Which search engine do you prefer?

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Which search engine do you prefer?

  1. Google

    899 vote(s)
  2. Yahoo

    7 vote(s)
  3. Bing

    22 vote(s)
  4. Other

    51 vote(s)
  5. I don't use search engines.

    1 vote(s)
  1. Gregory Willis

    Gregory Willis New Member

    I would definitely have to go with google, like everyone else I guess. I have been using google since I first got a hold on a computer and as they say old habbits don't change. Still other search engines just don't appeal to me that much I care for simplicity and effectiveness and thats what google is offering. Every single feature it has , even the design, makes it perfect in my eyes.
  2. willpostportal

    willpostportal New Member

    I use Google ALL of the time. WHY? because Google returns information in which i can find answers to the issue i and having I might have to do multiply searches BUT GOOGLE will give me the solution

    William Rabess
    FB -- william.rabess
  3. lindsay365

    lindsay365 New Member

    GOOGLE is the number one search engine. I like the way it displays the search results and Google maps too
  4. liger89

    liger89 New Member

    Google is superior for a number of reasons: it loads up fast, has a nice and clean interface that’s not difficult to understand, and also has additional services like Gmail and Reader.
  5. cptcool

    cptcool New Member

    I've been using DuckDuckGo since I learned about it. Being able to type things like '!yt nameofasong' into the address bar and get instant results on YouTube to my search query is a very nice feature. !wiki !amazon, and !ebay are also amazing things to be able to search instantly with DDG.
  6. Paraviya

    Paraviya Member

    I am using to search anything on the internet with Google. Am getting the response very quickly and normally that gives me what I searched. Bing, Yahoo both are not in the standard of Google. It is a good search engine and I am always depending on it.
  7. adrian maria

    adrian maria New Member

    All the people know that Google is the best and most used browser in the world. i think i'll never could use another browser
  8. tmears

    tmears New Member

    I honestly haven't used any search engine other than Google in years. The reason I am so loyal to Google is not only the fact that it is he most accurate search engine out there but because of the other services and tools Google provides its users. Why go anywhere else when you can check your email, read the news, chat with your friends, and search the web all in one place?
  9. tasoncool8008

    tasoncool8008 New Member

    I, personality prefer to use Google Chrome because the searching is much faster than firefox and internet explorer. Most people nowadays would use Google Chrome more than internet explorer. Firefox is good too but I think google chrome is better
  10. ElaineWeston

    ElaineWeston New Member

    I use Google. I love Google, they got so many efficient things that other search engines don't, plus it is the biggest out there, so it will by far, give the most precise results. Especially the images search, I really like the new feature of searching with your own image, very neat.
  11. Bibek Kumar Shah

    Bibek Kumar Shah New Member

    i prefer Google instead of other search engines. I think Google is the most reliable and fastest search engine of all.
  12. Kany69

    Kany69 New Member

    I only use Google. I never use anything else other than google. It's best.
  13. Endo42

    Endo42 New Member

    This is definitely an "I Love Google," thread. Google has EXPLODED in popularity and almost everyone uses it. The funny thing is that it isn't even necessarily the best, it's just everyone is so used to it that the word Google has become a verb. Ex: "Let me just google that real quick."

    It gets the job done and it's tried and true, and until that changes, I'll be using it.
  14. cmm266

    cmm266 New Member

    Google for the daily use... Bing when I'm feeling naughty hhhehehe.
  15. riley saxon

    riley saxon New Member

    I have always and will always used google. I always use google because I think it gives me the best results over the likes of bing and yahoo.
  16. sicksvtcobra

    sicksvtcobra New Member

    I prefer Google above all other search engines. It doesn't really have anything to do with the quality of the search results as I find the top 3 engines to provide pretty similar results. Mainly I prefer Google because I can go to the homepage with the intent on performing a search and I am not shown a ton of advertisements and news articles.
  17. fattony69

    fattony69 New Member

    I have voted Google. I have done the Bing vs. Google test and I have always chosen Google without bias. It just provides everything I need with searching and all their other products.
  18. WA1

    WA1 New Member

    Google was always my preferred choice until I switched browsers. I tried Internet Explorer 10 with default search engine set to Bing, and my perception changed forever. Google has the most users but in terms of functionality, Bing wins hands down. Bing has the most beautiful UI. At times there are some search queries that can be found on Google but not on Bing and vice versa.
  19. ArcAngel11049

    ArcAngel11049 New Member

    I prefer Google over any other Search Engine. This is because has a sub-domain particular created for my home country and also provide instant results search as i type on the search box.
  20. bradman1313

    bradman1313 New Member

    Google is awesome, just because I've grown up using it. I don't like the way Bing indexes pages, it just feels a little strange. The instant feature on Google is nice too, saves me a little time from my busy day.
  21. fjouad

    fjouad New Member

    For me considered that Google is the best search engine at all. Van we want to compare between him and the other search engines, we will find it in terms of quality provides high-quality results and specific meticulously Unlike other search engines such as Yahoo and Ask . The reason is due to the Google algorithms developed technology ensures the best visitor experience.

    Google also known Permanent renewal Algoriths and not involv thinking inside the box and come up with creative ideas each time no one was preceded them.

    Therefore I advise using Google as a search engine .
  22. telkante

    telkante New Member

    I've tried Bing and Yahoo, but without much luck. Neither of them compare to Google when it comes to my everyday searches, which usually consist of obscure programming questions. Until I find another search engine that can answer my questions, I will stick with Google.
  23. 777getgoing

    777getgoing New Member

    When I voted I was surprised at the results. I love Google, I just didn't know almost everyone else did too. Someone told me that no one uses Google anymore. And I told him "I do and I'm gonna keep on using it". I tried other search engines and I just didn't like them. So I'm gonna stick to what I know and like.
  24. Ashtongue

    Ashtongue New Member

    Google. Definitely.
    I use google because of it's power. It's easy to use, intuitive and has the largest database available.

    While some complain about google collecting information, it's what I think future will be like. I see it as an advantage to get used to it.
  25. slap2dgroove

    slap2dgroove New Member

    I prefer Google most of the time based on my own user experience. But I consider yahoo when it comes to local searches from my area. I do not know anything about both search engines algorithms but everytime I try to search something specific in my area, yahoo gives me the best results.
  26. burt5

    burt5 New Member

    I started using Duck Duck Go a while ago. It's great. Sure, I use the "!g" command at the end of a search to get my trusted google results.. But the other shortcuts, I couldn't live without. Things like !imdb or !wen (wikipedia) save valuable seconds :p
  27. russellk

    russellk New Member

    Like most, I use Google the most. But occasionally, especially for shopping related research, Bing has found something Google couldn't.
  28. notafish

    notafish New Member

    Rumors are going around that Yahoo and Bing have teamed up to be better than Google. When I heard this I was like the " the big G?". Anyway I find it a waste of time as Google has developed an unshakable reputation and unless Yahoo or Bing comes up with some kind of godly algorithm for their search engine, they will never beat Google.

    I don't remember the last time I used Yahoo or Bing. I use Google because it is easy on the eyes, it is straight forward and always finds what you want with its amazing algorithms.
  29. Idlewind

    Idlewind New Member

    Google always. Seemingly every other search engine asks me to install software on my machine, or worse, doesn't ask but instead just does it anyway.
  30. Raxon

    Raxon New Member

    From that list, I prefer Google. However, I try to use a site's internal search engine as well (as long it's not powered by Google). Reason for that is that a site internal's search engine usually gives way more options of search filters than what Google does.

    For instance, if you want to search in a forum, you are given the opportunity to search for posts who has some number of replies, or a post by a specific member and so on.

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