Why are you fat.?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Yuma Nishiyama, Jun 11, 2016.

  1. jene1984

    jene1984 New Member

    Haha what a question, but anyways, I am really fat. I am fat because, I don't know, is runs in the blood counted on this question. I don't eat all the time, I don't eat much sweets or junk foods, I do exercise, we used to jog in a mountain side. Maybe because I eat rice a lot. I always says I will start my diet na but still nothing happens hahaha.
  2. JaneMay

    JaneMay New Member

    I started gaining weight when I was at the point of my life when I felt depressed. During that time, I didn't have the motivation to exercise. I also binged on foods that were high on carbs and unhealthy stuff like instant noodles, junk foods, chocolates, and commercial juices.

    After that period of my life, I still find it difficult to lose weight and to return the body figure that I had before. In addition to that, my current job requires me to be at the computer for almost 8 hours a day.

    For this reason, I'm trying to return the body that I used to have before by exercising every morning, monitoring my caloric intake, and stretching after every our at work.
  3. anor0421

    anor0421 New Member

    I guess I'm fat because of what I eat and my lifestyle. They said in gaining or losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise and I definitely agree with them. For me I usually gain weight because I eat a lot of carbs, less vegetables and no exercise. In addition I'm a stress eater. I eat a lot when i'm stress and crave on sweets like chocolates and cakes. It's really easy to gain weight but difficult to lose weight that's why I'm trying to eat healthy food and do some cardio to be healthy and lose weight in the process.
  4. genelyn

    genelyn New Member

    i used to be slim a i think i might say has almost perfect body.. i used to go to gym , playing badminton and i'll make sure that im gonna wake up early in the morning to run.. however in my case right now , im a call center agent and im working at night, for you to stay awake you need to eat atleast sweets. i cant help it' and the only way for to sleep well is to eat .. in that way i gain a lot.. from 52 kilos to 60 kilos, and now i promise my self to eat lot of fruits and veges and also wanna make sure that i will work atleast 30 mins a day.. reduce the calories that i take.
  5. Liezeliezel

    Liezeliezel New Member

    Honestly, I think I'm not that fat because I'm above average in height and my body mass index shows that my weights only exceed five kilograms, and I think that the extra weight I gained is because of the following that I listed below.

    - Laziness (Because I have never exercised regularly)
    - Eating Junk foods
    - Eating sweets even at midnight
    - Eating more rice
    - Having dinner late at night

    If my weight exceeded 55 kilograms, I'll just do some circuit exercise twice a week, eat more vegetables and fruits, drink lots of water and do some outdoor activities.
  6. nelcequena

    nelcequena New Member

    Most people say that they don't want to be fat and yet they're doing the right and perfect way to be one. Just like in finance, many of us wants to earn more money but do not want to work hard.

    I believe fat people choose to be fat. They choose the unhealthy lifestyle. You might say maybe because of ignorance. You do not know that you're doing it wrong. We are in the world of information now, that's not a valid reason.

    Maybe because to be healthy is expensive, you need to go to the gym, eat fruits and vegetables, and you need to do something like this something like that. Well, let me ask you, is egg expensive? Can't you run without a gym?

    If you still have reasons, just stay fat. Live with it. But don't complain.
  7. Marseille Frances

    Marseille Frances New Member

    I am fat because I love eating. I eat when I'm stress, when I'm sad and when I'm happy. I eat a lot. And aside from that, I have Polycistic Ovaries. This is a condition wherein your hormones are imbalance and gaining weight is a symptom and is something that needs to avoided. In my case, I was not able to avoid it but I am now working on it and hopefully by next year, I'll be able to get through it.
  8. 2legit2quit

    2legit2quit New Member

    The reason I am fat is due to the fact that I am not getting in an adequate amount of physical activity a day. Exercising alone is not the answer intact it is merely a fraction of what goes into optimizing the rate in which we lose fat. So, in theory if you do more you lose more.
  9. TimothyAlex

    TimothyAlex New Member

    I was once one of those people who said they had no idea why they were overweight, and I honestly didn't I wasn't eating large volumes of food. It came down to what I was eating and not really knowing the caloric value of my food. Have you ever looked at a serving size for your favorite breakfast cereal? Many of them are just 3/4 cup. That is nothing. I would pour a bowl of cereal not even thinking how many calories were there.
  10. shasha

    shasha New Member

    You are fat because you eat too much and move too less. The quality and the quantity of food you take is not balance with your daily activities. The lifestyle you choose affects your health, your weight and your looks. The improvement or failure for your overall appearance is all about your choice.
  11. Kcdumalo

    Kcdumalo New Member

    What a nice question! I am fat because I eat too much and it is my stress reliever not knowing that I am overweight already. This is the lifestyle that I chose so I don't regret being fat.
  12. mcgeek404

    mcgeek404 New Member

    I'm fat because I eat my feelings, and I drink too much. I don't think it's genetics or anything like that. When I eat less, I lose weight. When I inhale cookie butter Oreos, I get fat.

    Your question is funny but it does force us to be honest.
  13. kay.s

    kay.s New Member

    Why are you fat? Wow, this is a sensitive issue. I am a dietitian and i can say that most fat people didn't really want to be fat. There are many factors on being fat. The food you eat is not just the factor. Genetics, hormones and lifestyle should be considered. There are good fats and bad fats. The good ones help you lose weight, while the bad ones leads to more cardiovascular diseases. I have to tell you, not all fat people are unhealthy and not all thin people are healthy. There much more to consider inside your body.
  14. PMarga

    PMarga New Member

    Why am I fat? Should i say blame it on the genes passed on to me by my mother. I have been struggling with my weight since I was a kid. They call me a lot of names like fatso, lumba lumba, dabiana, and the name calling does not end there. My grandma is fat, my mother is fat and I am fat. I had undergone a phase when I took pills just to get slim. But the effect was terrifying. I experienced palpitations, body weakening, insomnia and headaches. To hell with those diet pills! If taking those pills would cost me my life, I'd rather be fat than be seen skinny.
    Honestly, even though I only eat small portions of food my weight does not seem to budge. I even had my thyroid hormone test and it came out normal. So why am I fat? I really don't know.
  15. Vexarana

    Vexarana New Member

    I see a lot of different reasons in all the responses from everyone. A common theme is hormones, genetics, or suggestions that some people are just blessed to be thin. When you look at the science, without any underlying medical condition (which is rare!) it comes down to calories in VS calories burned. I am subscribed to several different social media forums where people discuss weight loss and fitness and even extremes like bodybuilding. You can see people make huge transformations, and unless they are trying to sell a fitness product it comes down to being more active (which burns more calories) and tracking what they eat (to take in less). I personally have a bad relationship developed with food where I turn to it in order to cope with stress or other events in life. However, by taking charge of the amount I eat, even when the food is sugary or otherwise bad for you, I have managed to make steady progress losing weight. I hope to be able to see this question again in the future and respond "I'm not!".
  16. inkoglyphics

    inkoglyphics New Member

    Fats are excess glycogen from the conversion of carbohydrates to glucose which is a simple sugar form that is being used for the body's energy consumption. Now, this is simple math, what you added should be subtracted or removed. As per calorie consumption whatever you put in your mouth should be burn and excreted from the body or else this will be a stored as an infamous fat. Me why I'm fat is because of lack of exercise and unhealthy diet. We do really trend to choose what tastes good rather than what is healthy. I think also lack of sleep plays a role for you be fat and even stress.
  17. Coll

    Coll New Member

    Fat is associated mostly with food. To some people being fat is natural. Food isn't the only reason that contributes to one being fat but probably is one of the causes. There are some bad habits that can make you fat. This doesn't dismiss too much calories as one of the cause. First, sleeping too much or too little. How can this make one fat, it doesn't sound practical but in the real sense,dieters who sleep five hours or less put on two and a half times more belly fat while those who sleep more than eight hours pack on slightly less than that. Six to seven hours is an average sleeping period per night. It is the optimal amount for weight control. Eating too quickly is also a contributor. It takes twenty minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that its had enough. Eating quickly will make you deliver more than excess food into your stomach. These habits and others like watching too much TV, ignoring nutritional advice, stress and many more will make you grow fat.
  18. ImitatedLearnings05

    ImitatedLearnings05 New Member

    Dieting makes you fat. It appears to be a contradiction: Diet and you'll get fatter. Most of you think that limiting our food intake may seem like a quick way to reduce weight but experts say diets make you fat in the long run. If you have been considering dieting because you think you have to for some reasons, give some thought to this fact: studies shows that the vast majority of dieters eventually go back to their pre-diet weight or become heavier than before. Scientists call this “the dieting-induced weight-gain” and it may be a contributing factor to the obesity epidemic.
    Furthermore, starvation diets might be the worst process of losing weight. The recommended weight loss rate is no more than 2 pounds per week. Many extreme diets promise 10 pounds or more per week. although it might be possible to lose large amounts of weight on your first few weeks on a diet, large numbers are usually caused by a loss of water weight or muscle, not fat. This means that once you go back to your regular eating habits, you're more likely to regain this weight back. When you do, it will be in the form of fat. So you might end up weighing the same you did before, but having a higher fat percentage and less muscle. So here is a tip. Balance is the key. To reach and maintain a reasonable body weight, you need a balanced diet full of nutrients to ensure optimal energy and psychological well-being.
  19. jkbustria

    jkbustria New Member

    There’s one gene that’s getting a lot of attention, called FTO. Scientists found that people with certain differences in this gene have a 20% to 30% higher chance of obesity. And those differences are pretty common. Dozens of other genes are linked to weight as well. Some, for example, cause people to just naturally store more fat.
  20. johnjohn0291

    johnjohn0291 New Member

    You are fat just simply because you are unhealthy and undisciplined. Bad eating habit can obviously result to obesity. Sometimes people misunderstood that if you have a big body it means that your healthy but in the other way you are not healthy. Everyone has a normal weight to follow based on your heighy and age. Being fat can be correct just by eating healthy avoiding oily food and by doing regular exercise.
  21. Darren29

    Darren29 New Member

    I am fat, I am bigger now compared to past year. Why? Simply because I eat more a lot now and I have more intake of calories than burning more calories. Meaning what I input in my body, I don't really burn it. I am fat, because I don't do any exercises, even I did, It's very minimal. Lastly I am fat, simply because of my age. The more you aged, the more that you didn't burn calories compared to your younger years. Our metabolism gets slower as we aged that leads to obesity or getting fat. So if you don't want to get fat, have a healthier lifestyle, balanced diet and regular exercises.
  22. ivynizer

    ivynizer New Member

    I am fat because i love myself so much. I satisfy myself with things she loves to do like sleeping and eating. Depriving ones self might lead to stress and other factors that may lead to cancer and other illness. Why would I stress myself? I should enjoy living in this world.
  23. maby

    maby New Member

    Because i love food. I love cakes and ice cream! There are pleasures in eating and that will make you fat. Of course it will also depends on your eating habits. If you cant control your self eating, you will end up being fat. But you are happy eating food, hehe
  24. SpicyShrimp08

    SpicyShrimp08 New Member

    I'm fat because I eat more than what I need. I eat because food is one of my happiness. But I know I needed to start to control myself for I know the consequences.
  25. Ephedrine

    Ephedrine New Member

    The answer is simple - sugars .
    Eating too much sugar makes me quickly fat. But i learned how to control my insulin and when is the best time to spike it.
  26. Marvline

    Marvline New Member

    I'm blaming my weight gain on my new relationship. Late night eating and going to bed right after is the cause... As long as we stay active, get enough sleep, lower our calorie intake and cut out sugar within no time the extra pounds will fall off.
  27. sally a morrison

    sally a morrison New Member

    Short answer? Because I eat too much and move too little. But the longer answer is that I eat too many carbs and sugars and do not move enough.

    I have been having some success with eating keto lately. I am a Type 2 Diabetic and it has helped regulate my blood sugars as well as I have lost some weight. After the initial days of feeling like I was missing out on french fried and chocolate, it has been pretty easy. I do love vegetables so that helps and being able to eat a nice steak and still be on plan is great also. I am still not moving as much as I could due to some medical issues but I feel like I am on the right path.
  28. jamechi

    jamechi Member

    Because of unhealthy food,

    I once was very fat, it was not good.

    Need self discipline to be healthy.

    have a great day
  29. Deda1997

    Deda1997 New Member

    You are probably fat because you have followed a drastic diet that you have proposed yourself thinking that it is a way to lose weight, and after seeing the results you have returned to your previous way of life. This is called the effect of yo -yo.When we go back to the previous lifestyle, well-understood after drastic cure, starvation occurs leading to the double fattening of the person concerned.
  30. mye05

    mye05 New Member

    I am fat because I always eat instant foods. I am fat because I don't drink lots of water. I am fat because I don't exercise. I am fat because I sleep late. I am fat because i don't eat fruits and vegetables. I am fat because ride a motorcycle instead of walking. I am fat because I don't play sports. I am fat because I have no discipline. I am fat because I love chips. I am fat because I am not fashionable. I am fat because I don't believe I can loose weight. Until a friend introduced me to a program with living proof that they loose weight, it's real it's possible. One day I visited the Nutrition Center and they explained to me all the things that I do wrong. I tried the program and after a week, i loose a pound, another pound after another week and another pound more. It's not that easy, I gave up a lot of things that i usually do and i gave up a lot of foods that i love eating. I am not yet on my ideal weight but I will soon. Now I can say that I am not fat anymore because I choose to eat the right food. I am not fat anymore because I choose drink lots of water. I am not fat anymore because I choose to sometimes do exercise. I am not fat anymore because I choose to eat fruits and vegetables. I am not fat anymore because I have discipline. I am not fat anymore because I choose to walk. I am not fat anymore because I choose to give up the chips (most of the time). I am not fat anymore because I choose to wear new line of clothes. I am not fat anymore because I believe that I can loose weight.

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