Why do people ciberbully?

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  1. Nico2017

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    In the last decades the ciberbullying have been increased for the use amount of new technologies. The bully send hostile messages to the victim making they feel bad about themselves. The person bullied suffers psicological and emotional damages and also can lead suicide. We have to create conscience about this problem, because the youngest are the most exposure to this.
    Do you ever been ciberbullied? What did you do? If you haven't been ciberbullied, how can you help somebody who is dealing with this?
  2. CoMu

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    I think anonymity is a large part of it. There's a disconnect when you're online, and the bully most likely will not come face-to-face with the victim. They leave a message and walk away without seeing the effects of it, making it easier than doing it in person. In most cases, there aren't many consequences to it. I haven't been on receiving end of any online bullying, but it happens too often.
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  3. emma25

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    People cyberbully because they have nothing better to do with their own lives that they want to try and bring others down with them. They are just really cowardly and either don't realise the harm that they are doing or just don't care.
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  4. @althea27

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    because they are
    Jealous for the people that they bully,
    for now we have Facebook twitter instagram ect. if the people that full or jealous in his/ her life they always making way to bully that people that they jealouse of, or they are mad to that people that's why they bullying it. cyberbullying it will destroy your personality they will destroy your image.
  5. rachellee

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    Common reasons why people, especially teens, do cyberbullying are they want to look tough and powerful and they want to gain popularity. But these are just superficial, There are deep reasons that breed these or from where these are rooted in. It's insecurity, cowardness and unhappy childhood experiences. These cowardice post online to attack someone because they are problematic people. They do this to hide or mask their insecurities and flaws and to boost their ego because they lack it. They are borrowing their confidence, self-esteem and sense of security from cyberbullying. They are trying to seek happiness and some sense of satisfaction in it because they are not happy themselves. They want someone to share with their misery and pain. They are actually pitiful and miserable individuals.
    Unlike with personal bullying, cyberbullying is more often resorted to because people who do this think they can hide their real identity, so they can get away with its consequences easily. But as we can see with the height of technology nowadays, we can trace these cyberbullies, and we get to make them pay for their crimes.
  6. Christine Q.

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    People, particularly children and teens, succumb into the idea of cyber-bullying because they think it is easier to bully someone behind a screen, wherein one's identity is concealed, than to do it face-to-face. It is a cowardly act, simply saying. They cyberbully in a vain attempt to look and feel superior.
    Most people result to cyber-bullying because the perpetrators feel a sense of protection whenever they do it. They feel protected because their victim is not physically present, thus victim's counter-attack is seldom a choice.
    In my experience, bullies were basically the ones lacking self-confidence and ego in the first place and one way to "compensate" for their deficiency of self-worth is to make others feel the same way. Another factor is peer pressure. Teens often look for a sense of belonging, a sense of entitlement. Once a child has peers that prioritize bullying, it won't be long until the aforementioned subject does the same.
  7. paul0000

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    The most common reason of this is because they are jealous, want to become famous and/or they are attention seekers. We cannot say all the reasons on why these acts exist in this generation but for me, the best way to deal with this is to ignore because some of them are non-stoppable during the process when you involve yourself on him/her and this will get a result to pandemonium.
  8. Lilly03

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    I think people who cyberbully are coming from a place of brokenness emotionally .They feel only pain in their lives, hence they want to spread the pain and misery that accompanies .The sad thing in all this is that these people are actually cowards and cyberbullying fits them best because they can remain anonymous .They have no power at all ,unless one hands it to them.

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