Who's going to win Game of Thrones?

Discussion in 'Television' started by Davicha, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. Davicha

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    Series is finally coming to an end, it was a great run and we all expect best from its' finish. Who do you think will die? Who survives? Why? What kind of ending would be good for watchers all around the world? I would like to hear your opinions.
  2. Ray22

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    I really hope Daenerys becomes the supreme ruler in the end. From all the characters in the show, i think she's the one with the greatest potential to become the most benevolent ruler, that will actually do some good to the people, while still being a really powerfull badass.
  3. AnimalsAreNice

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    Being as the title of the book series is a Song of Ice and Fire, it makes sense to me that Daenerys and Jon Snow will combine forces to save the world from the White Walkers.

    From almost the start of the series Daenerys has represented fire, shown by her resistance to extreme heat and her connection to dragons (personally and through her family). Jon Snow, alternatively, represents ice, demonstrated by his last name and his coming of age north of the wall and within the Night's Watch.

    However, as the show has been rife with surprises and no beloved character is spared the threat of demise, I wouldn't be surprised if things don't wrap up as neatly as all that.

    Personally, I'd like Tyrion and Varys to come out on top. They've been two of my favorites since the beginning.
  4. boxley

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    I think the intention of the series as a whole means no one really "wins". Game of Thrones, and A Song of Ice and Fire before it, is all about subverting audience expectations and bending genre conventions.

    When we hear Cersei Lannister in the first season title drop, "When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die," it's clear that survival alone is all she, in particular, considers winning. This is isn't without context. 'Game of Thrones' is a clever nod to the political machinations of Westeros, but it's also a phrase said by Cersei, an unstable and vicious character who prides her survival above all else, eventually including the lives of her loved ones.

    So, in the traditional sense, I think there will be plenty of survivors by the end of the song of ice and fire. I think the more interesting questions are, where will these characters end up overall? In what ways will they have been changed? Will it have been worth it? Between the showrunners and George R.R. Martin, it's likely to be bittersweet.
    Winners? Jon or Dany would both be clear fan favorites, but I lean more toward Sam or Sansa. Any character that manages to not only survive but thrive and build up a more meaningful existence in a place as bleak and cruel as Westeros is the real winner.
  5. pink skies

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    No one can actually predict who's gonna win the game of thrones because even the most deserving and the kindest person can die. It is not a matter of who is the best leader or who is the rightful heir but who will be willing to sacrifice everything and who can survive everything.

    Game of Thrones is a very interesting series because there are a lot of plot twists and every scene is unexpected and sometimes you will see the worst unexpected moment. Maybe we should just wait for the Game of Thrones to air because yeah, Jon Snow or Daenerys has high possibility that they will win based on the fan's prediction and based on the title itself, A Song of Ice and Fire and the prediction of Cersei's future of a fortune teller that she will be replaced by a girl who is more beautiful ( I think its Daenerys based on its description), but who knows.

    Valar Morghulis.

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