Why are you fat.?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Yuma Nishiyama, Jun 11, 2016.

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    The solution to inconsistency is to make slow changes. Anytime you set new goals, you should make slow rather than overnight changes. For example, if you were used to eating 3,000 calories before you started losing weight, it would be unrealistic to drop down to 1,800 calories from one day to the next. Instead of making this huge change right away, cut 500 calories per day during the first week, and another 500 calories per day during the second week. During your second week, you would be down to 2,000 calories and finally down to 1,800 by your third week. This slow and more gradual change would be much easier to cope with than cutting your intake from 3,000 to 1,800 right away.

    You should also make slow increases to your physical activity level. Rather than trying to start running, lifting weights and training for a triathlon, make smaller short term goals. For example, for your first week, try to run 1 mile, 3 times per week. During your second week, in addition to your mile runs, join a gym and workout there twice. During your third week, run 1.5 miles, 3 times per week and visit the gym three times. These slow changes are a lot more likely to stick and lead to a consistent workout.
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    . Ignorance. While some people have realized the consequences of their unhealthy lifestyles, others prefer to remain ignorant. When you don’t know that your choices are slowly killing you, it’s a lot easier to ignore change. Obesity kills. Obesity leads to heart disease, strokes, diabetes and even cancer. If you stay fat, you will eventually have to deal with one or more of these serious health issues and by that time, the solution will be a lot more complicated than diet and exercise, if there will be a solution at all.
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    Obesity is largely a choice. There are certain choices you make that will keep you fat and others that will help you lose weight and improve your overall health. The choice of changing or remaining fat is yours alone to make.
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    This is a hard question to answer but I can share why am I fat. In my younger years, I am so skinny that I even went to a doctor to consult on how to be fat. Then there comes my marriage I have my first child, I regain my body but a little bit bigger not that skinny one when I'm single. Then comes my other children I found out that as I'm aging my metabolism is not that fast in regaining my body shape. One thing more I do breastfeed my babies that I have to eat a lot for them to get the nutrients I'm eating. Yes, I'm fat and I'm proud of it.
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    I love to eat good.So my body is having a full of fat.I think fat is not bad for people how a days.
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    The reason why am I fat it's because I don't have discipline to what I eat and what I do. I don't have a goal that I should change myself, that I need to loose weight because most of the time my friends and the people surrounds me criticize and told me that I'm fat and no one will like me for who I am . Sometimes I feel sorry for myself and seriously I don't know where to start. I also tried to go to gym but after how many weeks and months I stop because I feel lazy
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    Well, I'm fat because I don't do sports or any physical activity and my motivation level isn't really high.:sleeping::sleeping:

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    необходимо найти причину ожирения, возможно, это из-за болезни какого-то внутреннего органа, часто коронарного ожирения. Старайтесь не голодать, а есть только небольшие порции, все, но немного. Ищите причину и относитесь к ней. Если вы так страдаете от этого, что вы жирны, тогда заботитесь о своем саморазвитии, ведите активный образ жизни, не делайте себя хуже других, вы становитесь изгоем.
    Следуйте диете, потому что жир просто не растет. Пойдите к рыбе, после шести салатов с кефиром. Но не голодайте, все равно хорошо прыгать в воздух, вы можете купить мини-батут и обруч.
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    Because I tend to snack at night. Nothing overly unhealthy, and I know I probably shouldn't even with a vegan diet, but I can't really force myself to care.
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    Some people are genetically predisposed to carrying more weight than they should. it might be because of a slower metabolic rate, or a thyroid problem, or a hormonal thing.

    but despite that, obesity is also a sickness. it's a behavioral problem that can be treated, if addressed. there's emotional and binge eating and other eating disorders.

    however, whether being plus-sized is a choice or not, it really shouldn't matter, should it? society puts too much premium on physical appearances already. there is so much pressure all around us to be a certain body type. i say, to each his own. if you don't like large people and don't understand their lifestyle, then fine. if you can look beyond their appearance and maybe see that they're beautiful anyway, that's even better.

    but no one should lord it over anyone else just because he lost weight and now looks great. it's unnecessary. and pointless.

    body type has no bearing on what kind of person you can be. i've met many large people who are the most confident, fabulous beings ever. and i've also met skinny people who take laxatives, puke their meals and end up fainting on the gym floor because they've been working out to no end. as long as you're happy in your body, whatever shape it is, and accepting of everything that you are and at peace with that--that is all that matters.
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    I used to have really bad habits. Drinking a lot of alcohol, eating unhealthy food for so many years as well. Never had an adequate amount of sleep. All of these actions made my body look really chubby and I hated being myself. Once I started to change step by step all of these bad habits, now I feel in a much better condition that I have ever been. It is really inspiring to know that the big changes comes step by step and believe me, it takes time, stay motivated.
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    Because FOOD is life! Everyone loves to eat, loves to taste food which is new to their eyes. People put weight because eat more calories than they burn through every day movement. But some cases, gaining weight or getting fat maybe due to an underlying health conditions.
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    WHY I AM FAT? because i ate a lot. together with my friends. i do working on a field with light loads that is why my body is just sweating because of the sun's heat not with the workloads. hehe
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    I am fat simply because I am eating too much and i don't do exercises because of my lazy attitude and because i love sweets and fastfoods. But I'm also fat because of the effect of my injectable contraceptives that is the side effect so i cannot control being fat and i cannot control my eating habbit. But that makes me happy but i know that it's not forever because i want to gain self confidence that i dont have now because of being fat.

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