Which shows are your go-to after a long day?

Discussion in 'Television' started by anhumphrey, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. anhumphrey

    anhumphrey New Member

    You've had an incredibly long day at work or school or whatever it is you do. You get your food or beverage of choice and go to turn on the TV. What do you turn on?
    A show that you've watched over and over?
    The newest releases that your friends are telling you about?
    The newest episode of a long-standing favorite?

    Personally I enjoy watching cooking shows after a really long day. There's nothing more relaxing to me than getting home and binge watching Chopped or Cutthroat Kitchen with some snacks in hand.
    What about you guys?
  2. Ade123

    Ade123 New Member

    I have to say that after a really long day I get on my bed and put on The Office (US Version) it is an absolute favorite and it does not matter where I start from I am glued to my tv laughing my head off . There goes my stress!
  3. helena99

    helena99 New Member

    Saved By the Bell. It's from the 90's but except for the huge phones and fashion doesn't feel outdated thanks to the relatable characters and great comedy writing. Each member in the gang has a different personality so you can find someone you relate to especially much. When I turn on an episode, I know it's going to cheer me up no matter how tired I am because I know I'm going to laugh.
  4. Hdenny

    Hdenny New Member

    I usually choose fantasy or science fiction. Its my little secret because typically I'm a very practical, level headed realist and my job involves being very grounded. So at the end of a day I want to escape reality a bit.
  5. owjeez

    owjeez New Member

    Whenever I get home from a long and tiring day, I would binge-watch “The Return of Superman” on youtube. Please do note that this is not a movie about Superman the hero but this is a korean TV show. It is about korean celebrity fathers who babysit their kids for 48 hours without the help of their spouses. It is very entertaining and you can learn techniques on how to take care of kids too! The children on the show were all too cute and adorable. So this show really is a stress reliever.
  6. dismukeshelby

    dismukeshelby New Member

    I've been watching a lot of different shows lately, but my go-tos are definitely murder/crime/mystery shows. Forensic Files, True Detective , CSI , Law and Order , Dateline, etc. are all my favorite shows to watch with a bowl of fruit. If you have any new show I can take a peek at reply!
  7. omgitsrenzo

    omgitsrenzo New Member

    In the past two years, I dont think a day has gone by without hearing the intro to The Office reverberating throughout the house. All three of my roommates and I included have probably seen the show in its entirety multiple times but yet you always find yourself coming back to little ole Scranton. Its such an easy watch, a feel good show that you can just put on in the back and feel good about watching. I still laugh at the jokes no matter how many times I've seen them.
  8. kpederso

    kpederso New Member

    This Is Us. I love this program because of its many layers. First of all, it's multigenerational in a way that isn't hokey. Its use of flashbacks is amazing! I also appreciate that there are no heroes and no villains. The characters are all flawed, and we get to watch them struggle with tough issues in a way that isn't canned or predictable. I also appreciate the way the writers peel away layers of the past slowly. It seems like, in each episode, we learn something that makes things we observed in previous episodes make more sense. This is an amazing program that has a real brain and a real soul!
  9. Pertru

    Pertru New Member

    I personally enjoy watching some documentaries on Discovery or NatGeoWild, however, if I am very stressed, I go for a comedy on ComedyCentral

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