Why are you fat.?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Yuma Nishiyama, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. Yuma Nishiyama

    Yuma Nishiyama New Member

    Mine is because of doritos..
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  2. Hades_Leae

    Hades_Leae New Member

    Funny, but serious question. I don't believe it's genetics like many scientist would say. If it's that way, then why is it that The international community not filled with national statistics of obese to skinny ratios of the ones we have here in America?

    People are fat for many dozens of fixable reasons, I will leave it at that.

    Being fat is a choice, not a default way of life. Humans can't just be born to be fat, genetics can never prove that is possible because it's not, and I'm not even a scientist, but I know I'm right about that. You have to eat more than your body would naturally want to consume to survive in order to become fat over time, genetics is a joke to a certain degree.

    Good question by the way, it made me think about some things. There are many possible answers to this question, but it seems no one wants to give their own opinions. I doubt your reason is solely based on eating Doritos.
  3. Chakradhar M S

    Chakradhar M S New Member

    Yep, it's indeed a very serious question. Well, people gain weight if they consume more calories than what they burn. Weight loss is a science. It's all about revving up your metabolism. Normally, people who are lazy and sedate tend to gain a lot of weight. People not consuming a balanced diet can put on weight as well because certain vitamins and minerals help you burn carbs and fats effectively.

    A general rule of thumb is to lead a regular lifestyle, eat a balanced diet, and indulging in a moderate workout would keep you lean and fit.
  4. SinnerBoiGurr

    SinnerBoiGurr New Member

    I would agree that eating a balanced diet and having some sort of workout routine would help to prevent the gain of weight. Even though I know this and aren't happy with my weight I still do nothing about it because of my lack of motivation and laziness. So I'm fat because I sit around all day and do nothing while consuming in calories I don't burn off. I'm not obese from it but not skinny at the same time. My mom describes me as chubby.
  5. kae19

    kae19 New Member

    I used to be the perfect weight, but then I gained 20 lbs after a snowboarding accident. I landed right on my throat and messed up my thyroid. Now I really struggle to lose weight, even with exercise and a decent diet. (I say "decent" because I could cut out ALL sugar and carbs if I wanted to get really serious, but that would take like, 53% of the fun out of being alive...)
  6. mrunmayi

    mrunmayi New Member

    To sustain oneself very few calories are required than what we actually eat as necessity.
    My mind is still not getting conditioned to the idea and hence I am fat
  7. drunkenwaltz

    drunkenwaltz New Member

    Haha, love this thread! I don't think I could pinpoint exactly why I'm fat. It could be the ice-cream, or the nachos, or the pastries, or the beer... :love: And the lack of exercise doesn't help me in the slightest. There is a gym in my building, which I walk past every day, and every single day I think, "I really must go to the gym." Instead, I walk back past the gym on the way home, with my pint of Oreo ice-cream...
  8. SpikeMcCain

    SpikeMcCain New Member

    I'm fat because I'm lazy, plain and simple. I like going outside and chilling and walking my dog, and riding my mountain bike, but I also like sitting on my butt and doing nothing. I tend to lean more towards the latter most of the time. This is precisely why I'm fat. If instead of sitting here writing these and waiting for class to start. I got up and walked my dog until class started, hell, I'd probably lose 5 pounds tonight. I think I might have motivated myself to get out of the house after I write another couple of these things.
  9. altasa14

    altasa14 New Member

    Here's what I heard from various documentaries and podcasts (in no particular order).

    1. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper.

    2. Your body has an automatic mechanism to regulate weight. If you push it too far, it gets reset to a higher (ie fatter) setting, and it's near impossible to set it back down again. This is why people who go on periodic diets ratchet up their weight.

    3. The normal eating pattern of early humans consists of famine interspersed with feasts. Mostly famine. When food is plentiful, eat lots of it, build up your body fat, so you can survive the ensuing famine. Modern diet consists of a lifelong period of feast. How many of us have ever gone hungry our entire life? This is why we are fat.

    4. Too much high-fructose sugar from corn.

    5. If you eat too much, your body will make more fat cells. When you go on diet, these cells shrink, but they don't die. In other words, you can gain fat cells, but not lose them.
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  10. musclerhythm

    musclerhythm New Member

    Ability to gain fat is often related to our lifestyle, our diet and exercise. it has little to do with genetics, however, a child from a family which has fat parents is more likely to be fat, just because of the education, health awareness and the lifestyle habit of the parents.
  11. Becky_25

    Becky_25 New Member

    So many varying ideas! I've loved reading this post!
    I agree, Doritos are a danger haha especially on a bad day. However, for me personally I believe it comes down to my thyroid (partly) and my self confidence.

    My self confidence is more present when I think about why i'm fat. My mind is so negative towards my image that it gets to the point where I feel there is not point. Why do I deserve to try? Stupid, I know, but very serious.

    Last year, I made a conscious effort to go the gym and I was hooked. Although I didn't look like a model, after a few months I felt like the strongest person in the world. I felt healthy, fit and even though some love handles were still there, I was more confident in myself.

    I think then my thyroid comes in to play with how much I can actually loose. So I do find that I can exercise and eat healthy and only lose a certain amount. And that's ok, but unfortunate.

    As long as you are healthy, being a bigger size is ok.
  12. tkm

    tkm New Member

    I have a very good theory to answer that question: I believe very active people (professional athletes or not) require more calories to maintain their active lives, and they get used to the amount of food they need. So, whenever they stop being so active for whatever reason, it's very likely they won't change dietary habits (or very hard to do so), therefore keeping their calories intake.

    I was part of the swimming team during college, training at least two hours a day. Back then I could eat whatever I wanted and be fine. The problem is I now eat just as much, and have no time to train anymore.
  13. Jazzi

    Jazzi New Member

    There are a number of reasons scientists believe Americans are getting fatter with each decade, and not all of them have to do with the fact that most of us now sit at desks for the majority of our lives. I've seen studies which indicate using fluorescent lighting in the evenings, having an irregular sleep schedule, and dieting all increase a body's "set point."

    For those who are skeptical of the "set point" theory of weight loss and gain, there is an article here by a personal trainer and nutritionist who takes a moderate approach and explains how to shift your set point. It's a good place to start learning about the theory.
  14. Becky3434

    Becky3434 New Member

    From how my genetic code looks from seeing my parents and other family members, I'm definitely prone to easily gaining weight. I never really did until college because in high school I was on the swim team and had 1hour practices twice a day 5 times a week. So my problem was the typical athlete problem. Where you're used to eating large portions and bad food because you worked it all off but then when you stop training and competing and you continue the same eating habits, you blow up like a balloon. I didn't gain the freshman 15, more like the post-athlete 25.
  15. kroseh89

    kroseh89 New Member

    Reasons why I'm fat...

    1. Hypothyroidism.
    2. Lack of self-control.
    3. Lack of mindfulness.
    4. Low self-esteem.
    5. Overeating.
    6. Sedentary lifestyle.
    7. Poor sleep habits.
    8. Sweets/soda.
    9. Fear of being noticed.
    10. Slow metabolism.
  16. Piscean

    Piscean New Member

    I take full responsibility for my being a bit overweight. I don't blame society or pictures of pretty models, I blame me. I eat out of boredom or stress and have trouble limiting my intake. If I see cake, I'll have a HUGE piece, instead of a small slice. If we have ice cream bars, I'll have 3 instead of just one. I can tell others that it's all about 'moderation, not deprivation,' but I have trouble following my own advice. My doctor would like me to lose 25 lbs., and hopefully someday I can.
  17. ascomer223

    ascomer223 New Member

    I believe that the reasons I am "fat" are multifaceted. Diet, stress, metabolism, age - they have all added up to create the perfect "fat" storm.

    I was a heavy child but in my teens and early twenties I was underweight to ideal. However, during that time period, I survived off of a super calorie-restricted lifestyle. I would go days on coca cola and the occasional poptart. As a result, my metabolism was wrecked, something I still deal with today.

    It does not help that I went on to have five children and I have aged. I am not obese, but I am solidly overweight. It's a lot harder to shake in your thirties. So between gelato and life, I have developed quite the pudge.
  18. kaiz

    kaiz New Member

    I am fat because I eat too much unhealthy foods and I don't exercise. I used to incorporate intermittent fasting in my lifestyle and I believe I was able to keep it up for a year until a relationship ended, got emotional and stressed and vented all emotions to foods and drinking. I am still struggling with going back to my healthy lifestyle.
  19. mabzter

    mabzter New Member

    Yes I am fat because sometimes I am not aware with the food that I ate if it has high calorie content. Eating is one of my favorite hobby as it helps me when I'm upset. I know it is my eating disorder and one day I will try not to eat too much for my own good.
  20. Tthomas

    Tthomas New Member

    I agree. In order for me to lose weight, I have to decrease my caloric intake to almost nothing. I've been up and down my whole life. I'm almost 50 now so I just don't have the willpower right now. Hence I am fat. I've always had an issue with my weight from being a little child. I've also had hormonal issues which also caused me to gain weight in the past. I think that for some people, it's not a simple science. There are other factors other than calories in versus calories out
  21. ghimey

    ghimey Member

    I use to be fat 3 yrs .ago but i transformed well. first i made a goal for one year to cut down my rice intake and other carbs. i would like to convince myself that to trim down in to a sexy body. these goal thing are always in my mind. what ever the mind percieved it will shown later own. i always imagine a trim sexy body. so i slowly cut down all carbs. such as: sphagetti, white bread, cakes as well as sweets and sugary food (cakes, ice cream, soda and chocolates). and it works.
  22. Shiraaz

    Shiraaz New Member

    In actual fact, the less we eat, the healthier we become. In terms of Science and GM foods, there has been a lot of discrepancies with regards to what foods are actually unhealthier and what would make us humans more prone to becoming fat. The body only requires a certain amount of nutrition everyday and whatever we do not need is either secreted or stored as fat. Bear in mind that this does not hold true for all people because I have come across some skinny people who literally eat a truckload of food and not put on an ounce of weight. It all depends on the individual.

    Whatever we put in our body is what we will get. If we choose to eat and live unhealthy, we will look unhealthy but if we choose to eat in moderation, exercise regularly and maintain healthy ties with other parts of our lives, we would not only look good but also feel good and that is what is most important!
  23. DanniD215

    DanniD215 New Member

    I think the reason I am fat is overeating. I used to be really skinny as a child. My weight goes up and down yearly. Also after having my first child, it seems like my body can get really fat now all of a sudden. Back when I was younger I never got above a certain weight but now it seems like I can get obese if I don't diet.
  24. Qamer Abbas

    Qamer Abbas Member

    Its simple not much science and no need to read big comments.The reason is that the calories you are taking from your diet are greater than the calories you burn or consume during the work you do daily.On the other hand it can be due to the reason that you have some illness or disease due to which you are gaining fat but this case is very less common.First point is the main point.
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  25. j.keypad

    j.keypad New Member

    laziness is one of the reasons why I'm fat. Eating unhealthy foods and not doing anything surely will store a lot of fat in my body. As far as I can remember my heaviest weight was 220pounds, eating sweets biscuits and rice made me fat during those time without working out. My family loves to eat, we love spending time together, have a laugh and cook many different kinds of food. We enjoy eating a lot, try lots of different restaurants, and do nothing afterward. lack of sleep also tends to gain my weight because I don't have the energy to burn my calories if I wanted to. I love sports actually, I did tennis, football, badminton, volleyball, and even joined for a 10k marathon but my weight is like a roller coaster, I lose weight but never stay fit because I tend to stop and crave for tasty food and get less active.
  26. john michael bero

    john michael bero New Member

    well I always drink softdrinks, eat sweets like chocolate, candies etc and eat also a lot of high fat food like fried chicken, fried pork anything fried is good for me so i think thats the reason behind my bellys. but im trying to remove all these fats by doing cardio and also working out. And now I'm trying to not eat all the food that is not healthy and can make me fat. I'm also doing research on how to lose weight.
  27. Teresa Fragata

    Teresa Fragata New Member

    I am fat because I lack the discipline of eating properly. There may be other factors like aging which slows down my metabolism, but then it is up to me to make necessary adjustments with my lifestyle. I am fat because i am not practicing any healthy diet. I cannot blame my being fat on my depo provera shot (injectable contraceptive), it is me. The only person standing on my way to become sexy again is me and nobody else.
  28. re11nz06

    re11nz06 New Member

    There are many factors to consider why humans gain a lot of fats in the body,the first one is the food we eat, second is our genitics,third is our age, fourth is hormonal imbalance,fifth is lock of phisical activity or exercise,
    Let us focus on one factors, on hormonal imbalance becuse may be the rest four factors are all clear to you also do not have to elaborate very well. One of the hormone that can affects of gaining fats in the body is testosterone hormone or the other king of all male hormone but testosterone can be found in female body,many proven studies that that a person who have high testosterone hormone has an auto pilot fat burner also gain big and harder muscle contrary to a person that has low testerone level they gain lot of fats ,depression and anxiety.

    JOHNBULLZZ New Member

    Weight management has constituted a life long challenge and agony for many. Some people can never lose or shed weight no matter how much they tried. If you belonged to this group, the earlier you understand and accept your lot the better. Th greater part in accepting is to learn to eat right and healthy, exercise regularly and having the right mind set. There are inbuilt automations in us that work against losing weight and this function differently in different people.
    It is good to know that over weight can lead to health issues and so it is best to see a professional.
  30. LizHen

    LizHen New Member

    The question is funny and I can't stop smiling while typing this. Honestly, it is because I love to eat. I like to try foods that I have never tasted. I also eat too much because my family loves too eat and it is nice to eat with your family while telling stories. I also love chocolates and cakes. Who doesn't love to eat those succulent and tasty things. Another thing is I am lazy to exercise. My husband loves to run every morning but I am too lazy to wake up early and go with him. So that is why I am fat. Nevertheless, I am happy with my body so I believe there's nothing wrong with it.

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