Who enjoyed watching 'The Walking Dead' series?

Discussion in 'Television' started by xelah, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. xelah

    xelah New Member

    As an avid fan of anything involving zombies, I really enjoyed the series 'The Walking Dead', for both the realism and attention to detail (gore, set design and acting), alongside the ever changing storyline that interlinks through multiple character stories.

    If you've watched it, what did you like?
  2. SChester

    SChester New Member

    I absolutely love watching The Walking Dead! I'm so sad we have to wait until next season! I particularly like that even though it is a show based on gore and violence, it actually has much more to do with the subtleties of human nature. The show really explores how people act under pressure and fear as well as how people treat one another in times of crisis. It is quite insightful in addition to the pulse-quickening plot and eye-widening gruesomeness!
  3. Jerilyn Cadiz

    Jerilyn Cadiz New Member

    The Walking Dead is the only show I watch on TV. It seems like October is so far away! This show has something for everyone: zombies, actions, suspense, romance and humor. This show always shocks me & I am always thirsty for more!
  4. The next big thing - The Walking Dead. I really enjoyed watching this show and I cannot wait to watch this again on October. The plot is really amazing and never predictable. And, you would not literally wait for a day to pass before deciding to watch a new episode. Every episode is filled with excitement - zombies are everywhere and Rick and his group killing them one by one! I highly recommend this to everyone who has the heart for action and suspense.
  5. Serengaeth

    Serengaeth New Member

    I liked the first season. I think the whole show has a good grip on the idea that zombie fiction isn't about zombies, and it isn't about killing zombies either. It's about what happens when ordinary people are put in truly awful situations, and how their worst side often comes out.
    Saying that, I do think every character's predisposition to mistrust and murder makes the show hard to watch sometimes. I don't think there's a single character left who has remained virtuous throughout.
  6. Johnstonlife

    Johnstonlife New Member

    I have been watching Walking Dead online. I am currently almost done with season three. I have never watched another show that is so not afraid to kill off main characters. I think this really separates it from others. If you know that this is a boundary the shows creators are not afraid to cross, every thing is unexpected. I don't know if there is another TV show that has literally made me have to look away from the screen due to violence (I love it). A few scenes in Breaking Bad might be an exception.
  7. Markemory

    Markemory New Member

    I have watched a few episodes but for the life of me, I cannot get into the show. It is very addicting but it just doesn't pull me in like other shows. I should probably give it a few more episodes right?
  8. cees800

    cees800 New Member

    I really enjoy watching The Walking Dead and I can't wait for the next season! The third season for me wasn't as great as the two previous seasons, but one of my favorite episodes of the series is actually in season 3! The episode "Clear" doesn't have as much action in it but it is one of those episodes that really tugs at your heart if you started watching the series from the very first episode. The conversations that happen in that episode have some great philosophical meanings to it, too.
  9. Jeff Vilcinskas

    Jeff Vilcinskas New Member

    We love The Walking Dead in our home. I started watching the show and then my three children fell in love with this series as well. I was finally able to recruit my wife after I convinced her it just wasn't about zombies...it is in fact about being human. Needless to say, she has become avid fan of the series and is waiting for October to come rolling along!
  10. Haxofe

    Haxofe New Member

    Oh my god. Don't mention that serie to me i'll just get hyper and look forward to season 4 and time goes so slowly then! So you've probably understood that i LOVE The Walking Dead series. I love how they are not scared of showing gore. I'm such a sucker to these kinds of series. It's not just the violence i like. It's the character development, seeing how every character reacts to the zombie apocalypse is the best thing!
  11. pdub82

    pdub82 New Member

    Was anyone else disappointed with season 3? In my opinion the first season is hands-down the best so far. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed both season 2 and 3 and I consider the Walking Dead the second best show on tv, but I think they show a little too much drama. I thought the side plot of Rick going nuts and hallucinating was altogether useless. They could have used that time to develop a much more interesting long term plot.
  12. kplague

    kplague New Member

    Honestly, I adored all of The Walking Dead seasons. Each seasons I thought the hype for the show would eventually wear out, and each season I'm pleasantly surprised when it just get's more and more innately delicious. I've learned to never get attached to the characters, and I wont post spoilers here but a bunch of deaths shocked me. My favorite character has to (of course) be Darryl. But a very close second is Michonne and after that it was Andrea (later in the seasons not any of the earlier because oh my gosh she was annoying!) But I'm really excited about the new seasons. Have any of you seen the four minute comic-con trailer?
  13. kmlaroza

    kmlaroza New Member

    Given our love of anything related to zombies, my whole family watched The Walking Dead and like it lots. It sparked discussions where we are gauging each other's ability to survive if ever a zombie apocalypse happens. I doubt it will happen but it's fun thinking of the characters we don't want to be such as Lorie and Andrea.
  14. pennutz

    pennutz New Member

    The first season was amazing. Lately though, it's been losing steam for me. I like how they've learned to use zombies to their advantage.
  15. Anita Fenshae

    Anita Fenshae New Member

    I'm lukewarm about it, although I think the next season may be better. Season 3 suffered from awkward pacing and too many "filler" episodes. There's the possibility of some strong character arcs in the next season, especially as we're getting more characters.

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