Who is your favorite character to write?

Discussion in 'Fiction Writing' started by rogasrex, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. rogasrex

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    If you've written multiple stories using multiple characters, you've probably chosen a favorite, right?

    Ivon is mine. Ivon is a naive young man in many ways, but so full of energy and excitement that it hardly phases him. He loves people of all sorts and can become best friends with someone on the first meeting, no matter how different that person might be from himself. Adventure is his absolute favorite thing in the whole world and he will drop everything at the chance to go on one, which has come back to bite him a few times. Overall, he just loves life so much that I can't help but love writing him!

    Do you have a favorite character of your own?
  2. Rebara

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    I have writen several stories so choosing only one character is not easy for me but on balance I vote Marc.
    Marc is a secondary-school student whose life changed when he was 17. At his birthday he ran into a peer he had never seen before - Laura - and since then, their lifepaths tangled, which brought many surprises into their lives. Apart from studying, this brown-eye outgoing boy keeps his diary where he presents his point of view on the world around him.
  3. preshwrites

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    Kelly is my favorite character. Kelly is a reckless but compassionate young man who always seeks to have an adventure with the ladies but is always shy to approach Ladies. He makes up stories about being with various women when fact is that he has never been with one.

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