Who made you inspired to write ?

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Who made you inspired to write ?

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  1. Family

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  2. Friends

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  3. Lover

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  4. Life experiences

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  1. Airessketh

    Airessketh New Member

    Who made you inspired to write ?
  2. MOkada

    MOkada New Member

    My friend from elementary school inspired me to write, specifically creatively write. She was enamored with Harry Potter and Hunger Games so much that she wanted to become an author, and as her best friend, she recruited me to be her partner. Sadly, she lost the passion quickly as she told me bluntly, "I have no creativity," and I was left alone to be passionate. Now, I accept it, and I always will be appreciative of the push her interest gave me in writing.
  3. UnAngst

    UnAngst New Member

    Via early exposure to actual or perceived injustice, I was propelled toward a life of solitude and rumination. Fortunately, the loneliness that often accompanies such a condition was alleviated when I discovered Vonnegut, Kafka, Camus, Pope, Kant, Goethe, etcetera. Knowing others had been in similar existential quandaries and wrote about; thereby leaving a record of their struggle, decreased the emptiness I felt. Writing mitigated my pang and diminished the hollowness of life.

    I was compelled to write. It is an incessant compulsory act; almost involuntary.
  4. Tengmin

    Tengmin New Member

    Life experiences.. i want to share my experieces in life through writing. Its made me who i am. I want to help others in many difficulties life which i pass through
  5. jovick

    jovick New Member

    Writing is fun. Practicing to write makes you creative and and imaginative but before you can write something you need inspiration in order to begin writing. Some of them were mentioned above such as life experiences, love, family and friends. The most influential is life experiences, you can share things based form what you had experienced.

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