Who is you favorite character in Avengers?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Mia09, May 16, 2019.

  1. Mia09

    Mia09 Member

    Avengers are still on fire. It is not the end for the endgame.
  2. saadia

    saadia New Member

    My favorite character would be Tony Stark known as Iron Man who is the Avengers benefactor with all the electromachanical armors. I believe Robert Downey Jr has done a great job with the character, watching him makes you feel all sorts of feelings from angriness to happiness to sadness.
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  3. Mia09

    Mia09 Member

    I agree.
  4. Fernandorom890

    Fernandorom890 New Member

    i always admire the way that tony stark control the situation and is not just in the movies i follow him from the comics since i was a kid i will miss you in the big screen
  5. TonyDaniels

    TonyDaniels New Member

    Black Panther is my favorite, I was in awe when he first appeared in Captain America Civil War. His costume is cool and terrifying at the same time, having a bulletproof suit cool fight moves, and good personality.
  6. Chaiya

    Chaiya Member

    I always like villains because they always have a deep sense of reason for doing things and why they turned out the way they are. But in Avengers End game I like Tony Stark -- he may look like he doesn't care at times but his heart is for the people. Knowing he doesn't have any super powers doesn't stop him from being able to save people.
  7. nabel86

    nabel86 New Member

    Hulk of course!! for so many reasons he can makes u laugh get u existed and be happy he is always there for helping others, and common who doesn't love Hulk when he is smashing things around .
  8. git531

    git531 Member

    My favorite character in Avengers is Hulk. I like the scene in Infinity war where Bruce tries to turn into Hulk to fight Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian but fails.
  9. Mia09

    Mia09 Member

    Is it really the end of avengers?
  10. Wolfiend

    Wolfiend Member

    It's Spider-man for me. Though I wished its Tobey Maguire's Spider-man being part of the MCU.
    That would've been a sight to behold.
  11. acorongan23

    acorongan23 New Member

    Captain America ofc!
  12. arunkm001

    arunkm001 New Member

    My favorite character is Tony Stark. His Riches lifestyle is the most interesting factor attracted me and also the intelligence he has in crucial situations. Tony is the master strategist prepared for any situation in the team who can also be called as the brain of Avengers. With his suit, he can control any of the team members even the Hulk as we saw in the Avengers Age of Ultron.
  13. jaepeels

    jaepeels New Member

    My favorite is definitely Spiderman! He taught us that everyone can become a hero as long as you put your heart into it. He also has a great sense of humor, so that's a plus!
  14. angrymoony

    angrymoony New Member

    Mine is Thor. I used not to be very fond of the character as I thought he was sort of, let's say, "pedantic" and so full of himself, especially in the first film, but seeing how he evolved, the way he learnt to take his place as the king of Asgard and as a leader was especially delightful. Ragnarok really did it for me: we saw a Thor with a lot of humour, heart and abilities, empathy for his people and his role. I really, really love his journey and I wish they didn't stump on it in Endgame. He really deserved better than to be laughed at for having PTSD.
  15. DiegoRCardoso

    DiegoRCardoso New Member

    My favorite is Iron mam , because he has defined his own style .
    He is a human and thus he is so relatable. and he can create what he want and that makes him appealing.
  16. XirZyX

    XirZyX New Member

    Iron Man is the real man. He is like the mastermind of the team for me. Without him avenger is not avenger. What he did in the endgame is very heartbreaking that almost maid me cry. I really hope Iron Man (Tony Stark) will be revive in the next avenger if there's gonna be another one.
  17. Manuelito01

    Manuelito01 New Member

    My Favorite Character is Thor, because thor is the most powerful avenger character and He is the God of Thunder that suits him the most Strongest Avenger.
  18. Rozkov

    Rozkov New Member

    Im sure everyone has their own favorite character. To me, the hero that i consider the best is Captain america. I chose him because of his ability to lead and influence. He may not have the strongest avenger, but his leadership makes him the best. He sticks to what he believes in such as saving Bucky, and is able to influence others to belive in what he believes as well and gain their trust.
  19. Nanette1123

    Nanette1123 New Member

  20. johnorosco

    johnorosco New Member

    Im sure everyone of us has its own favorite character.To me is ironman. As a superhero who knows how to make money, satisfy the ladies and save the day, Iron Man has always been my favorite. High-tech suit of body armor aside, Tony Stark is everything I wasn’t as a teenager (and still ain’t). His line in “The Avengers” sums it up nicely when Captain America asks him what he is without his suit of armor. Stark quips: “genius billionaire playboy philanthropist.”
  21. Thiagosouzacont

    Thiagosouzacont New Member

    It´s Spider-man. The best avenger ever, but i like Hawkeye too.
  22. clairebalubal

    clairebalubal Member

    As a woman, my favorite character is black widow. She is fearless, loyal, independent and a loving friend. She is very skillful and she makes sure that she accomplishes every mission that was given to her. She is always ready to sacrifice just so she can protect all the people she loves, just as what she did in the Avengers: End game. I love her character.
  23. subhan456f

    subhan456f Member

    all character in avenger are my favorite this movie is such a very good and adventurable movie
  24. MoCuishle4

    MoCuishle4 New Member

    [QUOTE = "Mia09, post: 910698, member: 288546"] Los Vengadores todavía están en llamas. No es el final para el final del juego. [/ QUOTE]
    Estoy totalmente de acuerdo, siempre quedarán vengadores, creo que todos los necesitamos, y quedan muchos dispuestos a luchar.
  25. Janaafonso

    Janaafonso New Member

    My favorite character is Tony stark, the genius, philanthropist, playboy.
    Do not be mistaken I like Iron man but for me the real hero is the man inside the armor, a man that suffer so much, never getting rest or a thank you from anyone.

    A man who gave is life to ungrateful people, who scorn him and lie, stabbed him in the back.

    A man who gave up is happiness to save the world.

    But mostly the man who in a cave, being tortured, didn't give up, a man who learn from his mistakes and tried to correct them a man, who is just that, a man, a mere human.
  26. ApostoLara

    ApostoLara New Member

    I liked the most is Iron Man, he's the closest to reality. If you're wealthy and genius, you can also be like Iron Man.
  27. Jubilado

    Jubilado New Member

    For me it's Tony Stark, He may not have super powers but he is extremely intelligent and funny as hell! Besides, he has money, he knows how to party and he can be strong enough for a human to challenge the gods!
  28. Coula

    Coula New Member

    I liked Thor until they ruined the character by making him a fat loser. I also liked ironman but then he died. I liked Spiderman, and he's still alive. I guess I'll go with Spiderman.
  29. Larormie

    Larormie New Member

    Mine is Spiderman because Peter Parker is a such cute dork and I can relate to him a lot. He stays humble despite of everything he can do.
  30. mpovez230

    mpovez230 New Member

    Close one but my favourite is probably Cap. It's great to have a character with that level of morality and leadership, and commitment to the cause.

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