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Ed sheeran is the best singer composer?

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  1. J53772

    J53772 New Member

    I am torn between Meghan Trainor and Adele. I know they create music that are from completely different genres but they both work for me. I don't really think I have to choose so I'm going to say I love both of them. I love Meghan Trainor because she is oozing with personality that is clearly manifested in her songs like 'Me Too', 'No', and many more. She is my power house because whenever I listen to her songs I feel alive and I feel so much confidence within me. Her lyrics are also well-thought of and carries an influential message unlike many pop songs whose lyrics are just a jumble of rhymes thrown here and there. I also love Adele because she's my ballad queen. The quality of her voice and the emotion that she invests in a song really gets through me. I could listen to her on repeat and not get sick of it. Plus, the rhythm and beat of her songs are very strong which adds more to its impact to the listeners.
  2. kci_kevin

    kci_kevin New Member

    Favorite Artist/s: Usher, Brian Mcknight, Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross! :)
    They are influential to me as an artist.
  3. buckeye44

    buckeye44 Member

    To many good ones to name but I'll go with The Beatles. They were the first group who really influenced my passion for music.
  4. dominicalfonso

    dominicalfonso New Member

    My favourite artist of all time would definitely be JOHN MAYER!! His lyrics and his songs are just amazing! It tends to focus so much on real life experiences and I think, that the world needs more artists like him! He is amazing in hi own way plus, he has MAD GUITAR PLAYING SKILLS!
  5. jujutaetae30

    jujutaetae30 New Member

    Kim Namjoon, Kim Seok jin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook, BTS!!!

    Bangtan Sonyeondan. Yes, BTS is the K-Pop group that are the best singers I have known. I'm a big fan of them and called an ARMY. Their songs makes me feel alive, positive and strong. They complete me, they save me from depression and stress and they are my inspiration. If you were given a chance to watch and listen to their songs, I will bet for sure you will going to see yourself searching BTS, loving them already and ended up being a ARMY.

    Strong Power Thank You.
  6. alenjandro

    alenjandro New Member

    When it comes to popularity, talent in song writing, and instrument playing (most especially guitar) Taylor Swift is one of the best out their. Because she can write the best song that everybody can relate too, and other than that she can top billboard with her smashing songs, not to mention top of the town music videos that can reach over a billion views on YouTube. Aside from being the ultimate singer song writer, she is a sweetheart to everybody, she is willing to help and donate to charities. Taylor Swift is so far one of the best singers out their.
  7. lonestarlings

    lonestarlings New Member

    My absolute favorite is Florence + The Machine. Her voice is so ethereal.
  8. ItsNikolai

    ItsNikolai Member

    My favorite artist would be Marshmello, he's a really cool DJ and his character is pretty cute, the mask thing is nice so we can't really criticize his looks and adds a bit of mystery in every thing he does. Aside from his appearance he makes really great music, he doesn't really sing but the beat in his songs are the best, if I will choose between Alan Walker and him, I'd probably choose him. I admire everything that he does you can say I'm a fan, but overall i think it's his attitude that goes along with the character that i really liked, he's not explicit and a bit childish in a way.
  9. wackedoutjm90

    wackedoutjm90 New Member

    Mettalica! They are my favorite. I first heard them when I was in junior high school, since then I was hooked up. The American heavy metal band from Los Angles, California was formed by drummer Lars Ulrich and vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield. The band is one of the founding "big four" of thrash metal along side Megadeth, Anthrax, and Slayer. Master of Puppets, Enter Sand Man, Fuel, and Unforgiven are my favorites somgs they made. Rock and Roll!
  10. ana marie camasin

    ana marie camasin New Member

    I've been idolizing Mariah Carey since I was in elementary. It started when my mom bought a CD of Mariah's concert. After watching it I got hooked with it. So I started searching about Mariah Carey. And started listening to her music. I really love her song which until now I still listen. I also started collecting her albums, everytime I see albums of her in malls I would really buy it. Even though lots of people are bashing and criticizing her these days, My love and support will never fade. Because I know that she's always be a Diva and she's a great singer.

    Aside from Mariah Carey, there is a singer that I admire the most now, She's KZ Tandingan, a very humble and a great Filipino singer. She's the Soul supreme of the Philippines. I love how she turns other's songs into her songs. Creating her own version of the songs making it more lively and upbeat. She is an amazing artist. God bless her.
  11. AJoseph94

    AJoseph94 New Member

    My favorite artist would have to be Alicia Keyes. I find her to be so calming to listen to, and such a brilliant piano player. What I like about her most is that she never tries to use any fancy gimmicks to try and capture anyone's attention. She just used her voice and piano. That's all she ever needed to make good music. I also liked how she's never over-hyped like other artists are. She always played it simple.
  12. Beverly I. Villegas

    Beverly I. Villegas New Member

    As off now my favorite artist are May may Entrata and Edward Barber,t
    They are the latest fastest raising artist in the Philippines. They had lots of fans around the globe.. If you want to know more about them just search Mayward loveteam..
  13. maesara

    maesara New Member

    I love Ed Sheeran. His song Perfect is totally perfect.
  14. rapain

    rapain New Member

    It's really not easy to point at a particular singer as my favourite because I have fancied too many good songs from different singers all over the world. I am going to try to pick one out of the many good singers I admire a lot. I love listening and watching Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Michae Jackson, and many more.

    That said, I think my favorite singer is Whitney Houston. I just loved the way she sings, her voice and the energy she exudes whenever she was on stage. There is the particular track in her music I like so much, and it's called "Greatest love"
  15. SabinMgr

    SabinMgr New Member

    My favourite artist is BIGBANG. To be honest I don't speak Korean but I really love their music. Their music and lyrics are so reliable that fits to my day to day life.
  16. lavenderari18

    lavenderari18 New Member

    My favorite artist is Ariana Grande. She has a extremely powerful and soothing voice. She also puts on great, energetic live performances. Ariana is very influential and positive. She could easily be named the voice of this generation.
  17. mr.edan09

    mr.edan09 New Member

    I have many favorite artist but I think the best for me is Michael Pangilinan because he is a good singer and her songs gives me a happiness. And also I like her song because her voice is soft and very nice to hear in my ears. I idolized her because he makes more cover music and for me this is so great, perfect and outstanding.
  18. JM04

    JM04 New Member

    I have many favorite artists but as a musician, my first artists that really influenced me was John Mayer and Jason Mraz. They are really amazing and their voice quality are really unique and clean. It came to the point that I sounded like them when I sing their songs.
  19. Divine Soriano

    Divine Soriano New Member

    I think my favorite artist is Britney Spear I am a big fan of her I like her from the day I saw her in MTV Music Video Baby One More Time, She is a really a strong woman she got her ups and down and She manage to pick her self up, I do really like all her songs my favorite is Sometimes I even had all her cassettes tapes and poster when I was in highschool
  20. natta

    natta Member

    I feel good

    I love this thing
  21. Supportself21

    Supportself21 New Member

    My favorite songwriter is Ms. Sarah Geronimo because she is kind, smart, beautiful and above all good at singing. She is also good in the field of art. She has made many Filipino movies that you will be proud of when it comes to art. and yet, she was kind and modest in his speech with maybe his attitude. And that she was very kind to his fans. I liked her because she knew enough to bring blessings to other people in a way that shares her help like charities and even fills them while she is in charity she always offered her voice to them.
  22. Lianne Goreo Horan

    Lianne Goreo Horan New Member

    As of now, My fave artist is Louis Tomlinson. Yeah I'm a fan of One Direction too oh I mean I'm a directioner. I idolize and support each member of the band but to this times that I've been feeling down... depressed actually. Since the day that Louis' song Just Hold On has released I felt relieved, Relieved in a way that I can't even explain. His voice sounds like a angel from the sky. He's a living legend along with the lads. Along the release of the named song is his mother death. He's totally in tears as he perform the song. I wanna hug him that time. He's so fragile. Then, Many of his songs starts coming out and I've been listening to Just Like You now. I can feel his feelings as he sang every words. Last and foremost, He's strong. Strong through things he went through. He's a role-model. I think him being happy and smiling while going through hard circumstances in his life is the thing that made me idolize him more and more each day.

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