which pet do you prefer?

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Which pet do you prefer?

  1. dog

    483 vote(s)
  2. cat

    175 vote(s)
  3. birds

    12 vote(s)
  4. fish

    25 vote(s)
  5. snake

    4 vote(s)
  1. Misterjuan12

    Misterjuan12 New Member

    I prefer dogs as pets because they understand humans more than humans understand each other. It may take a lot of work to take care one given their playfulness, the chewing of stuff not to mention their waste and urine are not a piece of cake but whenever you come home and you are greated with joy and a sense of they are complete whenever your around is just an outstanding feeling. When you feel alone and they come to your lap it gives you a sense of belongingness, so for me dogs are the pet humans can ever have.
  2. tintvmint

    tintvmint New Member

    Dog is the most important pet. Because Dogs is our number one man's best-friend. It has an ability to save people's lives. Also Dogs is the smartest pet in the world.
  3. conimj

    conimj New Member

    Denitively cats. They can be very loving and cuddly, but they don't require constant attention, so they're perfect for people who just want a buddy to hang out with.

    TOMSHANJ Member

  5. jacknario

    jacknario New Member

    I love cats and dogs. At present I have 2 cats both are Persian and 1 native dog. Honestly, having a pets are expensive especially their foods, I may not have a big salary but I always make it appoint to buy a special food for my pets. My kids are also happy to have a pets at home, taking care of pets taught them to be responsible. Each of my kids have a daily routine in taking care of our pets. My eldest is the one whose in charge of cleaning the cages,while my second child is the one whose in charge of feeding them. Of course their dad has no excuse in taking care of our pets, he is my driver in bringing my pets to a pet spa at least twice a week. And finally, I am in charge in buying supplies for our pets.

    We are consider our pets as part of our family, they are the youngest :). At times of depression, stress and anxiety they help us to cope easily by looking onto them and hugging them.
  6. Markjim

    Markjim Member

    I prefer dog because is easy to take care and it can be your best friend. It has its own understanding, and it can learn a trick easily.However dog can also protect your house from theft because our dog is very wild when he saw a stranger and it won't stop barking if we dont restrain him from being noisy.
  7. erialcalcantara

    erialcalcantara New Member

    I love cats, They are so sweet and most of the time very calm to watch. They are so intelligent and very cute for my eyes. I once had a cat and it reminds me of my aunt who passed away because she really love cats and I think I started to love cats because of her. It felt comforting having that cat by my side because it reminds me of the happy memories with my aunt when she was still with me.

    There is also a time when a snake tried to enter our house and tried to eat our bird, then our cat just fought away this snake and scare it away.
  8. KC29

    KC29 New Member

    I prefer to have a dog. Dog is a mans bestfriend. As for my experience, my dog always knows when I'm sad, she always come to me to pet her. Every night when I come home she is in our door waiting for me and waiting for my kisses. She also protects me.
  9. geza2020

    geza2020 New Member

    I want to have a dog but im afraid that i can.t raise a dog well, so as of now i chose to have a Fish cause its easy to feed
  10. Sonnyboy

    Sonnyboy New Member

    I prefer dog mans best friend you can rely on them even your sad they feel it too.
  11. rajabhatti

    rajabhatti New Member

    I used to be a puppy individual, however, with the worry of my activity and the measure of vitality I have by the day's end, I have changed my view. After my separation, my home appeared as though it didn't have many identities. My children needed a pet and we settled on a feline. Trust me, I was not a feline fan and was extremely hesitant. In any case, in the wake of tuning in to my children guarantee how they would deal with everything, I at long last gave in.

    It was the best choice I have ever constructed. Waldo, our feline, has the best identity, superior to anything a few people I know. He is quiet, fun loving now and again and constantly prepared to be your consoling companion. He is my girl's "think about pal", plays tag with my child and sits with me in the wake of a monotonous day. We couldn't request a superior family companion.
  12. Mjsmith

    Mjsmith New Member

    Last year my tita brought me a puppy and honestly it is so cute that is so attractive to anyone. That dog become my best friend, because it always make me happy even if I'm so sad. That's why I prefer dog because dog can be your best friend and will never lie to you.
  13. superkiromaru

    superkiromaru New Member

    I prefer dogs because for me, they are the pets that can express love to their owners unconditionally. I do have three dogs now, and they always makes me feel happy and relaxed, taking away those stress build up from work. I treat them like my own children and I believe the treat me not just like their Alpha, but also like their own parent as well. I feel so happy going home from work then they are all so excited to see me like I've been to a far away place for so long time!!!
  14. iamhai

    iamhai New Member

    I prefer dogs. Dogs are sweet, caring and loyal. Though dogs can't talk but they can show their emotions freely and honestly. I am always looking forward to see my dog sitting and waiting in our terrace when I left home to do groceries.
    Her jumps and barks shows that she misses me terribly when I got home. My dog completes my day.
  15. neil15

    neil15 New Member

    I prefer dog because they are most loyal and intelligent animal next to human. They also serve as our guardian in the house that will protect us to any person who has bad interest.
  16. Nethmanila

    Nethmanila New Member

    For me, I prefer dogs because it is easy to train and the dog is a man's bestfriend. They are very loyal and lovable.
  17. Aharb1410

    Aharb1410 New Member

    All animals have their pros but I definitely have to go with dogs. There is just a special bond you can create with them so that they turn into family. You cant do this with some pets such as birds.
  18. babyishii29

    babyishii29 New Member

    I love dogs. They are loyal and very friendly. I own 5 dogs and I can feel their love and excitement whenever I come back to home. Dogs are funny and sweet creature. Who can resist? :)
  19. gettothemoney

    gettothemoney New Member

    Ive always been a dog person which is why I prefer to have a dog. Don't get me wrong I like some other animals but from what ive seen and read the dog is the go to for a pet. I don't currently have one at the moment but as soon as we get a house that the first thing we are getting. Their not called mans best friend for nothing.....right?! And I do not like cats at all so they are out of the question.
  20. wgchild

    wgchild New Member

    I love dogs. I take mine everywhere with me. My dog weighs less than five pounds so, carrying her in a soft-sided kennel shoulder bag is super easy. She is always up for play time or snuggle time. Unlike many cats I have known, my dog has never thought I was too uncool to hang with.
  21. acejacob

    acejacob New Member

    Dog. Eversince when i was a kid I always prefer a dog to be my pet. I love to raise a dog pet. The20th can guard our house at night when we are in deeo sleep. They can bark and bark when they know there is a tresspasser. They can also my jogging partner in the morning. Also they can be my bestfriends. Animals have their own feeling too. They understand us in the way that they are the only one knows. When I'm sad, my dog there for me, it help me forget my problems by playing with them.
  22. Parathsharma

    Parathsharma New Member

    A dog because I am a dog lover. The best friend of human and also they love unconditionally.
  23. Ysettanova

    Ysettanova New Member

    I prefer dogs as a pet. They're frustratingly cute, they almost act like your own children! They are easy to teach, they can give support to disabled humans, support humans in their jobs such as K9 dogs and the list goes on! I even find it cute when they bite me. It makes me feel loved.

    You can just expect no other feeling from them but love and affection for you. As to cats, I still like them. They're stoically cute, and they can be trained to act like dogs. Cats will always be second place for me.
  24. taraymorena

    taraymorena New Member

    I am a catmom since a young age. My life with cats have been an amazing. There are a lot of things that we enjoy doing together like playing and cuddling. My cats are all rescued and they are my angels. I love my furbabies so much. Sometimes I would imagine becoming rich and building a huge sanctuary for all the cats who needs a home. :)
  25. vk25

    vk25 New Member

    I prefer dogs. The reason is that dogs are like humans, you can conect to them you can feel them, just as they can conect to you. They know when you are sad, angry, happy and they almost always feel the same as you do. Humans and dogs bond in a special kind of way.
  26. lhanz

    lhanz Member

    I prefer dog because i love dogs and i'm a dog lover for your information. We have 4 dogs here at our house and we all love them.
  27. shoots2019

    shoots2019 New Member

    I've been a cat owner and lover for 25 years. Although there's a ton of great breeds out there, I've been
    partial to Siamese because all of them, and I've had five so far, have been the most affectionate
    and entertaining company. All my cats, including the 2 I have now, have been indoor cats. The occasional fur ball
    and litter box maintenance are the two biggest, but not critical issues I've faced. Cats rule !!
  28. lilibethnepo

    lilibethnepo New Member

    Dogs. There's a reason we call them man's best friend. We can learn so many things from a dog's behavior, personality, demeanor, resiliency, and most importantly, the willingness to provide their family members with unconditional love, loyalty, and companionship down to their very last breath.
    You come in the door from a long day's work. The dog doesn't judge you; he doesn't care how you're dressed or if you've just had a really bad day. No matter the situation, your dog is happy to see you. You are greeted with the same enthusiasm each and every time you walk in that door. A dog has the ability to live in the present moment. They don't regret the past or worry about the future. If we can learn to appreciate and focus on what's happening in the here and now, we'll experience a richness of living.
  29. marianneap

    marianneap New Member

    I was never a pet lover, but when I was a kid we had our first puppy that was given by my grand father. I learned to love him and we named him Fulgoso. Unfortunately, he died, a car bumped into him and that caused my first ever heart break. And I was bitten by a dog twice, sadly. From then on, we never have any pet in our home. Then I met my husband, when we were still living in, he has a pet. He showed me how a dog can be so kind and cuddly, and harmless. I prefer dogs, than cats. I learned to love dogs by the help of my husband.
  30. tianzon89

    tianzon89 New Member

    I love them all but the poll would only allow one answer. Therefore I would say dogs. We have eight dogs in our house and we all love them. They are sweet and caring. They would wag their tale if they see you coming and would miss you even though they see you regularly. They are always loyal and would never leave you. They are always with you even in your sleep. They are truly man's bestfriend. We people are lucky to have them in our lives.

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