which pet do you prefer?

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Which pet do you prefer?

  1. dog

    483 vote(s)
  2. cat

    175 vote(s)
  3. birds

    12 vote(s)
  4. fish

    25 vote(s)
  5. snake

    4 vote(s)
  1. lowenrn

    lowenrn New Member

    think of the pros and cons of the pet and answer the poll
  2. AK40Evan

    AK40Evan New Member

    I love dogs but traveling for work has turned me into a fish-man. I couldn't bear to put a dog in a kennel for extended periods of time or burden friends and family with it, given the amount of attention most dogs need to be happy and healthy. Fish, on the other hand, are easy to care for, less expensive, and can provide hours of entertainment while they swim around and chomp on fish chow. Also, I find there's slightly less physical attachment to a fish than a dog and thus less disappointment when they ultimately die, which can be good for families or emotionally unstable people.
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  3. meowmers

    meowmers New Member

    I like cats but I'm allergic, so I have rodents and fish. Fishkeeping isn't really an inexpensive hobby once you get into it, but it's cheap relative to owning a dog. But why is this in Health & Fitness?
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  4. pinnacle2015

    pinnacle2015 New Member

    Amongst all the pets, I prefer dogs the most. It is true that dogs are men's best friend. They are usually passionate and are very faithful to their owners. Spending only a couple of minutes petting and talking to a pet dog gives me a reason to smile and focus on something other than my problems.
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  5. chinedu

    chinedu New Member

    Gog yes i love dogs because they are always loyal to their master
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  6. Daffyd

    Daffyd New Member

    I think my avatar gives away my answer... I'm a dog person, and have had at least one for 27 years - sometimes two and once in a while three at a time. Dogs are a lot of work, but worth it!
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  7. chelseamk

    chelseamk New Member

    I choose dog. I have owned a lot of different pets but, dogs have always been my favorite. It is much easier to train them and I think they are one of the most affectionate. I love my Great Dane with all my heart. She can be a lot of work sometimes but, I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world!
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  8. 19Nicky89

    19Nicky89 New Member

    It has to be a dog, I have never been without one. I have two at the moment who are my whole world. Both have such different personalities and their own little quirks. Dogs are so loyal and loving. They fill your life with fun and happiness. I'm desperate for another one! But the other half has put his foot down!
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  9. Elenora

    Elenora New Member

    I love cats because they are so soft,fluffy and smell of milk! They are just perfect!
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  10. loftybee

    loftybee New Member

    I have had many pets over the years and I have to say hands down that my favourite pets are dogs. They are eternally loyal and a great companion, it's always lovely to have a friendly face greeting your when you return home, as well as the added security factor. There's nothing better than snuggling up with a dog when your feeling a bit down.
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  11. Coffeeaddict67

    Coffeeaddict67 New Member

    I used to be a dog person, but with the stress of my job and the amount of energy I have at the end of the day I have changed my view. After my divorce my home seemed like it didn't have much personality. My kids wanted a pet and we decided on a cat. Believe me, I was not a cat fan and was very reluctant. But, after listening to my kids promise how they would take care of everything, I finally gave in. It was the best decision I have every made. Waldo, our cat, has the best personality, better than some people I know. He is calm, playful at times and always ready to be your comforting friend. He is my daughter's "study buddy", plays tag with my son and sits with me after a long day. We couldn't ask for a better family friend.
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  12. Jazzykay18

    Jazzykay18 New Member

    I love dogs but, I would prefer a fish instead. Fish are gentle creatures. They don't do much and the clean up time is very fast and easy. The only difficult thing about getting a fish as a pet would be remembering to feed them on a daily basis and not over feeding them.
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  13. ARandomGirl

    ARandomGirl New Member

    I love dogs (in case you can't tell from my avatar lol). I'd be fine with any pet, but I can't stand ANYONE who says "I hate __(insert animal here)___". Who hates dogs/cats/fish/etc? They are wonderful companions and they never did anything to you! I mean I get if you *personally* don't want to own one, but why are you going to be such a sour puss about other people's pets being around you??
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  14. writercaroline

    writercaroline New Member

    I have three cats. I do love dogs but with my husband and me and our schedule the cats just fit in fine to our life. I do work a lot with animal aid and help dogs get adopted with doing the photos.
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  15. Steven Mena

    Steven Mena New Member

    I love dogs, I currently have a Husky, 6 months old. Getting that dog is one of the best choices I have made.
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  16. sc2015

    sc2015 New Member

    I love some of the avatars on here with photos of people's dogs-so cute! I wouldn't mind a dog, but I know I couldn't handle the extra responsibility that comes with them along with my kids. I would rather have a cat. I know they're expensive though, so, for now we won't be getting one. I know my kids would love either for a pet. Fun post.
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  17. Kelsey Kramer

    Kelsey Kramer New Member

    I'm happy to see there are lots of dog people on here, as am I ;) Though I do own a black cat, they're just cheaper and easier than taking care of a dog. One day I hope to get my puppy.
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  18. z0mbie

    z0mbie New Member

    I love both dogs and cats. I currently own only cat but im planning to get dog in future. They are both fun in different ways. Dog is much bigger responsibility but is usually more close with you then cat, where cats are more selfish. In my opinions you should have both.
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  19. Cheyenne Leo

    Cheyenne Leo New Member

    I love dogs, I always will! My best friend when I was very little was an old rescue dog, frosty and I had three other dogs before the age of 7. My mother's faithful guard dog, Dudley, was just like a member of our family. He lived for 17 years. It was one of the saddest days in my life when he died.
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  20. Sudheer

    Sudheer New Member

    I prefer dog.
    I like them very much. They show loyalty to the owner in ever situation. It can help in the emargency situations when there is around the people or not. some disasters like road accidents or someone attacking you, etc.,
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  21. olivia343

    olivia343 New Member

    I prefer the dog out of all the other options because I own a dog and he is the cutest and nicest thing on earth. When I saw a snake on the option list it reminded me of how scared and traumatized at how snakes scare me. Cats are ok but they're too unpredictable for me, when they go behind desks and etc. it makes me a little jittery plus I've seen a cat scratch my friend and it looked painful. So the dog is my best choice because he makes me feel comfortable.
  22. stepwizard

    stepwizard New Member

    I love fishes. I have lots of Goldfish in my aquarium. They colors are very interesting and appealing to the eyes. I also have a Flowerhorn in my house. It has a very peculiar head and beautiful markings that according to Feng Sui can bring luck to me and my family
  23. aladkins

    aladkins New Member

    Absolutely dogs, the most loyal and loving animal in the bunch!
  24. shadowpoo

    shadowpoo New Member

    I love all Animals,But my favorite are dogs:)
  25. Kat R

    Kat R New Member

    My avatar also states the obvious! She can be a handful at times but the love and attention is heart warming. We also have a turtle in the house. He is a painted turtle. Tank cleaning aside, he is a fun pet. He greets people at the tank as if to say hello.
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  26. darnellchristmas

    darnellchristmas New Member

    I'm totally a cat person. Dogs are great, but the amount of hands-on maintenance compared to a cat makes it an easy choice. Cats will show affection just as much as dogs but without having to walk them, pick up poop, or shower them with attention. If you live in a rural area, there's also the added plus that they'll keep rodents away.

    Plus, there's nothing better than curling up with a good book and a warm, fuzzy cat on your lap.
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  27. 1bizlady

    1bizlady New Member

    Without a doubt, I am a major cat lover and have had them all my life. I love their curious natures and their fierce independence. Similar to children, they have the pure sense of either liking you or not and more importantly they remind me not to take myself too seriously. In fact, my sign is Leo and I must admit that there are quite a few similarities in our natures. For example, I am fiercely independent, tend to be nocturnal, wary of strangers until I get to know them, but deeply loyal.
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  28. hsun

    hsun New Member

    I love dogs because they are so loyal. Cats are too independent for my liking. Dogs are always happy to be around people and go for walks, travel, etc.
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  29. Ronald Hedglin

    Ronald Hedglin New Member

    I love all animals but as far as domesticated animals I'm old fashion, mans best friend has been and will always be a dog. I personally have an American pit boxer mix and he's my pride and joy.
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  30. Sneakerchief

    Sneakerchief New Member

    If the poll had allowed me to choose more than one, I would probably have put a tick next to all with maybe a question mark by the snake. Put me on an island with my pets and I am good to go. They do not speak so that makes them great companions.

    I would say I have four dogs, but my mom would disagree as she says I just bring them and drop them off. I brought home a kitten I found on the highway more than a year ago, but we lost him. It was an awful experience and it left a big void in our house. It was the first time I brought a cat home. I mostly bring dogs. I want to get my mom another cat, but I don't want to see her grieve like that again so for now I will leave things as there are.
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