Who made you inspired to write ?

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Who made you inspired to write ?

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  1. Family

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  2. Friends

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  3. Lover

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  4. Life experiences

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  1. Airessketh

    Airessketh New Member

    Who made you inspired to write ?
  2. MOkada

    MOkada New Member

    My friend from elementary school inspired me to write, specifically creatively write. She was enamored with Harry Potter and Hunger Games so much that she wanted to become an author, and as her best friend, she recruited me to be her partner. Sadly, she lost the passion quickly as she told me bluntly, "I have no creativity," and I was left alone to be passionate. Now, I accept it, and I always will be appreciative of the push her interest gave me in writing.
  3. UnAngst

    UnAngst New Member

    Via early exposure to actual or perceived injustice, I was propelled toward a life of solitude and rumination. Fortunately, the loneliness that often accompanies such a condition was alleviated when I discovered Vonnegut, Kafka, Camus, Pope, Kant, Goethe, etcetera. Knowing others had been in similar existential quandaries and wrote about; thereby leaving a record of their struggle, decreased the emptiness I felt. Writing mitigated my pang and diminished the hollowness of life.

    I was compelled to write. It is an incessant compulsory act; almost involuntary.
  4. Tengmin

    Tengmin New Member

    Life experiences.. i want to share my experieces in life through writing. Its made me who i am. I want to help others in many difficulties life which i pass through
  5. jovick

    jovick New Member

    Writing is fun. Practicing to write makes you creative and and imaginative but before you can write something you need inspiration in order to begin writing. Some of them were mentioned above such as life experiences, love, family and friends. The most influential is life experiences, you can share things based form what you had experienced.
  6. Xane911

    Xane911 Member

    The person who inspired me to write is my mother, ever since I'm still a kid, she's the one who mold me and guide me to the person that I am right now. She's the one who taught me many things, and introduce me to reading and writing. I am very thankful that she guided me properly and inspired me to write and to learn through reading. One of the things she taught me is that writing is challenging and difficult if you don't have an inspiration, if you're not capable on reading or you have no extent knowledge on the said topic. That is why as part of being a writer, I still want to learn many different things, and experiences so that I'll be able to write a good article.
  7. angeliacq

    angeliacq New Member

    My father inspired me to write when I was a little girl and was hooked with watching anime. We used to watch TV together, and I wasn't very expressive way back then, so I kept a journal with the big scrap papers papa used to bring from the printing press. I enjoyed writing from there and sometimes I would draw things that illustrate what I've written down. He told me that I should never feel ashamed of how I feel, and I have to let it out in the most creative way I know. I've never stopped writing since, and it enabled me to become a free spirit; unafraid of people's differences and opinions. I still write to this day and even when my dad's not around anymore, he never fails to inspire me to this day.
  8. MelanthaKrasos

    MelanthaKrasos New Member

    Once in our life, there is that one unforgettable person who will change the way we view ourselves. I was in 9th grade when I met my English teacher. English is a water in the drain subject for me then. I can even remember how I was given a task to report about Shakespeare and how I strongly inform my teacher that there was no books about him in the library. Truth of the matter is, there is one.

    A voluminous book in poetry style, must be the First edition. She got infuriated that I got a few good bites of a not so good expletives coming from her. Months passed by and it was summer time when she taught as how to write an essay where I had a thorough glimpse of what kind of teacher she is. Now,10 years later. Here I am, remembering the woman who made me realize what I really want in life.
  9. silverwords

    silverwords New Member

    What inspires me to write are the books and fictions I already read. The way they describe and make me visualize the things they are pointing out just through words amaze me. Also, the things I experienced and the circumstances that happen to me also helps me to form plots in my head that I can write.
  10. angelasaman

    angelasaman New Member

    I have a friend who’s a theatre writer. I idolize her so much! She and her other writer friends never fail to amaze me in their plays. Ever since, I started writing.
  11. tommylacroix

    tommylacroix New Member

    Some of the great novelists that I have read are probably my biggest inspirations. I have just been so enamored of really great books and stories that I wanted to be "that guy" I suppose this is true of most writers...

    But actual encouragement to write... that came at school. When ever we had a creative writing assignment I was always able to make the class laugh, and I liked being able to do that. Those early experiences showed me not only the power of the written word, but that I could actually do it and maybe even be good at it too.
  12. msmd01

    msmd01 New Member

    I never considered writing to be my forte. However, during my senior year in college I was enrolled in Creative Writing course and from then on I have developed a tight bond with writing.
    My professor on this course is one of the people who inspired ne to write. From our first meeting, he asured us that there are no correct answers in writing and emphasized that a story must be sincere. He never set limitations and he highly encouraged us to experiment and find our own styles in writing. I became the person who do not know how to write to a person who has the heart for writing.
    At present, I teach writing to mys students and I still make sure that I help my students write with sincerity
  13. mirin9

    mirin9 New Member

    I've never read Fifty Shades of Grey, but I do find the success story of its author, E.L. James, to be very inspiring. She was by her own admission not a very talented writer, yet here she is now, enjoying the massive spoils of her first-time foray into the world of book writing. She may not have had the best plots or characters or grammar, but her books apparently oozed so much passion and authenticity that it couldn't help but attract a large (and highly profitable) following and a Hollywood movie deal. Obviously, she has her haters, but it doesn't matter; she has made an impact in the world of cinema and literature, and has a sizeable bank account to show for it.

    Learning about the life story of E.L. James inspired me to pick up the pen once more after I gave up on writing more than a decade ago. I know I don't have the best grammar or the best story-writing ability, but apparently those do not matter to the customer as much as passion and authenticity and effective escapism do. I know I can become a commercially successful writer even if I'm nowhere near as good as Stephen King or Anne Rice, as long as I am able to give the customer what he/she wants. Knowing that from E.L. James' life story gives me plenty of hope.
  14. winnlucas

    winnlucas New Member

    At this moment, the one inspires me is the guy who wear a corporate attire in yellow polo. I first saw him at the event, he played guitar that's why it captured my attention. I really don't but his simple gestures makes me smile even more that day. And now, he has a girlfriend.

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