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    Who is this man who likes to call himself stbrians? Sometimes it is necessary to know the person behind a username. We should tell what the username stands for too. It is sometimes an impossibility to go searching after a certain blogger or the reason behind the username.

    Blogging is a very fulfilling activity. It carries with it some sort of excitement and adventure too. In order to find fulfillment in the blogging business, you must have fun too.

    The man stbrians is an African f ROM Kenya. Kenyans happen to be friendly people. Stbrians is no exception.

    How did Stbrians come by. I was born MESHACK BWOYELE KEYA some 58 years ago. Most of my children especially firstborns were girls. After 3 children, my wife was heavy with child again. When her time was due, she gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. We were filled with great joy and named him Brian. Our happiness however was short lived. At the age of one year he passed on. How sad we were when this sudden death gripped us. We had lost our only son. He died a saint.

    When it came a time to choose a password, I chose St. Brian. Because I wanted to do something in honor of Brian. I joined Saint and Brian to stbrian. I wanted a that I did was to be stbrian's. I removed the apostrophe to make stbrians. That is the story behind stbrians.

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