Why are dictatorships looked down on?

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    They provide the people with unbridled security at the cost of superfluous freedoms, the essential duty of a citizen, in my eyes, is to assure safety for the ones closest to him - with a strong and efficient state, the security of his loved ones are ensured far better than in a democracy filled with the unknown and dangerous.

    Assuming the most important part of a man is his family, a strong state lead by a capable person acts as a protective shield of sorts while also empowering the citizen to properly fulfill his assigned role in society.
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    A friend of mine from Rwanda explained to me how they just launched a 100% Rwanda made Android phone and soon they will launch a satellite to space. Well, all these gains have come to Rwanda a country led by a dictator. This is no mean feat considering that they had a civil way that resulted to a genocide of millions of people. I say, it is the custodian of the narrative that has demonized dictators and in most times he or she is pro-democracy and that’s why dictatorship gets a bad rep.
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    Dictatorships are looked down upon because they deprive their citizens of basic freedoms, dignity, and the pursuit of happiness that every human deserves. Sure, there can be dictators that want to see their societies advance in certain ways, but it doesn't take away the fact that their governments are functioning through repressing their population one way or another. I would much rather be in a society with many changes--sometimes detrimental--than a society that does not have a say in how their country's future. Also, this 'leader' is generally not functioning in people's best interests. As we've seen with many governments around the world, dictators are there for their own personal gain, not to really give their people a voice.
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