Who is favorite character in Dota 1?

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Who is most Powerful?

  1. Traxex

  2. Nevermore

  1. joseph000

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    For me my favorite character in Dota 1 is Balanar, The Night Stalker. The thing i like about balanar is the advantage of the daylight while you can since come nightfall, you will have a powerful and adept hunter on the prowl. Balanar's passive Hunter in the Night increases his movespeed and attackspeed at all night, and making him a feared ganker and chaser. His Void spell damages the target and make slows them to a crawl allowing Balanar and his allies to deal great amounts of damage when cast during nighttime. Crippling fear is a powerful weapon against spellcasters and fighters alike as it both silences and causes a large chance of missing on physical attacks for its duration. Balanar's ultimate "Darkness" is my favorite, because it allows him to instantly transform day into night (or prolong the night), providing for the fullest effect of his other spells.
    Also there other hero in Dota 1 like traxex and Barathrum, and they also one of my favorite.

    Please put down your favorite builds in dota 1 on comment box.
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  2. My favorite hero in dota is traxex because of traxex pasive ss skill and his powerful shots.

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