Why do people like Game of thrones?

Discussion in 'Television' started by yishak1412, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. yishak1412

    yishak1412 Member

    I really dont get why people are so much into game of thrones. My whole family watches game of thrones and they like it so much except me.For me its just like any other tv show. Could someone tell me whats so fascinating about this show?
  2. annie2911

    annie2911 New Member

    For me, it's that you never know what to expect from it. The way the stories are interconnected is fascinating, the characters are very interesting and the cinematography is brilliant. I also really like the script and how it reveals the necessary information, helping you understand but keeping you intrigued at the same time.
    Nevertheless, it might not be your type of show. What other series do you like?
  3. Christina Coleman

    Christina Coleman New Member

    Because it's chock-full of drama and unexpected twists. The show contains some of the greatest, most comprehensive storytelling I've ever witnessed! They're not afraid to take the story to dark places or kill off the characters we've grown to love season after season. GoT fans must be largely masochistic because we've been scorned countless times but we keep coming back for more!
  4. Yoon Hee

    Yoon Hee New Member

    Game of Thrones is like different puzzles that when you put them together, they create a single masterpiece. One thing that differs GoT from other TV series is how they play well with storytelling, bring out these problems, and weave them together in such a way no one gets confused. Some people think they shouldn't venture in watching this because they thing this is "too bandwagon", but I tell you, the hype is less of what this series deserve.
  5. creativeyusuf50

    creativeyusuf50 New Member

    Game of throne is so unpredictable , the moment you think you can predict the next scene you end up getting it all wrong. It is roughly based on the story lines of A Song of Ice and Fire, set in the fictional Seven Kingdoms of Westeros and the continent of Esso .I like its medieval realism. It make the story feel more like a historical fiction than contemporary fantasy. I also like the battles, political intrigue, and the character involved in the series. The show allows the audience to view different characters from their perspective, unlike in many other adventure or fantasy. My favorite character in the show is the dwarf Peter Dinklage also know as Tyrion lannister, he is so wise and knowledgeable that he can manipulate and escape any circumstance he finds himself.Game of thone is one of my best T.v show. I recommended it to all friends and now they are always anticipating for the next episode to come.
  6. willwehling

    willwehling New Member

    If you haven't been watching the show, it is very hard to understand. It is not a story with a happy ending. The characters stem from a very deep source material pool. The acting is generally good. The costume and props are very detailed. The show uses gorgeous locations for shoots. All of this plus the occasional boobie!!!
  7. I guess the reason behind why people are addicted in watching Game Of Thrones is you never know what's gonna happen next. It's a tv series full of surprise and wonders. Imagine this, they will never reach this far if the show is bad. I suggest you to watch it from the beginning. :)
  8. Ira Jean Fandiñola

    Ira Jean Fandiñola New Member

    I never thought I could be addicted to this. But when I started watching this, I couldn't stop. Maybe the reason for this is because it has a very unpredictable plot. You wouldn't know what will happen next or what emotions you'll feel next. The other thing that kept me addicted are the effects. Yes, the effects are so good that I almost want to believe that dragons are real. And before I know it, I'm addicted to GOT.
  9. valkoinen

    valkoinen New Member

    Have you watched it from Season 1 Episode 2 on? Game of Thrones has a production value on par with Blockbuster movies, each episode is usually equivalent to a high quality movie. The character development really sucks you in and you quickly get attached. Without spoiling anything, GoT has no issue killing off characters you like, and that makes each episode that much more intense. If you want to get into it, start from the beginning. If not, you certainly shouldn't feel obligated.
  10. The Fair Oddity

    The Fair Oddity New Member

    Game of Thrones is nothing like any other show on TV and that's what i love about it. The plot is never predictable, the characters aren't one-dimensional and the action sequences are superb. GOT breaks the mold with television and actively gives everyone something or someone to root for (enter any GOT forum and you'll see just how passionate the fans are).

    It's one of those rare TV series that once you start, it's impossible to stop.

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