Why do blogs mostly fail?

Discussion in 'Website Management & Blogging' started by Dosh, Feb 10, 2019.


Do you write blog for money?

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  2. What blogging is to you?

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  1. leodavid09

    leodavid09 Member

    I guess we got lazy reading stuff. Most of us would prefer watching videos.
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  2. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    Owing a blog is not always easy its involved alot of work before you could put your blog in a good standing mode.

    Blogs need maintenance and money for instan you need to renew your hosting , also you need some money for advertisement this will showcase your blog to large amount of audience so before you start blogging the first thing to do is set aside some fund for maintening and
  3. Rexway4

    Rexway4 Member

    Blogs fail because of so many reason, some of the reason why blogs fails is lack of visitors to the blog.
    The most important thing why we blog is to feed our audience with information that interest them the most.

    Lack of visitors to your blogs may likely put an end to that blog.

    I have more than four blogs but since I don't have time to promote the blogs it's of no use to me because money can never be made from such blogs except there are alot of traffic to keep the blog in a good state.

    Be it free or paid advertising our blog need to be promoted, or expect it to be a fail blog.
  4. ggonzal3

    ggonzal3 New Member

    From personal experience, I'd say blogging fails for two main reasons: romanticization and poor planning. I remember seeing so many blogs and YouTubers who would talk about their lives as "global vagabonds" and working from crystalline beaches sipping their little mai tais while going crazy at a full-moon party. Before I left the US and started traveling around the world, I fell for this fairytale...I'm definitely not the first.

    I tried it. I started a blog, posting catchy phrases on the Instagram machine (#igtravel), and all the other run-of-the-mill techniques I could possibly think of. And slowly but surely it hit me...there were millions of people doing the same thing. I started thinking to myself, "Why, out of these millions of people with their blogs, would I ever make it in the blogging world?"

    Then I started writing less, posting twice a week, once a month...then silence. A few months later and I haven't looked back.

    This isn't to say that I won't go back, I just felt that there are many of us who go into the blogging business thinking it's going to be 'easy'. We see that beautiful beach with the happy couple on their laptops, and there's this illusion that their lives are perfect. But once we realize the sheer number of skills, knowledge, and time it takes to really make it in the game, many of us would prefer to focus our energies somewhere else.

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