Who is your favourite youtuber?

Discussion in 'Internet' started by poorbugger, Jan 19, 2019.

  1. micohatienza

    micohatienza New Member

    I will go to my fellow Filipino YouTuber Cong TV. He started like a person not taking life seriously. Giving out gags, memes and jokes on every trending topics here in the Philippines. But eventually his channel change and mature. He still make good funny videos but there is still a moral lesson in life that you can get and apply to your life.He inspired many people. Proud to be part of his Chicken Feet Gang. Power!!!!!!
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  2. kverdeflor

    kverdeflor New Member

    Mine will always be Glamlifeguru and Kathleenlights. These two women are so inspiring, I don't watch any youtuber if not recommended by them. Knowledge and humility goes well together and they've always shown the importance of surrounding yourself with people who wouldn't bring toxicity to your life.

    People stan war freaks and people who are so fond of dissing other people and, claims they don't like drama, but ironically starts it all the time. Unlike other youtubers, they might be affected with people who has nothing to do other than criticize other people, they keep their channel and content as peaceful and pure creativity as possible.
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  3. Keeyshaa

    Keeyshaa New Member

    Do you guys heard of Merrell Twins? Well let me introduce them to you. They are Vanessa Merrell and Veronica Merrell. They are twins and a youtuber. They currently have more than 4 million subscribers. I love them because they have big hearts. They are just so kind and funny and generous and people love them because of that. They do different kinds of challenges as well as sketches in their channel. They also do live streams and they have 3 channels right now. Please do check them out on youtube and might as well subscribe haha. Thank you guys!
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  4. aytee

    aytee New Member

    GoalCast. they offer inspiring videos
  5. Gaiza

    Gaiza New Member

    I'm a fan of the RedLetterMedia guys. They're great just for the comedy aspect but they also really go in depth with their film analysis and it's actually made me enjoy movies more knowing what makes a bad movie bad and vice versa.
  6. janangelo18

    janangelo18 New Member

    VSAUCE all day! If you're looking for someone who delivers concepts such as ‘the value of infinity’, ‘time paradoxes’ and such, which I'm pretty sure very few youtubers delve into, you should without a doubt checkout vsauce.

    Hey vsauce, Michael here.
  7. Favorite youtuber is no other than Casey Neistat. He inspires me with his hardwork and dedication for everything that he do.

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