Who is your favorite author?

Discussion in 'Books' started by tinatinay, Mar 26, 2019.

  1. tinatinay

    tinatinay Member

    Who is your favorite author?
  2. Malyn16

    Malyn16 New Member

    My favorite author is nocholas spark i like all the movies that base on his novel and actually i just ordered online a book he write so this time reading it since i watched some movies of his book.
  3. AlexJBoyd

    AlexJBoyd New Member

    My favourite author is Cormac McCarthy. He's a contemporary American author, difficult to place in literary terms. His best book is undoubtedly Blood Meridian, but I also love Suttree and The Road.
  4. Nicky71

    Nicky71 New Member

    I tend to have a lot of different favourite authors. I love mystery and crime novels so I enjoy Patricia Cornwall, Harlen Coben, Lisa Gardiner, Tess Geritssen. I am always excited when I find a new author to enjoy.
  5. Warren1967

    Warren1967 Well-Known Member

    My favorite author is Victor Davis Hanson. He is probably one of the best modern historians today. He makes compelling arguments and is articulate in his views. His book "The Soul Of Battle" was one of my favorite books. I also like reading his articles on his website. The man's a genius.
  6. Raysam

    Raysam New Member

    My favourite author changes from time to time, depending on what book series or set of books I like at a time which was actually created by one author. I'd have given you a different author's name some years back.

    For now, my favourite author happens to be Rick Riordan. The author of the 'Percy Jackson and the olympians' book series, the 'heroes of Olympus' book series, the 'Kane chronicles' book series and the 'Magnus Chase and the gods of Asgard' book series to name but a few.
  7. Serdiek

    Serdiek Member

    Neilani alejandrino
  8. leony13

    leony13 Member

    My favorite authors make me laugh, so Lamott is climbing up the list. I enjoy Dave Barry and Douglas Adams for the same reasons. For more dramatic work, I like Dickens, Hemingway, and Stephen King.

    RICHDADDY Member

    I have many favorite authors, but since this question asks for one favorite author, I'd go ahead and say, Khalil Gibran.

    His best known work is undoubtedly The Prophet which are beautiful philosophical essays written in romantic prose poetry.

    He is one of the best selling poets of all time. His work seems like the ramblings of a rustic nomad from another era and is intensely focused on life, love, work, society and what it means to live. There is a lot of spirituality, spiritual love and mysticism in his work.

    His work is entirely without guile, politics, agendas. Not only his writing style undeniably exquisite and charming but also uninfluenced by the trappings of any one religion.

    I feel re-energized, peaceful and powerful every time I read something he wrote.
    His writing is tranquil and rich with imagery at the same time.

    A lot of idiots think that Khalil Gibran's writing is simplistic or that he espouses any one kind of philosophy.
    He reminds me of the Indian mystic, Kabir whose writing was loved by the masses but also resonated with deep and harsh truths.

    So, why do I love Gibran's writing? I love his "style", which is rich, ornate and poetic. I love his teachings which have no preaching but a celebration of life. I love his opinions that combine practicality with mysticism, respect for women with an ability to overstep religion, and yet understand it.
    His writing style is romantic, lyrical and all yet once minimalist and sharp.

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