Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Kindes88, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Kindes88

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    What is your favorite actor or actress? If you do not have a favorite do you have a movie that you really enjoyed because the actor/actress just fit the part perfect? I don't have a favorite actor/actress but I can't remember his name but he is in Knocked up and This is 40. The guy who plays the husband of the two girls. I like him and Ashton Kutcher is good is almost all the movies he is in as well. One actress I do like is Cameron Diaz especially in, one of my favorite movies, The Holiday.
  2. My favorite actress will always be Anna Kendrick. She is a very talented young lady. A singer, a dancer, and an actress rolled into one. She is from the movies "Up in the Air," "Pitch Perfect," "Rocket Science," "Twilight Saga," and others. But, I started to love her from the movie "Pitch Perfect" wherein she played the role of a young girl wanting to become a DJ, but then she became a singer of the group "Barden Bellas." The way she sang in that movie is really "acca-amazing" and "acca-awesome." Hence, she will be my favorite, small but terrible, actress.
  3. JennaJoker

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    I would have to say my favorite actor is Johnny Depp. I also like Robert Downey Jr, David Tennant and Tom Hiddleston. The thing that all of these actors have in common that I love is versatility. They can play any character or role and excel at it. I like my actors to have that versatility because it keeps you guessing.

    My favorite actress is Keira Knightley. She does an excellent job at period pieces and she is gorgeous. She has an old time quality to her that's reminiscent of old Hollywood that I love.
  4. composed

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    Jack Nicholson is my favorite actor he always gives a great performs. I have followed his career for years. Jack has a smart mouth. He really makes the character he plays come to life; I think he is so handsome even at his age. He has truly age well. Although I have enjoyed all of his movies the one that has me laughing the most is the movie, As Good as it Gets.
  5. Tala.verley

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    My favorite actress of all time is Angelina Jolie. I don't pay much attention to all the media hype that surrounds her, but I just love all her movies. I even love the movies that hardly anyone knows about. I think she did such a good job in GIA, the movie about the life and, eventually death, of a supermodel. I also loved her in Girl Interrupted. Many don't know this, but she also released a book about her times with the charity work she does. Amazing. It really makes you see where she comes from and the type of person she really is. I absolutely love her.
  6. Abby1435

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    I've always enjoyed watching Audrey Hepburn films, classics like "Breakfast at Tiffany's," "The Nun's Story," and "Roman Holiday." Of those three, I probably like "The Nun's Story" best because, not only did Audrey give a compelling and poignant performance, but the story was great too. I came away with a new understanding of a nun's life (at least at that particular time) and felt that I too had been through the experience.
  7. mikerossuk

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    My favourite actor is Mark Wahlberg, before you all start laughing at me let me explain. I've yet to see him in a bad film! I always thought of him as a one dimensional action type actor but he is very talented. He went up in my expectations when I saw the film Ted.

    Other than it being my favourite film, he really displayed some great acting skills but going back to my first point, think of these films Ted, The Departed, Shooter, Three Kings, The Lovely Bones, the list goes on.
  8. maxine

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    Diane Lane, is my favorite female actor. She has a natural beauty and talent and is very good in any genre of movie she plays in.
  9. Fairye Mills

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    I can not think of a Tom Hanks movie that I don't like. Tom Hanks is a brilliant actor and has had such a successful career. Two of my favorite Hanks films are Apollo 13 and Forest Gump. He also seems to be a very kind and generous individual which also encourages me to follow his work.

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