux. I use the Linux machine for everyday stuff like browsing and typing a quick letter or even watching a movie. The iMac may soon find a new home, as I don't use it much at all. The Windows laptop has a touch screen and an active stylus that works well-enough for digital art as a hobby.
    In short, I use the tool I feel is best for the job.
  11. Cornelius Vex

    Cornelius Vex New Member

    Windows because it suits me best with gaming and performance wise.
  12. ponyoworks

    ponyoworks New Member

    From the above options, Windows is always my go to and comfort pick. While it can be interesting to use some of the non-intuitive picks like Linux, Windows has pretty much what I need. And mac is almost on the other spectrum, not enough user customization options in terms of functionality.
  13. varash

    varash New Member

    As with most things, personal preference always plays a role and there's no perfect system for everyone. That said, I have found macOS to be by far the most mature, stable and reliable platform. While Windows works well enough for most people, it's sometimes easy to forget just how much more robust macOS really is. I use both systems about equally and I've spent way, way more time troubleshooting and being frustrated by Windows. As a skilled power user nothing really comes close to macOS in my opinion, I just wish Apple would make a budget professional desktop mac, the Pro and the new iMac Pro are much too expensive for me, unfortunately.
  14. nyiguto56

    nyiguto56 Member

    Windows since it suits me best with gaming and execution insightful.
  15. Jackie Jax

    Jackie Jax New Member

    I think that both operating systems have got their own strengths and weaknesses, however I’m a Windows fan. I’ve owned about a dozen different Windows machines over the years and I’ve mostly used Windows as my primary desktop operating system.
    There are just so many advantages when it comes to windows. For starters, it is much cheaper, there are many more programs available, more transparent and better patching & more customization just to name a few.
  16. EJ Burg

    EJ Burg New Member

    I would usually say Linux as it's so compact and flexible towards all types of computer. A couple of years ago I decided to stop using desktop computers and started only using laptops. So what I do every time I upgrade to a new laptop I would Format the old computer and turn it into a Linux system. So I would use these older computer for everything from multi media to Programming but at soon as i'm looking for a system I can travel with do everything on, on one computer my main pc choice will always be Windows!
  17. Demonic

    Demonic New Member

    I prefer Windows because I've been using Windows for a long period of time so it's very easy to use. I don't like Macs because of how hard it is to use. I also like Windows 7 because it is the easiest to use from the Windows version. Thank you for reading my response!
  18. kings1771

    kings1771 New Member

    I prefer windows 7 professional because I'm used to it and it is the easiest of all window versions
  19. Weeb

    Weeb Member

    I prefer Windows 10 due to the stability of it and the wide arrangement of programs that are available to it.
  20. adeyemi

    adeyemi Member

    I prefer windows operating system because of its simplicity and numerous application software that is available
  21. Scarlet_ivory

    Scarlet_ivory New Member

    Windows, because its user-friendly. It is also the first operating system I used.
  22. adeyemi

    adeyemi Member

    Windows, because its user-friendly. It is also the first operating system I used.
  23. jelleh

    jelleh New Member

    I prefer windows because of its user-friendly interface. It's a perfect mix between a complete newbie being able to handle it, and pro's to work with it. I think it's great that both kinds of people can use windows for a large variety of things. And then there's me, sometimes almost reaching the level of the pro's, and sometimes plummeting down to newbie level. But with windows it doesn't matter, it will catch you when you fall and support you when you fly.
  24. Robbie626

    Robbie626 New Member

    Windows is my preferred operating system on a PC. Andriod is my favorite mobile operating system. I am a huge fan with Windows XP because of the simple design of what a real computer should be. Windows 10 is great overall, but the design is more of a touch screen design than a classic PC design. Unfortunately, we have to keep upgrading to the newest technology because of support and updates becoming obsolete.
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  25. iampete

    iampete New Member

    Entirely depends on what I want to do! I use my Windows machine for 90% of my gaming, and for the occasional piece of software that's Windows-only. But for serious stuff I much prefer my Ubuntu machine. I find it a lot more customizable, and as a result much snappier in general use. That really matters when I'm using it for 9+ hours a day! Plus it's a lot less vulnerable to malware and viruses. I do think that Ubuntu is a bit tricky to adapt to when you're used to Windows; the learning curve is fairly steep at first. But once I figured out how to use linux my productivity really increased.
  26. Fred Cochran

    Fred Cochran New Member

    Windows is the only Operating System I've used,i rate Windows 7 ahead of other versions because of it's simplicity.
    Windows Operating System is a user friendly Software and i highly recommend it for everyone. I speak based on my personal experience with Windows,i haven't used other Operating Systems so can't really give assessment.
  27. Sherratic

    Sherratic New Member

    About a year ago, my answer probably would have been Windows. After being forced to upgrade to Windows 10 when I was perfectly happy with my previous version, my vote has changed to Macintosh. It was quite a struggle getting used to the iMac that I have but I am almost 100% converted. To be honest, I would prefer to go back to Windows XP if possible.
  28. haerondir

    haerondir New Member

    I've always liked macOS' design but I've never been able to use the OS firsthand. I tried to use Linux for a while, but I always ended up going back to Windows because change is hard.

    If I had several computers I would use different operating systems, just for fun.
  29. Ossian

    Ossian New Member

    Depends on the use, to program I prefer ubuntu, to play I prefer Windows, but personally in general I prefer Windows, much more versatility in games and in different applications that I use for my work
  30. Shivani Bhise

    Shivani Bhise New Member

    I have two operating systems installed. Windows for regular use and Unix to save my programming softwares and codes. Unix is a great and secure platform for the software developers.
    As most security attacks are caused on the . exe files which are generated in Windows OS. So, unix is a better option for me.

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