Why do blogs mostly fail?

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  1. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    Watching an awesomely made action movie while sitting on a sofa, enjoying pop corns and soda, sounds relaxing and easy isn't it?. But have you ever met a stunt man who performs deadly dangerous real actions to make the movies look so real and worth watching?.
    If you surf internet, you must be aware of the advertisements, how great they make their programs sound like and how easy they claim that to be. That's what advertisement really is but once you join anything coming out of such schemes, you'ill be totally disappointed after finding the real snail-face of that massive-income-generator strategic plan. Because you tried to perform the action you just watched in a movie and you got your knuckles cracked up. And the real question is, who is to blame for your failure ?
    There is no such way exist in which you'ill just have to invest $10 one time so-called assessment fee and that's it, now sit back and watch your money grows. However, investing only $10 made someone a huge amount and that guy might be able to sit back, relax and watch the money knocks. He nevertheless put all the efforts to create such sound-full claim that led you let him grab your wallet but willingly and how or why did you think that you'd be sitting home, eating pancakes and pizzas while having your PayPal opened right in front of you to see if the invested money has done the magic. While he'd(seller) be putting all the efforts to advertise using every possible method such as banners, links promoting, promotional videos etc.
    Let's come to blogging and the reasons to face failures and loss, I tried to list up all the possible mistakes I made to fail since I've started the quest of 'online-hidden-treasure' and it's not a few years' story, I have been blogging since 2007 but I never made a penny out of any blog.
    Reasons to fail blogging
    1. Non-intentional blogging plan
    If you fire up Google, put few words such as: "How to make" and the very possible suggestions must be, "money online" and you decide to click on some sites like ''10 or 25 or even 100 legit ways to make money online" and most sites use the desired titles or tags to attract the new Web-surfers as they do know how to grab your eyes while you're going through dozens of page listed down the google searched results. You'ill definitely love to click on a page that says, "100 ways to make money for the beginners" and every site/page list something like 'Create your free blog and start making money right away' right? no wrong! because blogging is not something you create and it will start making you money. The very first reason that your blog will surely fail is that you don't even know anything your blog is going to be about. Secondly, your intentions were just to make money instead of making a blog so your blog will look nothing like a blog that might work to make people come and visit. Finally but definitely you won't like your blog, you'ill get tired, quite and leave it incomplete, forever!.

    2. Hey! did you check out my blog?

    However, the first reason I listed above mostly happens to be the last one too but if you somehow have managed to accomplish the first phase of creating or nearly completing the blog, the next most definite or more like a heart breaking round of this game is to let your blog go out and you'd probably be expecting that what you just created will shock the world and people will love it. But after spending days and nights, promoting your blog's URL, you'ill see a very limited amount of visits that your blog received since it was published. I know you'ill feel like breaking your laptop, thrusting your cell phone on the wall, getting a shot gun, going out and start shooting anyone you see but you won't do that either (Because they didn't ask you to blog). Eventually, you'ill end up suggesting everyone to stay away from making-money-online and get back to your normal job, few days later, "Life goes on".

    3. "Best Campaigns to monetize the blogs"

    Wait! I'm not suggesting that, I'm rather asking what I've been asking from every single search engine. "Best alternatives to ad-sense" that's my search after being rejected by the google ad-sense, more than a dozen time. But I wasn't just ready to quite because I invested or wasted months on my blog and to drive thousands of visitors to it. Ad-sense has very strict policy and they love to ban you from being monetized. On the other hand, you might start searching for ad-sense alternatives or competitors and you may find few such as, 'yllix or info-links' and you'ill go like, "oh yes!" because they claim to pay more than google, with less restrictions but that Chinese monetizing agency will embed spams and ad-wares in your blog's HTML, ending up getting your blog crashed and not being safe according to the chrome's integrated security.

    4. How to sell a blog

    I'm sure you've just read my mind and I don't think it's necessary to enlighten this part a anymore. I don't feel good for crushing a broken-heart. "I have had enough!":thumbsdown:

    5. I love blogging

    "What the heck is wrong with this guy, he first made blogging sound like a waste of time and now he's saying..."
    That's true because I do love blogging but my reasons are different now. Very first reason for me loving-to-blog is that I don't write for money, I write to share my experience, mostly bad though lol. For money, I work as a mobile software technician to fix Mobile phones' firmware's' related issues and I'm happy with that. In the free time, I come up with something that might be able to help someone out there, over the internet like me. Please do not ruin the beautiful and creative dream behind blogging and try to feel the pain of that huge bandwidth people waste for their blah blah blogs everyday for so many years.
    I was just like everyone else, kept creating blogs after blogs, wasted years and people's time who wasted to visit but I was inspired by a site, I can't recall her name, 'Sofia's blog or Stephens's diary' nor I know where that blog has moved now but that was something I had never seen before. It was beautifully written, creatively managed and every single word of that blog showed me how much she loved writing contents to help others without getting any kind of monetizing at all. It was the blog that changed my ideology and that's exactly what a real writer love to do.

    "A good inspirational splash changes million visions "
    Best of luck guys!
  2. lolle

    lolle New Member

    Love your honest post. I don't blog yet, but was thinking to start one. It would be about minimalism,frugal living, saving money... and I follow some bloggers with this kind of content,on Instagram and they posted few times the income from google ad sense, and that its easy to set up on site or blog, but didn't said about rejecting. It's not huge money, but for 6 months I would be extra happy with the 100$ which is required for payment. Tried alot of survey sites, and didn't worked, atleast not for my country. So I'm still searching ways to earn some little extra cash. Did you tried Affiliate marketing for your blog? To add a affiliate post on your blog once?
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  3. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    Thank you for reviewing my experience and going through my post to extract a relative comment. The idea of your blog sounds good to me and I wish you best of luck. However, I shall suggest you to be aggressively honest with pure soul behind your blog and the intentions to generate cash must come afterwards.
  4. nhutz

    nhutz New Member

    Blogging is quite interesting. It catch up my interest too and made me start blogging without even thinking first what blog will captivate peoples interest and how to do it. So,i started and then failed.And I realise blogging isnt my fashion or am i only lacked of knowledge when it comes to blogging. If blogging is really your fashion,then do it with all your heart and desire.
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  5. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    Very well said sir! and this case is not just with you or me. Almost all the beginners who step in, they get inspired by some attractively written article about 'how to make money from blogger' and that inspiration makes those surfers start with blogging but most of them end up failing.
  6. therider

    therider New Member

    90% of the blogs fail because they either stop making new posts or they fail to provide good content to their users. Consistency is key to be successful in every business, especially when it comes to online business because in online business you are competing with whole world. Blogging particularly require lot of efforts and it is something you can't force yourself to do because blogging is a long race and only passionate people can run that far.
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  7. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    That must be the reason but mostly bloggers stop posting new contents because of not getting visitors at all and the reason behind that is when they start blogging, there should've been a strategy to follow up and steps to walk on. A blogger should write a chart somewhere about how the blog will be building, what steps shall I be taking towards it and First step, that's just my suggestion, is to come up with some unique ideas or contents of the blog and the next step is to write as much as possible to make that blog worth spending time on. Third step should be rechecking all the contents for any kind of mistakes regarding grammar, graphics, restrictive materials etc. The final step is to get it published and start throwing the URL through out all the relative places where your blog should be listed.
  8. joshuadeveyra

    joshuadeveyra New Member

    First of all most of the bloggers failed because they lack the word "Passion". Lack of passion is one of the major reasons why most bloggers fail online, they don’t have any passion for blogging, and they just began blogging because they saw a particular “popular blogger” make six figures blogging. Many new bloggers only start blogging with the intention to earn which is why they quit after not earning enough within a short period of time. Your main intention for blogging should not just be to earn or make money from your blog but rather to impact lives, establish yourself as an authority and some other valuable things.
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  9. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    You're absolutely accurate about that passion thing. I failed as a blogger because I kept creating blogs after blogs without any passionate intentions towards it. Sooner I found myself out and realized that I'm much more suitable for speaking instead. So, I have been doing some speaking stuff ever since, I used to teach English online with American accent and I felt being honest to the passion I always had.
  10. Robb4424

    Robb4424 New Member

    Reasons for the failure of a blogger are myriad. In my opinion there are three main reasons for the failure of blogs. The blogger does not continue to provide quality content. The enthusiasm for the blog has waned or, in fact, wasn't really there from the beginning. The blogger doesn't post content on a regular basis. All of these reasons lead to little or no interest in the blog.
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  11. Artemis456

    Artemis456 Member

    I think its because of the topic that he or she chose to used is not that good.
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  12. micohatienza

    micohatienza New Member

    I think blog's fail on several reasons. First , consistency on giving out good content. Some bloggers unable to sustain good content because they only doing it for money. They are not doing it by heart. Secondly they don't have originality. They see one trends on a topic and they will also do the same blogs. That makes some blogs fail. And lastly confidence. Some are lacking confidence on doing blogs. Blogging is a great platform but you will need Consistency, Originality and Confidence to succeed.
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  13. Thorn18

    Thorn18 New Member

    Bloggers go south most of the time without realizing it. They have forgotten the reason why did they engage on blogging. The fun of the blog seemingly decreases because of this reason.
    If you would notice some of the successful bloggers/blog are the one which is seemingly just having some fun. Sharing the Experience to the subscribers and viewers. Not thinking about the rewards of having a blog.

    We all know that blogging has some rewards on the line. That is why some individuals want to try some blog on their own. Wanting the profit of blogging and not the context of the videos will make the viewers uninterested.

    Noticing that their subscriptions haven't been going upwards will have the doubt of the person to continue blogging. Making her/his self uninterested to the project.
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  14. TheNerdyAnarchist

    TheNerdyAnarchist New Member

    I would argue that most blogs don't fail. Most blogs don't exist to be monetized, rather simply to be an outlet for its author to share their passion about a subject. If your blog is created with the intention of making money, I would argue that it's likely to fail, as that's not what blogs are for.

    Monetizing a hobby is a secondary consequence to performing it with passion and honing your craft. It absolutely should not be your end goal, but rather an organic, happy side effect.
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  15. mschimmenhausen

    mschimmenhausen New Member

    It depends on the topic. Certain topics do make for a good foundation for a blog. Product testing for instance is one topic that I find quite suitable for the blog format. However, there will always be a lot of competition for a blog because a YouTube video can be a lot more appealing to most people. A solution for that could be combining the two so that you offer both video and text.

    A lot of people use blogs as a sort of diary though and I think for that kind of purpose blogs certainly aren't bad and won't "fail", because as soon as you've made a few posts you've already used the blog "well". I would not expect to make a boatload of money with a blog though. Perhaps this was possible in the past but monetization is quite bad these days, be it on a blog or on youtube.
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  16. Lot of bloggers fail, cause sometime their blogs are not enough like lack of info.
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  17. maryssmaricar

    maryssmaricar Member

    I think blogs fail because they lack of uniqueness and consistency. We all know a lot. of blogs have common contents amd these contents drive the readers like me to open your blog. People these days would prefer visiting a blog which dwells in their line of interest. It's also good if your blog has this certain substance which drives people to visit you back.
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  18. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    But some says, mostly blogs fail for not having much visitors already, less traffic makes a blogger think that it's not worth my time anymore. So, they stop posting new contents because the material they gave were not been seen by a fair amount of traffic as a blogger would expect. I wish there were some built-in tools, within the blogger's features, to get visitors without throwing the link everywhere over different forums.
  19. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    That's one of the bottom lines and the most repeated habit around the new bloggers.
  20. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    That's obvious, if I wanted to write a diary, as diary sounds something private/personal so I'd rather consider using some online file saver portal such as Evernote, daily diary etc. But if I get to create a blog, I shall have some monetizing intentions so why would I be using blogger as my personal diary or anything like that. If I wanted to suggest anything to a blogger, I'd request him/her to come up with something uniquely new, that's however not so easy. If I would give one last 'go' to creating a blog, I will consider building a blog all about pets and if I get lucky enough to drive enough people, I will also be starting selling pet right on that blog, what do you say about that idea?
  21. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    I like the term of 'outlet' because I'm a writer, I've been writing poems, stories, songs etc, I never had anything to use as an outlet or showcased gallery and your idea just triggered me to consider it. Thanks!
  22. kristinekish

    kristinekish New Member

    Expect more than they give and some are Neglecting comments.
    When everything indicates you should give up is just when you need to step away but come back to it. You can revisit your blogging and writing goals with a clearer focus.
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  23. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    I have seen blogs with awesomely unique materials but no visitors, reminds me of all those blogs I had created with passionate start but ended up letting them go incomplete and I don't even remember anything about them anymore. On the other hand, there are countless blogs with worthless contents but they had managed to get millions of hits. I think it depends more on how do you advertise your site than being conscious about the contents.
  24. Poostloop

    Poostloop New Member

    I think blogging fails when you have no technical knowledge about it. It can also be attributed to the absence of the long term plan on how to manage the blog. When you fail to set your plan as well as the goal of your blog today you will most likely fail later. Without motivation, nothing will drive you or push you to make such a useful and successful blog.
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  25. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    In that case, I think the blogger's management should revoke all not-in-used blogs to maintain the quality control. Because if I put some keywords to search though out blogs, my queries might bring me some targeted results.
  26. saifsayed

    saifsayed Member

    Do you think your blog will survive the next year? I’d really love to know your thoughts about why you think the majority of blogs fail and if you think there are any tips they could have applied to survive and make it through to bigger and brighter futures
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  27. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    We must understand the theme of blogging and writing a blog, if it was financial's goal, it won't work but if you love blogging and writing about unique things, you should keep your intention integrated to that and if you put a good soul to your blog and pure efforts will make your blog a great showcase of your art. A successful blog can be monetized afterwards and it will make it worthwhile.
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  28. saifsayed

    saifsayed Member

  29. pholski

    pholski New Member

    Blogging at times fail because it is self-serving. There is a disconnect between the blogger and the recipient.

    In order for it to be successful, it has to be relatable, realistic and sooner can be put into action. Blogger should identify who is the target market? How to penetrate the market? And how to retain the existing market. The topic has to be engaging, sustainable or even debatable to spice up the conversation.
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  30. Dosh

    Dosh New Member

    I agree with you #syed, but I am afraid that blogging' passion has ended and video-logging has taken the trend over. Nobody likes to read anymore as mostly readable stuff has been uploaded in video formation. We should move on with the trend.

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