Which programming language is easier

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  1. Serdiek

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    Which of the programming language is easier.
  2. That's quite a difficult question to answer, but hey! Let me answer to the best of my knowledge as a Programmer.

    Here's some back story:
    I started programming when I was 16 (kind of late for a kid back then) and I started with Visual Basic since I joined a computer club back in high school as I thought we would just play games all day but no. At first I didn't like it as the concepts was too boring but once we started it was just fun to make basic calculators and databases. What made it easy for me was the UI and the Drag n' Drop stuff it had compared to some languages.

    For what is easiest, that depends. I always consider what is best for what it is best for. Javascript is essential for Web development. Heck! You can even make games with it! Java is another one those Programming Languages that most companies and the industries uses. Android uses Java because Java can work on various platforms.

    For me, GML (Game Maker LAnguage) is the easiest Language I have used at the moment. If you're making games, it is a great language for beginners. It is like Java but more friendly and less verbose.
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    I started out with Python. It’s great for beginners because it’s a high-level programming language, meaning that it resembles actual English words and sentences. It’s pretty easy to read and understand
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    I do not think there is an easier programming language than the other.Every programming language is suited for certain needs and environments.Also a programming language grows harder as a person or programmer dives deeper into understanding and trying to use it to come up with solutions to the ever growing and ever changing dynamic
    As one continues to familiarize with any programming language, it becomes easier.It depends with how much into a language that will make it easier or not
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    HTML was designated both the easiest programming language to learn, and the one that programmers are the most comfortable. But it's only a html structure no functions yet.
  6. devincci

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    For me, Python is one of the programming languages that is easy to understand. It looks like a normal sentence when constructing command. We also know that every programming languages has a difficult side. So in Python, indent and colon is I think you need to understand. But the rest it is easy to read and understand. This may also recommended for the beginners.
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    C++ is good programming language.It is easier to other language. Open
  8. Rinkukrksth

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  9. Materu 1

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    pascal is the easiest programming language.
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    For me, I think python easier than the other languages, because it has a secret weapon which I named it as "Write code like you speak". For example, if you want to say that element A is exist in the letters list, you can easily write it using python like this:
    "A" in lettersList => it will return true if "A" exists in the list.

    The second weapon in my opinion is the "Huge amount of libraries", approximately you can find whatever you want, you don't have to waste your time writing known functions from scratch, you can use these libraries to fast your development process.

    Hope this helps,

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