Which programming language should a blogger learn?

Discussion in 'Web Development, Programming & Graphics' started by O Empreendedor, Apr 1, 2018.

  1. O Empreendedor

    O Empreendedor New Member

    I currently know zero programming languages....

    While I'm pretty crafty with Wordpress, sometimes it's hard to make things work the way I really want to.
    I've been thinking about hitting some tutorials, but I don't know what's the best choice to add to my skill set...
    Also, I don't know what is the best choice in terms of cost/time/dividends.

    Could you share your thoughts on this?

    Which programming language should a blogger learn?

    • HTML
    • CSS
    • PHP
    • Javascript
    • MySQL
    • Some other I forgot
    Thank you in advance :)
  2. Elandar

    Elandar Member

    Html . It is the easiest programming language . And html codes are easy to understand because it's like common sense code. For example. Bold a character or a word. It would be like this <strong> </strong> or underline it would look like this <u></u> the one with slash is yhe closing tags. <strong> hello<\strong> it would be bold.
  3. Em Jay

    Em Jay Member

    Hi Empreendedor, I'd say you've done well with your preliminary research and have a great list as it is. I learned, and recommend learning HTML and CSS first, then moving on to the others.

    You can learn HTML, CSS, JS, mySQL and PHP easily, and for free, at www.w3schools.com. There are simple lessons with an embedded code box for you to type your code into, which allows you to view the results of your code as you learn.

    If you're looking for guided courses, I highly recommend Udemy for quality, value, and lifelong access to course content. They run regular specials, so if you don't like the price you can visit again weekly to see what promotions they're running, often around the $15 mark. You can also sign up to their newsletter to be notified every time a new promotion is launched. Check out the tutor, content, number of past students, ratings and reviews before choosing a course. Anybody can upload video lessons to Udemy. You want to find courses run by industry experts sharing in-depth knowledge, and in a way you will benefit from.

    Best of luck, and happy coding :)
  4. RNicoMada

    RNicoMada New Member

    I think all of the languages you mentioned are very good to learn although I'd say it depends more on what YOU need.
    MySQL for exmple is only really useful when dealing with data related stuff so it might not necesary help if your main intent is to improve the design of your websites.
    On the other hand you might not have to choose because while learning PHP/HTML you will definitely have to use CSS anyway for the looks and you'll definitely need MySQL(or another query language) to deal with your database links.

    If you are a total beginner I'd say start with HTML/CSS or PHP/CSS then learn about the other one( PHP or HTML, depends on your initial choice). Once you are somewhat confident in those 3, move on to JS and MySQL.
  5. Sombernaut

    Sombernaut New Member

    HTML and CSS are not programming languages.

    But it would be really useful to learn full stack (html, css and javascript). Those 3 combined with Bootstrap, jQuery, Express, Node.js and MongoDB are enough to make almost everything you want.
  6. brandonctaylor67

    brandonctaylor67 New Member

    Honestly this is my degree speaking as a computer science student and educator. But if you're running a blog and want to stand out a little more than most would. I would learn them all and create custom themes and addons for your blog. Create addons that give incentives to your users and in turn that will grow your blog higher than others. Also learning SEO skills is important :)
  7. Johnnydoe

    Johnnydoe New Member

    I think for any website that deals in storing information, updating information, accounts, and adding new content require quite a few things. HTML is a must it is the website equivalent to bones, CSS is the veins I'd say, PHP is the organs and Javascript is the skin. Now as far as which is most important, I'd say HTML and PHP everything else is up for debate. Also when making databases, PHP related things and the like Laravel is really helpful as they have a lot of premade functions in PHP that make logins, storing data, Username, Email, and password authentication a sinch, as well as other things and it's all kept in a very organized fashion depending on your word processor of choice. If you want something free to use I'd say use Atom if you are looking for a premium word processor I'd recommend Sublime. There are many other things that can influence the sophistication of your site but I believe those are the essentials for a blog-like website. There are also excellent, free, easy, and explicit tutorials on a website called Laracast.com that are specifically made for creating a blog and it's inner workings as well as many other areas of expertise using Laravel. I hope this post helped you just a bit if you still check up on this forum.
  8. aliensjit

    aliensjit New Member

    The most important to learn first is HTML. You can then give life to it by styling in CSS.
    Look for the most appropriate hosting platform for you, then just search on google the specifics.
    All the other stuff you listed and what you hear others say really come after these two.
  9. doudeman

    doudeman New Member

    PHP is an important language because one of the most popular blogging frameworks, WordPress, is built in this language. Learning PHP would allow you to make plugins, and augment the basic code of any WordPress site. If however you want to forgo WordPress and have a static site that doesn't use a database, I would suggest any of the popular static site generators, such as Gatsby or Jekyll. With these tools you would have to know basic HTML and CSS to change how the content is presented but there are many themes you could download to get going with minimal effort. All of the content is written in an easy presentational language called Markdown. After you write your post you run a simple command on the command line that compiles all of the assets and posts and gives you a folder that you can upload to any web host. This allows your website to be very fast and your setup to be lightweight.

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