Who do you think richer: Batman or Iron man?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by nth280993, May 24, 2019.


Who is richer?

  1. Batman

    3 vote(s)
  2. Iron man

    6 vote(s)
  1. nth280993

    nth280993 New Member

    In my opinion I think Iron man is richer because He always looks faboulous when he appears.
  2. acorongan23

    acorongan23 New Member

    For me it would be Iron Man
  3. raziel3105

    raziel3105 New Member

    For me, Iron Man is richer. Because of selling weapons, Tony Stark's wealth is a comparably paltry $12.4 billion while Bruce Wayne's is only $9.2 billion (according to a fan's analysis). In comic, Stark's Industry is described more active and wide operative than Wayne Corp.
    But honesly, I think both of them can buy and sell anything they want, plus both are super genius so that money is not something that they concern about.
  4. Wolfiend

    Wolfiend Member

    Iron Man. He's definitely 3000 times richer than Batman.
    I'm Batman!
    And I am Iron Man...
  5. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    Batman for me because he also utilizes a lot of hardware. The difference is that he invests more on skills rather than armor. Though there are times when he goes for hardware when the enemy is too strong. He also has to be more discreet about how he uses his resources. That is my take.
  6. devincci

    devincci Member

    Iron man is more richer than Batman because Iron man has many outfit and many high-technology. But in terms of Batman his outfit is just one and did not change to every movie he only had many combat vehicle.
  7. MikeyB

    MikeyB Member

  8. pintado2001

    pintado2001 New Member

    I'll go for Batman, his family is the Rockefeller of Gotham. While Iron Man lives in the world where Rockefeller is, it's a stiff competition for him.
  9. Jefferytasos

    Jefferytasos New Member

    Batman uses his money like a boss, iron man is a boy lol.

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