which pet do you prefer?

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Which pet do you prefer?

  1. dog

    483 vote(s)
  2. cat

    175 vote(s)
  3. birds

    12 vote(s)
  4. fish

    25 vote(s)
  5. snake

    4 vote(s)
  1. upvcbrand

    upvcbrand New Member

    I prefer dogs because they're not cute but rather loyal. They tend to become friends with you so fast and play with you. It's like they want you to have fun and be your best friend without asking anything in return or needing you to go through any process. I would like a companion that's in adult form but has characteristics of a child that don't understand or care much and just plays and has fun with you. I think a dog suits that description.
  2. Niyo09

    Niyo09 New Member

    I'm definitely a cat person.
    They are cute, clean and surely affectionate in their own ways.

    They might not be useful for security like some dogs might be but notwithstanding they remain my favorite without question.

    My pet cat is currently beside me right now taking a nap as I write this post.
  3. MarleyMngo

    MarleyMngo New Member

    I prefer a dog because I honestly think its easier to manage a dog. They are vibrant, beautiful, disciplined animals. They provide security and protection, whenever a stranger enters my yard my dog will be the first to notice and that has saved me from many robberies. Dogs are also easy going, they are very cheerful my dog is always happy to see me when i come back home, my dog always barks and dances around when it sees me and such a response gives me hope at the end of a tunnel on a bad day. I would definitely choose a dog over any other pet animal for those reasons.
  4. yasilius

    yasilius New Member

    I love dogs a lot, but as a pet, I prefer cats, Because they are clean. They are cleaning themselves all the time, they don't need much potty training. They don't need to be walked everyday and they are very independent. Also they are not as loyal and emotional as dogs are, so when you lose them, you won't feel as horribly sad as when you lose a dog.
  5. kirsten0105

    kirsten0105 New Member

    I love cats and would prefer them, though I have a dog that I love dearly. Cats are quite, a good companion for an introvert like me, my cats would make me go crazy most of the time but their eyes communicate to me, they are independent, just give them food and water they know how to entertain them selves afterwards, a good companion in bed for a good night sleep.
  6. Apaciblerj

    Apaciblerj New Member

    I love dogs i have 2 dogs in my house and they are so cute
  7. Remziel

    Remziel Member

    I prefer dogs. I'm a dog lover. They are so cute and loyal. :)
  8. naethan

    naethan New Member

    I chose snake because I am a reptile keeper. Even if many people don't like it and for some, they are a pest. I think they just need to understand that snake won't attack them when they leave them alone. So if you walk in a forest always watch your step and if you encounter one of them just leave them alone and they will not strike on you.
  9. phanuruch

    phanuruch New Member

    I love cats. Actually, I have always loved cats since I was a toddler. Nothing makes my day than the soft purring and meowing of a cat close by. Cats are very friendly and seem to understand our moods better compared to humans. They also appeal to the soft and human side of human beings. And did you know cats only meow at humans and not any other animal?
  10. AdriEvans

    AdriEvans New Member

    Although I have a fondness for most pets, these being dogs, cats, birds, etc., I've always been in love with felines, especially cats. I envision myself as the crazy lady that lives with 100 cats, although I'm not even a lady. Cats are fairly easy to maintain compared with dogs, since they don't require as much attention. However, there are many pedigree cat breeds that do, in fact, have special needs, including attention. But all in all, cats are easy to take care of and great pets when they become fond of you and you of them!
  11. lcabig

    lcabig New Member

    Based on my experience and lifestyle I prefer taking care of a cat. Mainly because they’re less work, you don’t have to train them much, the can potty inside the house and they don’t really need to be taken on walks. They’re quite low maintenance, the only thing is that I make sure to get them as kittens so I can teach them and have them used to cuddles and physical contact. I’ve had a chihuahua before and maybe because it’s the breed or that it was a rescue, we had lots of issues and we decided to have him get adopted by someone else. I am wanting to get a dog though, but I would need to search for the right breed for me.
  12. CarrotBunny

    CarrotBunny New Member

    I like cats the best!

    When it comes to cats they need less attention. Me and my current cat seem to be insync for how much time we want to spend with each other, we meow to say hi to each other, typically we spend less then a minute saying hi, and then we don't see each other for hours. ahahahah
    Potty training is simple.

    Dogs are cool too, they just feel like they rely too much on your for their happiness?
    My dogs get depressed if I leave the house for 1-2 hours, it's just kind of sad.
  13. Razorclaw

    Razorclaw New Member

    As the saying goes, the Dog is man's best friend. Dogs will always make you feel being wanted. They always interact with their own and they are really fond to play with. Dogs will always be a family. The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.
  14. alphaandromeda

    alphaandromeda New Member

    i do love cat because it is funny and it has a beatiful fur. the meow sounds also make me happy when i get upset.
  15. acewelloy29

    acewelloy29 New Member

    I would say dog. They're loyal, sweet, intelligent, devoted and loving. They really deserve the title "Man's best friend."
    Besides that they can boost your day, according to study, dogs can also make you healthy emotionally and physically. The calming effect they give me whenever I come home tired from work relieves my stress. My number one stress reliever! A great companion also for exercise. They're always on the go for walks and travel that gets you to exercise.
  16. chernobyll

    chernobyll New Member

    I love dogs and I can't deny it. I love Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Greyhounds, Great Danes and Boxers...and that's not all, I love several other types of dogs. I am also fond of birds-all kinds of domestic birds. However, I don't like cats that much, and I really can't say why,except that they are just not my kind of pets. Cats are really cute animals but I don't think you can do much fun stuff with a cat like what you would do with a dog or a bird. Hamsters aren't a favorite either, they look too much like rats! lol.
  17. djsanmartin

    djsanmartin New Member

    I would love to have a dog as a pet. As they say, dogs are man's best friend and I feel like they really serves as an ally to their masters. I've seen a lot of news honoring the bravery and loyalty of dogs when the person taking care of them are in danger. That's a testament to how much dogs reciprocate the love they're getting from their masters. I would love to experience that kind of love too.
  18. Joan Estrera

    Joan Estrera New Member

    I prefer having a dog than any other pets. Dogs are considered to be man's best friend. I have a dog named "roadman", he used to even accompany me while I am walking on my way to school. Unfortunately, roadman died due to an accident which definitely broke my heart but I know I need to move on but never will I forget roadman as he was the first dog that was really attached to me and my family.
  19. craigschiffman

    craigschiffman New Member

    I prefer dogs. I love the way they greet you, and how they treat you like they're your best friend. I love how they will stay by your side after a long day. They make you feel like everything's going to be alright. I like when you play a game with them, they act as if it's the first time they've ever played that game. I think dogs really are a man's best friend.
  20. Mariane24

    Mariane24 New Member

    I prefer dogs as my pet because dogs are loyal animals and they are man's bestfriend. I'm a dog lover and I can say dogs are the best pet for me. We have a dog in our family and we treat him as a member of our family. Dogs are very protective and intelligent animals they love you more than they love themselves.
  21. hanylen

    hanylen New Member

    Dogs are man's bestfriend.
    They are indeed.
    I'm an introvert, and the company of my dog makes me happy and full of completeness. My dog (Potchee) has been my bestfriend of 5 years, and dogs can help persons with depression.
  22. JPAN18

    JPAN18 Member

    I do love all kind of animals. But among all animals, my favorite is a dog.
  23. newlife

    newlife New Member

    There was a joke told by my high school teacher . He asked "If you kept both your husband and your dog locked at your home for two days , who will be happier to see you ? " Of course we know the answer . Dogs are loyal and intelligent animal . I adopted a dog when my husband and I bought our home 10 years ago. He has been my companion for many years ; longer than my husband who is often abroad because of work. My dog is in sync with my daily activities . Once I wake up in the morning , he is also awake , While I eat , he sat silently and when I am done , he knows that he will going to eat next . He often barks to alert me while the garbage truck is still at the farthest corner of our street . He even got sick when I was sick . He is heaven sent and wish he could live longer.
  24. navalprecious

    navalprecious New Member

    Here are many ways why some people love to have a dog. First it is good for your heart and your soul.? People with a dog shown to have less heart problems because of regular exercise ( walking their pets). Second improves our moods and reduces stress. Third dogs are trustworthy and I suggest that love your dog in the same way as family members, and dog return their devoted affection and that is why I love dog as my pet.
  25. juliehaney1976

    juliehaney1976 New Member

    I prefer a dog as a pet. I have studied animals that help the most with anxiety, and dogs were the top rank. Dogs can become like your own children. I have four of my own that I love dearly because I can't have children anymore. They have definitely taken the place of that and I love them all.
  26. Samaiah

    Samaiah New Member

    I am a dog person! Has a special attitude toward the owner. Warm, loving, Caring and what's most important, appreciates you. Taking out my dogs for a walk is a best part of my day .
  27. mabs0820

    mabs0820 New Member

    I totally agree with you, Dog is the best pet that the person would have. I also love cat because they are the best how to rid the rats in the house. The 2 animals is best in their characterestic.
  28. mabs0820

    mabs0820 New Member

    Dog is the Man's BestFriend, they will offer their lives for you if you have in a bad situation. You will count on them if you trained them how you want them to be. They will love you as long as they lived. So, Dog is the best pet.
  29. matthewlamar

    matthewlamar New Member

    A Dog as a pet. This is just not a sentence I wrote, You see a Dog is just not any other animal, A Dog is A friend, a close friend and I would say confidently that Dogs have feelings, Dogs understand human beings not just when they are happy or excited but also when in pain and sadness, my dog is my best friend His name is Kim and his one beautiful dog I can't imagine a dog without him, so I prefer a Dog as a pet, Dogs can be trained easily.
  30. pseudolly

    pseudolly New Member

    I used to hate and fear dogs after I got badly bitten as a kid, which left a scar also. But I kid you not, after watching and crying at The Dodo videos, I found myself becoming a dog person. I have a pitbull right now, I named him Van Damme, and he’s been with me for more than 2 years now.

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