Who is your favorite author of all times?

Discussion in 'Books' started by ~TheDarkKnight~, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. ~TheDarkKnight~

    ~TheDarkKnight~ New Member

    My favorite author is Alistair Maclean. He is the author of twenty nine worldwide bestsellers. His novels fall in the action/adventure genre and are regarded to be some of the masterpieces of the 20th century. The suspense in his novels are so intense that it had an huge impact on reading novels for me.
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  2. Edgar Scott-Davilla

    Edgar Scott-Davilla New Member

    I have quite a few favorite authors that I can mention. If I had to choose one favorite author of all time, it would have to be Stephen King. I have read every novel that he has written, and have even rad some of them twice. I really like the fact that he makes references to other characters from his other novels. My favorite novel would have to be “It”. I actually read that book three times.
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  3. Falkon99

    Falkon99 New Member

    I think my favorite author at this time is Paulo Coehlo. His most well known book is, "The Alchemist." His stories are all based on the personal myth, because of this his stories always seem to teach me something about life. There is something in all humans that demand this type of story, and that is probably why his books have been translated into many languages. If you haven't read any books by Paulo Coehlo, I really recommend you start with "The Alchemist" and then branch into whatever story subject interests you most.
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  4. johnftaylor

    johnftaylor New Member

    I would say that my favourite author would have to be Agatha Christie, as her series of books in the genre of mystery and suspense have certainly brought me lots of high quality reading time and entertainment, reading each book after the next, pages after pages without any intention to put the book down, even delaying the time that I went to the toilet to finish reading certain segments, to clear the impeccable sense of doubt and curiosity still lingering in my head, to answer the questions in my head. I would also mention Stephen King, for his Contemporary Horror books are hands down the best in the genre in my opinion, and I would always look forward to hours of pleasure and entertainment, when one of his books is with me, a boring trip to my uncle's just turned into hours of entertainment on end.
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  5. Alexx

    Alexx New Member

    Nicholas Sparks, I just love his writings. I fell in love with his writing since i read his novel "A Walk To Remember". It made me cry. Its really a great novel he wrote relating to his sister. This is the best novel I've ever read.
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  6. ColonelMustard

    ColonelMustard New Member

    Tough question.. The first author to cross my mind is Tolkien, but though I love and admire his work, I'll go with a dutch writer this time: Tonke Dragt (although it's quite some time ago I read anything written by her).

    Tonke Dragt is a dutch writer of children's literature. Since my dad loves her stories as well, he used to read me De brief voor de koning (If you translate that you would get something like "The letter for the King") when I was younger. I read the sequel Geheimen van het Wilde Woud (secrets of the wild forrest) myself. Both are situated in a fictional medieval world, filled with awesome adventures. Since the main characters of her stories are children as well, I always found it very easy to identify yourself with them. In 2008 they adapted the first book into a film. My dad insisted we would go to the cinema, but after seeing the film we were both very disappointed...

    After writing this post I think I will dig up a copy of De Brief voor de Koning and start reading it again:)
  7. Treeca86

    Treeca86 New Member

    My favourite author is Iris Johansen. One of my favourite characters in one of her series' she writes about, is Eve Duncan, a woman who is trained in the art of forensic reconstruction. She helps the authorities as part of her work in "bringing home" the children of the parents who lost them. Eve also is on the hunt of the man who murdered her own daughter and find out where she is buried. Iris Johanson keeps you intrigued from the first page.
  8. Suzanne

    Suzanne New Member

    Out of all the authors I have read, my favorite author is Livia Bitton-Jackson. She writes a series of books starting with her first encounter in the Holocaust to starting a new life in America. She uses unique words and describes her life with passion and emotion that is like no other. She varies her sentences and uses great imagery to give you the feeling of truly being there. Overall, I think her style and emotion is what makes me fall so in love with her writing.
  9. damo8o

    damo8o New Member

    Neal Stephenson. He has such an amazing grasp of the subject matter that he writes about, a solid base in science and is also extraordinarily good at a great story line.
  10. gaeusi

    gaeusi New Member

    I would say that my favorite author is Cassandra Clare. Although most people know of her from The Mortal Instruments series, I'm a much bigger fan of the prequel series, The Infernal Devices. It is clear she deeply researched both the time period and the locations used in the books, and she described them in a way that makes you feel like you are actually there with the characters. In all her books she balances witty banter with suspense and drama, while dealing with unconventional relationships and romantic situations that are more complex than many other Young Adult books. I highly recommend her novels.
  11. Treeca86

    Treeca86 New Member

    My favourite author is Iris Johansen. One of my favourite characters in one of her series' she writes about is Eve Duncan, a woman who is trained in the art of forensic reconstruction. She helps the authorities as part of her work in "bringing home" the children of the parents who lost them. Eve also is on the hunt of the man who murdered her own daughter and find out where she is buried. Iris Johanson keeps you intrigued from the very first page.
  12. yaya

    yaya New Member

    Kurt Vonnegut. The man is hilarious. He has this creative eccentric style that blends genres to form not only an interesting cohesive story, but explores human faults and potential. He's best known for Slaughterhouse-Five, which explores the feelings of a soldier surrounding the bombing of Dresden in WWII. He takes this serious topic and mixes it with absurd elements (aliens, time travel, etc) to portray the absurdity of the war and in particular the bombing of Dresden. He's definitely an author worth reading. Good question!
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  13. conradjwright

    conradjwright New Member

    My favorite author off all time at the moment is Kurt Vonnegut Jr. He brilliantly uses satire in both an accurate and painfully humorous way. His symbolism is very well-used to portray the answer to more of the big picture themes he's attempting to establish in his books. His story-telling portrays an entire unique and hilarious outlook that makes me never want to put the book down.
  14. yaya

    yaya New Member

    Looks like we got the same tastes, which of his books is your favorite? I'm actually really fond of Cat's Cradle, since well Ice 9 and Bokonism.
  15. whitney fry

    whitney fry New Member

    Very shocked to see such few Grisham fans. By far John Grisham is one of the best writers/story tellers out there. Everything from his characters to his plot twist just send me searching the mystery aisle whenever I am at my local library, and (yes I still love the feel of pages vs swipes).
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  16. PoundlandSpecial

    PoundlandSpecial New Member

    Favorite author? There are many I really like, but if I had to pick one in particular, I think it would be Isaac Asimov. Ever since I stumbled upon an old, worn copy of I, Robot in a youth library, I've been hooked on his material. While I've never been good with mechanical things in general, I found his stories about the Three Laws and how they intersect fascinating. I have since read most of his Foundation, Empire and Robot books, but I think my favorite "era" is still the Robot stories. Liar, Liar in particular is one of my all-time favorites.

    Other authors I have grown attached to over the years include Tolkien, King, Rowling and Shan, among others.
  17. gaillynn

    gaillynn New Member

    Favorite author? It would have to be Dean Koontz, a fiction writer. To a majority of readers, he is unknown. I enjoy his books because they are thrilling, edge of your seat type of material. There have been numerous times I have sat down with one of his books, and finished reading it in one sitting. His novels could be described as suspense thrillers, but I find them a delightful mixture of horror, science fiction, mystery, and satire.
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  18. Djana01

    Djana01 New Member

    I have several favorite authors depending on the genre they write. Like John Grisham in those suspense thrillers. Dan Brown, who really captured me on his own mind boggling Robert Langdon mystery thrillers. Then there's Susan Elizabeth Phillips with her comedic romance series with interloping fun characters in Chicago All Stars series . And there's also Kristen Ashley who really made me hooked in romance novels with her Rock Chick series and a lot more.
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  19. Alzzi

    Alzzi New Member

    Absolutely, I loved Vonnegut's idea of Bokononism. That book is just so imaginative and brilliant. Although, Vonnegut's entire writing style is so uniquely humorous and creative. I have to consider Slaughterhouse-Five my favorite book of his, which is even magnified further since it was the first of his that I read. I started and finished this book during a five hour car ride simply because I couldn't put it down. It amazes me how he was able to tell such a thoroughly horrific story with a feel of serenity and even apathy. The other books I've read of his are Breakfast of Champions (strange, but fantastic), Hocus Pocus, Jailbird, and The Sirens of Titan. I would highly recommend all of them, especially to Vonnegut fans.
  20. Cyril momah

    Cyril momah New Member

    I have read some very great books, and the authors i commend, but if i have to rate and choose the best of them all, i will base my criteria on the importance of the message and the delivery, and with that in mind i will say my best author of all times is Ayn Rand, her writings are timeless.
  21. brwetz

    brwetz New Member

    This is quite an interesting question. My favorite author is probably Brian Jacques, although he doesn't top the list of author of some of my favorite pieces of literature.

    Brian Jacques wrote the Redwall series; a series that provided me much pleasure in my youth. As I grew up, I realized he wrote the series to benefit disabled children, providing a way for them to understand nature through his vivid depictions. Overall, Jacques wrote eloquently and with great detail. Having such a writing style and the ability to target children at the same time creates quite an equation. An equation that allowed me to enjoy reading.
  22. Heather Goddard

    Heather Goddard New Member

    My favorite author is Sue Grafton. She writes the alphabet series like A is for Adultery. I love her main character in that series Kinsey Milhone. She is a tough independent woman who is also a private investigator. Her stories are always interesting and suspenseful. I usually find that when I pick up one of her books I can't get anything else accomplished until I finish it.
  23. mbiko8

    mbiko8 New Member

    This is a really difficult decision because I love different authors for different things but if I had to pinpoint only one then I would have to go with Alice Walker. I have never read The Color Purple in it's entirety, but I have seen the movie countless times and although that doesn't sound like the brightest recommendation, I am saying that she is my favorite author because of another story of hers. I am referring to "The Third Life of Grange Copeland". I love her other books as well but out of all the books that I have ever read of any genre, she created quite possibly the worst villain in modern literature in Brownfield Copeland. The title character Grange wasn't the best father to Brownfield, and as a result he inadvertently sired a man so full of rage that he will even rebel against a good life for himself because of his self hatred and rage. I don't want to ruin it for you if you've never read it but it is definitely a great read that will bring you to tears.
  24. humblehuman

    humblehuman New Member

    my favorite author is alfred easterbrook i really like his inspiring book
  25. ckelly2014

    ckelly2014 New Member

    My favorite author would have to be Jane Austen. I have loved her work since childhood. I appreciate the subtlety and finesse with which she portrays human interaction. She doesn't overwhelm with crass details and the simplicity and beauty of her work is truly timeless.
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  26. Gfixation

    Gfixation New Member

    I would choose Iyanla Vanzant, very emotional writer and speaker. She has inspired many to do great things. I'm currently reading "In the Meantime" by her.
  27. Gfixation

    Gfixation New Member

    I would like to concur, he is one of the best writers around. He's such a timely yet inspiring author, that has impacted so many lives.
  28. Jalene

    Jalene New Member

    There's a lot of great books and authors as well. It's hard to choose which one! I've grown attached to the works of these authors Jane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, Louisa May Alcott, Daniel Defoe, Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Leo Tolstoy, and a lot more. Their works are rich, pure, and timeless.
  29. There are so many ~ but overall? I will have to say Kurt Vonnegut. I've yet to read a book of his that I didn't care for.
  30. Chris Meabe

    Chris Meabe New Member

    Sherman Alexie is far and away my favorite. He doesn't totally fit the template of a famous author (not white, still alive, and not alcoholic) but he's incredibly talented. I especially enjoy his murder mystery Indian Killer, but his short story collections are just as good. The descriptions he weaves hold the reader's attention through surprising metaphors and blunt, sometimes risqué details. He has an interesting mix of portraying life as it very truly is, while adding elements of magical realism that qualify some of his stories as fantasy. You may have heard of his most famous book, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, but his other books have greater depth to them, in places.

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