Why do people fall inlove and they end up crying?

Discussion in 'Music' started by jerah112018, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. jerah112018

    jerah112018 New Member

    Because love is blind. If you are inlove you are blinded about everything in your surroundings.
  2. Lyssa

    Lyssa New Member

    People cry for getting dissapointed with the person who they thought will never hurt them. They thought of perfect life with their special person but ending up broke and in pain. But the pain makes people change but into something new, wiser and better than they ever were.
  3. SPOON

    SPOON New Member

    People fall in love because someone makes them feel like they are important in someways, they fall in love because of that mutuality that is going on to the person who fell and the person who fell in love with, trusting that someone makes you feel secure, happy and content. That you eventually realize, you are already falling to that person. But somehow things aren't going the way you want it to be, so you start to expect that the other person feels the same for you but no, no because we are different in every aspects. You may love the person so much that you expect him/her to value and somewhat give back the feeling that you are investing into him/her. But the thing is, no one could give the love that you give, because you are the only person who can actually see what your worth. And if you start to expect to high from someone, you could end up falling into the ground, hurting yourself by the high of your expectation towards the other persons feeling for you. It is good to fall in love, we are made to feel that.
  4. hunkmenlordy

    hunkmenlordy New Member

    It feels really bad when you fall in love with someone you can’t have. It feels even worse when you are sure that this relationship can never work out. I think that this is the worst thing that could ever happen to someone. I believe that to forget someone is one of the hardest assignments given in life, especially if you had this gut feeling that he/she is the ONE. Therefore all of these thoughts crossing my mind drove me deeply into the psychology of what is called falling wrongly into love.
  5. vangiecarino04

    vangiecarino04 New Member

    The people ended up crying because they gave every part of their life in the person that they love and they are so very very fast in terms of love.Love is a powerful things that every person have that but you must know your limits and makes yourself wiser and be patience because they said that love comes to you in a right time.
  6. bxbynaffie

    bxbynaffie New Member

    Because when people fall in love, they give their all to that person. When they find out that the other person don´t care or don´t love them, even when they gave their whole heart and soul to that person, it will hurt. The person that you love so much had your heart and now they walk away from you while they still got your heart under their arms. Yeah, that hurts.
  7. Kimi02

    Kimi02 New Member

    Love always comes with pain and when you are in pain, you cry. If love is true, it makes you emotional.
    Love can't always be happy. If you want to love someone you should be ready to accept anything that comes with it. Good or bad experience, it always teaches us a lesson to be able to be wiser in choosing our future partner.
  8. Katxdjss

    Katxdjss Member

    Love is not all rainbows and butterflies. It's similar to a roller coaster ride. There are ups and downs in every relationship. You just have to pick who you want to spend your bad times with. Someone who will stay by your side through thick and thin. And someone who will accept you past your imperfections. Love is not going to be easy for everyone, it's going to be really hard. But you know you'll want to work it out anyway because you know deep within that it's all going to be worth it as long as he/she is your end game.
  9. Banjo

    Banjo Member

    It's a great thing that people always fall in love, life is beautiful when you are on the wings of love, but suddenly fall out of love. when the moment your feelings are bluer than all the seas, it is not depression, it is a lesson. we cannot have everything we want, remember that nothing in this world is forever, all things that surrounds us are all temporary, even you and me, we learn from all the bad things that we encounter from life, we get tougher and stronger every day. But just keep on loving, love is our present, our gift. love turns weeds into beautiful flowers.
  10. joshuadeveyra

    joshuadeveyra New Member

    There are so many reasons why people do fall inlove. These reasons are similarities, desirable characteristics, familiarity and the basic reason is because he/she likes you. We ended up crying because there is certain things that may come in unexpectedly manner and if the reason for that is the person you love. But crying is an excellent way of releasing emotions and processing difficult situations
  11. ckcess13

    ckcess13 New Member

    Are we talking about a happy cry or cry to say bye-bye!?

    If it's the later, then lousy communication, is first. So this involves getting to know each other in all different levels. This is the exciting part, the roller coaster "feels". If you have passed that then being consistent and committed is next. This maybe to some the boring part and it all goes down hill for some because they can't forget the high from the roller-coaster. Love is not just a feeling, its a decision.
  12. micohatienza

    micohatienza New Member

    End up crying? There is 2 different things that I have in my mind. First is end up crying when you see your bride walking in the aisle and saying I do to each other. And the other one is a end up crying because the relationship you wanted did not work. But for me knowing each other better and understanding will help the relationship intact. And putting GOD between your relationship will make you both stronger.
  13. Len27

    Len27 New Member

    People fall in love because love really exists to us we created to have feelings. To get hurt,to love or to be loved by other person or persons. But there are times that we end up crying because we got hurt because we gave everything to the person that we loved but in return they will break our heart.
  14. Marcosdc

    Marcosdc Member

    They fall in love in the first meeting but in the end when they realize that the person they love for some reason is not or opposite to the one they want to be with forever. Conflict comes with the bad attitude of the one party. For me may be a couple should have the same in common in everything, they should like the same thing and when it comes to decision it should be came up with one agreement.
  15. Jeahan08

    Jeahan08 Member

    Falling inlove is wonderful. But falling inlove with the wrong person is makes us cry. But that’s part of our lives to make us better stronger. Atleast we learn to our life.
  16. Bcaluag

    Bcaluag Member

    Maybe that is part of love. Most of us wants the feeling of being loved by someone no matter how much risk it takes even if takes to break our heart. I think its better to feel the pain of loving someone than to not been inlove at all.
  17. jlynjanz

    jlynjanz Member

    We fall in love because we have emotions. We fall in love because we saw characters of other person that we want to feel. Loving someone is a one of the happiest emotion we have being in love. If we feel love we are more inspired to do things. If we are in love we are very positive in life.
    Love makes us whole,it motivates us to be better human being. But sad to say that when we fall in love we also feel pain from it. Pain that causes our emotion to be sad,lonely and make us cry. We cry because of the pain we had from falling in love. But even we get pain from that love we continue to fall in love because even we cry because of the pain cause by love we choose to continue fell it because from that pain it teach us to be better,stronger,fearless and helps to be wise in terms of falling in love.
  18. sherrie021

    sherrie021 New Member

    They say that "It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone, but it takes a lifetime to forget someone." and the quote is sometimes true. We, people fall in love because we see that person as lovable. I believe that it's not bad to fall in love with someone. To Love and and be loved is the happiest emotion you can feel in the world. The reason why we end up crying is we expect that person will love us back the way we love him/her. We always thought that there is forever but change is constant, people change, sometimes the qualities you like before is not the same before and it disappoint you. For me, God's love is forever and endless, he will never disappoint you.
  19. Allanjohn30

    Allanjohn30 Member

    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

    In my point of view, I really believe in love by considering my most favorite bible verse in the first paragraph. I am very careful in falling in love because it is not like a hot food that you can just spit out easily if you cannot handle to eat it. Love should not be rushed or manipulated, it must be a step by step process, and no one should give up quickly during the process.

    I think the reason why some of the people who fell in love then ended up crying is that they get attached easily with someone. If you get attached easily to someone, both of you will have a poor foundation in your relationship, then it will lead to breakup. After the breakup, you will realize that he or she is not the one for you, then you will feel the pain that causes you to cry, it commonly happens if you give everything to the person you fall in love with.
  20. people fall in love and end up crying, because there's always a reason why that happened. maybe he/she a lesson that you need to grown because if you don't get hurt you will not learn. remember that everything happen for a reason. you must have faith and believe that there's someone who deserve your love.
  21. Twinklebisnar

    Twinklebisnar Member

    Because love is violent. You can't know that you love someone if he/she dont hurt you, by will or not. Pain is one of the way where you can say that you really love someone.
  22. Geofrey93

    Geofrey93 Member

    I would like to say some other words that people don’t fall in love with thier intensions!! If there are intentions then thats nt love its just a moment of attraction or mode of entertainment!! Love don’t let u think that you should fall in or nt because its all about heart not about brain which is used to think only.
  23. eyahserrano

    eyahserrano New Member

    For me, it is because when fell in love, you also expect too much and that expectation when did not meet leads to sadness. A person in love expects a lot from their partners, and end up being disappointed. When we are disappointed, it's either we get angry or we just cry. If we fall in love, we must also set some proper expectations for us to avoid conflicts in our relationships. We have to be open on what we feel in every situation. Cheating is also a big part of why a relationship ends up, and why there is always someone in love crying.
  24. aycee21

    aycee21 New Member

    People fall in love and ends up crying maybe because they choose to love the wrong person. If someone really does loves you they will understand you and make you feel loved. Sometimes we do end up crying because we expect too much to our partners. If you love someone don't expect just accept them for who they are and what they can give so that there will be no disappointments.

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