Which website YOU use most ?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by ajit m, May 19, 2017.

  1. ajit m

    ajit m New Member

    myself : google
  2. TJD

    TJD New Member

    I can't narrow it down to one place. I guess my ministry site, The Parsons Corner...
  3. savert

    savert New Member

    I was thinking about posting this topic because my computer died about a year ago so I was offline for about a month and I lost all of my bookmarks. Now I spend most of my time on reddit and imgur but I feel like there where a lot of other places I checked everyday that I can't remember.
  4. randmeister64

    randmeister64 New Member

    I tend to spend the most time on Netflix. There are just so many awesome movies and tv shows from which to choose. In addition to that, they now have original programming only available to Netflix users. YouTube is probably a close second because I absolutely love ScareCam videos. I watch as many of them as I can because I find them hilarious and laugh out loud entertaining.
  5. Justinsand

    Justinsand New Member

    To be honest any website that streams shows and movies. I love watching movies when I'm free so websites like Netflix, Hulu, Crackle and others. But I do visit many websites regularly so there really isn't a limit to which ones I'm constantly on. YouTube of course is up there with the rest. So is Facebook and Twitter. Generally I use to many websites to say which one I use the most.
  6. Sammy9875

    Sammy9875 New Member

    Without a doubt I use Google the most. It is more like ,a part of my life.
  7. Hux

    Hux Active Member

    Obvious ones such as Google, Facebook, YouTube etc. and other ones such as this forum, TheTechGame and Game Rebels.
  8. camshaq23

    camshaq23 Member

    I most visit youtube to watch videos on cars and motorcycle that I like and sometimes to learn how to solve a technical problem that am facing with my computer of smartphone.
  9. SFIII3rdStrike

    SFIII3rdStrike New Member

    Youtube got me addicted. I'm just trying to clear up my 100+ videos in watch later playlist (for the second time). If you get extension like "Youtube playlist duration" you can see how much time you've wasted on youtube by looking at your likes playlist. Also kinda addicting: reddit (depending on subredit) and imgur for about 6 months until you realize every day it's the same posts there.
  10. Floydasaurus

    Floydasaurus New Member

    I'm on Reddit and Twitch.tv more than I'd like to admit, but I almost always a tab of either (or both!) open.
    Reddit has far too many communities I find beneficial to keep up with (including an active Twitch community and an onlinework community that helped me find this site to begin with).
    Twitch, on the other hand, started out (for me at least) as something mindless to watch while I do work. Then it was a community of broadcasters I was actively engaged with, looking forward to each scheduled stream. Now it's gotten to the point where I'm streaming myself and building my own little tight-knit community. It really is amazing.

    Had you told young Floydasaurus that he'd be still playing NES well into his thirties and he'd have people watching and cheering him along, he'd probably think you were full of it.
  11. Tom van 't Hooft

    Tom van 't Hooft New Member

    Youtube. I use it multiple hours almost every day. I'm subscribed to a lot of channels and I'm always afraid to miss something, so I check my feed constantly to check for new, interesting videos. I also get stuck in an endless related videos streak way too often lol. Other sites I use on a daily basis include Reddit, Facebook, Google and Soundcloud.
  12. Austin McManus

    Austin McManus New Member

    The website that I use most is Twitter. Twitter is great because it combines the best of social media with up to the minute news and reporting. Another great aspect of Twitter is that it allows you to connect with all types of people that you may not have access to otherwise. From rock stars to politicians, almost everyone has a Twitter these days and that's what make this website the best.
  13. whitemosiba

    whitemosiba New Member

    gmail to check all my business and company news if ther's good one
  14. priyanka93

    priyanka93 New Member

    Confused to choose among youtube or google.
  15. breezy6611

    breezy6611 New Member

    The website that I use the most is Facebook. Facebook is so informative that a lot of searches start there but ends up on other websites.
  16. Marcosm

    Marcosm New Member

    The website that I use the most is youtube, it's really addicting and interesting.
  17. illusivesamurai

    illusivesamurai New Member

    Reddit 100%! Haha i never get tired of good ol Reddit. I can get my news, jokes, gaming stuff, and everything on Reddit.
  18. gamer1tech

    gamer1tech New Member

    It changed from Google to Youtube. It is because of youtubers. With Youtube revenue being a great source of income, there are many youtubers out there who produce great videos. I mainly follow youtubers who create funny videos.
  19. igkolev88

    igkolev88 New Member

    I am definitely using YouTube the most! I feel that it is such a great platform for everyone nowadays. All the variety of videos that are constantly uploaded and the interesting content of some channels, are the only thing that I need from the internet, most of the time.
  20. sandun

    sandun New Member

    I frequently visit Pinterest. Pinterest is a powerful way to grow your business and overall online presence. Pinterest brings in over 100 million monthly active users. Aside from pinning branded content, Pinterest allows you to show a more human side of your business.
  21. Mr. Kiborgue

    Mr. Kiborgue New Member

    The site i use most is YouTube for its immense content.
    It has all the information you could ever need.
    I learned so much from it, and i intend to learn as much as i can, so i am not done yet.
    To be honest, YouTube actually changed my life.
  22. ZoeBeckworth

    ZoeBeckworth New Member

    The site that I use the most would most definitely be Google. Google can be used to find any and everything.
  23. Fruga

    Fruga New Member

    Usually YouTube and Facebook. Facebook because I'm always chatting with people, and YouTube because it has a lot of content that usually interests me.
  24. xxidos

    xxidos New Member

    Talklife for sure! Talklife is an app (or a webpage) that is a peer support site. I've been a moderator on there for over a year now and I absolutely love it! The community has a lot of teens and a lot of young adults and I love giving guidance to those who need it, and I love when the community gives me a helping hand or a listening ear during my hardships!
  25. the two websites are use most are
    1. Google
    2. YouTube

    I really learn and benefit a lot from these two websites
  26. MCOBees

    MCOBees New Member

    I probably use Reddit more than any other site. I love to research and analyze things and I feel like you can find anything on reddit. I use it to research hobbies, read the news, learn new skills, and get reviews on products I plan to purchase.
  27. lobsterparodies

    lobsterparodies New Member

    Reddit and Facebook. I hate Facebook so much but at the same time can't stop using it! Just scrolling continuously looking at videos and stuff. Reddit is a bit better because it's easier to subscribe to specific topics which is why I like it.
  28. Jackie Jax

    Jackie Jax New Member

    Daily I am constantly checking my gmail, Facebook, Youtube & google. I try not to be on the internet too much.
  29. lopezmeemo

    lopezmeemo Member

    I spend a lot of time on you tube by watching videos. I get to learn so many things. Information on everything is easily available on you tube. I love this website. It is also a source of earning some cash.
  30. lcameron8!

    lcameron8! New Member

    I spend the majority of my online time on YouTube and Pinterest. YouTube is extremely helpful and entertaining. As is Pinterest, I use Pinterest to look up recipes for a dairy free, gluten free and sugar free diet. Home improvement ideas and fashion. Whenever I have a daydream at work I either turn to YouTube or Pinterest, I love planning and designing anything!

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