Why are dictatorships looked down on?

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  1. Mikoloco

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    They provide the people with unbridled security at the cost of superfluous freedoms, the essential duty of a citizen, in my eyes, is to assure safety for the ones closest to him - with a strong and efficient state, the security of his loved ones are ensured far better than in a democracy filled with the unknown and dangerous.

    Assuming the most important part of a man is his family, a strong state lead by a capable person acts as a protective shield of sorts while also empowering the citizen to properly fulfill his assigned role in society.
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    A friend of mine from Rwanda explained to me how they just launched a 100% Rwanda made Android phone and soon they will launch a satellite to space. Well, all these gains have come to Rwanda a country led by a dictator. This is no mean feat considering that they had a civil way that resulted to a genocide of millions of people. I say, it is the custodian of the narrative that has demonized dictators and in most times he or she is pro-democracy and that’s why dictatorship gets a bad rep.

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