Who is your favorite DOTA 2 hero?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by thatrocketeer, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. thatrocketeer

    thatrocketeer New Member

    Playing Warlock and reaching level 20, getting the golem on death talent and with aghs will make you the front lines. Just drop your golem and use 1st skill and they can do anything to you.
  2. kaponse

    kaponse New Member

    For me it was bristleback, once they throw some damage into you and you were hitted in the back it will reduced in some percentage, And also chaos knight it is very over powered specially in late game you cannot do anything in chaos knight if it is get fat
  3. jamjaz18

    jamjaz18 New Member

    For me its Lesrach.. why him? because leshrach is very flexible hero.. He can do multiple roles , he can play support,carry,roamer and he can also clear waves and hit towers,one of my favorite dota 2 heroes..

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