Why do some people hate PHPBB?

Discussion in 'Website Management & Blogging' started by Saohc, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Saohc

    Saohc New Member

    Well I've seen on the web and some forums, that some people seem to despise phpBB..

    Personally, I see phpBB as a excellent forum software and it's a bit user-friendly(Mods are difficult at first, but it gets easier.)

    Only flaw I see is when you've got a bunch of mods and want to install a new style..
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  2. Ryan

    Ryan Guest

    No matter what software you're talking about, there will always be somebody who hates it, even if it is perfect. So saying that some people (or even a lot of people) hate phpBB does not mean that it is bad software.

    Now, reasons some people might not like phpBB are probably related to how old and dated it feels. Development for phpBB has slowed and stalled significantly in recent years, and when that happens, its designs and features begin to fall behind. It's not as user friendly or modern as other software out there. I will say, though, that a lot of people are very familiar with it and it does work. It does what it is intended to do well.
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  3. timestandstill

    timestandstill New Member

    I associate phpBB with people who know nothing of forum software simply because it is the worst package on paper. I haven't used it as an admin in over three years, but for some reason the current major version is exactly the same. Mods are a pain to install and maintain, basic tasks like viewing your own topics takes too many clicks, it's ridden with security flaws, and most importantly it has no edge over superior free packages like MyBB (or even SMF).
  4. Saohc

    Saohc New Member

    Well some forums have phpBB and they're still good.
  5. timestandstill

    timestandstill New Member

    They're older forums from back when phpBB was relevant. The newer batch tends to go for IPB, XF, and MyBB. Look around.
  6. Shawn-Merged

    Shawn-Merged Forum & Blog Owners

    PhpBB2 was the first forum software I messed with (after the free hosts) and that was over 10 years ago. I almost gave up on forums because of PhpBB. Now I don't know how version 3 is... However to add a modification on version 2, I had to edit a lot of files and modification readme files would say stuff like "Installation time: 2 hours" or something like that. On other forum software, I can add a modification in less than a couple of minutes...

    Also PhpBB doesn't even seem that modern anymore...

    Of course this is all my personal preference :)
  7. stephadel

    stephadel New Member

    I wouldn't say i hate it but i remember having a lot of problems with it and I didn't like the design at all (but it was a while ago so I don't remember precisely :whistle: )
  8. katieMaldita

    katieMaldita New Member

    Yeah, its good. I prefer it than others.
  9. Izagar

    Izagar New Member

    The last time I tried to work with MyBB, I wasn't able to really skin it too well and to get mods installed on it was a bit of a tough thing to do. I'm not much of a coder and would just like if my forums looked nice and were coded well and gave users something to do.
  10. Ansem

    Ansem Forum & Blog Owners

    It has poor speed, everything you do reloads the page (learn Ajax!).
    The theme support works with hardcode files which is something you hardly do anymore nowaday and annoying to edit compared to backend accessable theme editors.
    Mod support is pathetic as you need to hardcode it into your files, I won't even further comment on it besides they need to catch up with the current decade.
    Backend is worse than frontend, this is my main argument around it. I dislike it as an user but as an owner I could never work with this.
    To get anything done you need to go through around 4 pages average. Need to ban an user? the next 2 minutes you're crawling through pages to ban an IP, e-mail and username.
    Everything is just a slow crawl for no gain. The only thing I see that phpBB has over other forum software is that it's permission system is a bit more complicated, allowing more control for those who need it.
    And I also associate phpBB with people who have no experience whatsoever and just follow the fanboyish route of what's "most popular" (probably among their friends who also have no experience.
    Just my two cents.
  11. Aloony

    Aloony New Member

    It's missing a lot of things most would consider basic, from the last time I looked. Things like the ability to post tables, mark topics unread, and stuff like that.
  12. ghostwheel

    ghostwheel New Member

    I'm seeing quite a lot of Xen based forums in use with postloop. To be honest, I've never heard of Xen forums until I came across postloop and I think a lot of other forums like Xen has taken the lead in terms of mod support so is more appropriate for the average site owner.

    As for phpBB, big fan here! I was hacking away at the code when version 3 was at alpha (even used it for an old site I use to have and wrote my own PM system at around 2003)

    Now, the only reason why I only use this exclusively is because I know the forum code like the back of my hand so I'm able to custom code modifications.
  13. SquidPole

    SquidPole Forum & Blog Owners

    I know it's an old topic but... Bit of a multi-quote post here:

    Let AutoMod be your friend, makes adding MODS much, much easier!

    Exactly - you will never please everyone, every-time. I've used other forum packages and keep going back to phpBB.

    The ABBC3 MOD allows you to create tables plus a host of other features, feel free to take a look at my board if you haven't seen this before. Just a note, on the phpBB mods database it states that you need to download/licence some JScripts for this MOD, save your money it works just fine without them, even the image resizer/lightbox.
  14. Aloony

    Aloony New Member

    Those features should NOT come as a mod, they should be standard. It should be BASIC forum functionality to be able to mark topics as unread, to be able to post tables (it's simple BBC). Those features should be out of the box and not out of a mod.
  15. SquidPole

    SquidPole Forum & Blog Owners

    I'm personally not sure why you would want to mark a topic as unread once you have read it, or I'm reading it wrong - probably the last :)

    I guess there is always arguments for and against anything with all software. Yes I agree there are features that I've installed as MODS that should be 'out of box' features rather than add-on's.

    Then you have the other side of the coin, there are probably a lot of forum owners/users out there that would not use such features. There are features within ABBC3 that I am never likely to use myself, others may though.

    I do like the idea of having a base platform and being able to add features you (or your users) want as needed. I also like the option of being able to remove these features should they cause some form of issue or just become annoying.

    Horses for courses - everyone has their own 'favourite' things in life, and board software is no different amongst forum admin, one will hail software XZY as the greatest invention since the rotating wheel, whilst another will despise it's existence. No matter what you use, there will always be something else out there that offers different features or features as standard that another package doesn't. It comes down to choosing what suits you best and your (intended) users best.

    I guess you mean XenForo, if I am not mistaken these very forums run on XenForo, thus Ryan could probably give you a good insight to it's workings and good/bad points. Looks nice and seems to be 'app' like in nature.

    There is a whole swag of forum software available, ranging from good, bad and just plain ugly.
  16. Aloony

    Aloony New Member

    Same reason you mark emails as unread. Because you want a reminder to reply later, or clicked accidentally.
  17. SquidPole

    SquidPole Forum & Blog Owners

    Valid point. I can see how that would be handy in some situations.
  18. Jason76

    Jason76 New Member

    I like phpBB and can keep spam out quite well. However, I'm having trouble uploading avatars, as they only want 6 kb and those are hard to find.

    Actually, they don't use mods anymore, just extensions, whatever that means. :rolleyes:
  19. Aloony

    Aloony New Member

    That's a setting in admin.
  20. Jason76

    Jason76 New Member

    I used phpbb a long time ago, and didn't like it. But I know realize it was due to my ignorance of spam prevention, not the software. Now I'm back again trying Phpbb. So far so good.
  21. Jason76

    Jason76 New Member

    I like phpbb cause I seem to be the only forum owner on Postloop using it. However, it would be nice to add some better fonts etc... for it. I suppose there is some mod for that.

    What about spambots? Set it to question and answer (for user registration) and they're gone. But it might be the same procedure for other forum software.
  22. dsimms

    dsimms Member

    phpbb is out of date and old news. those that keep using it have been around for
    years, and most are probably coders to boot. If it is working for them, why change?
    people do not always like change as it can affect the bottom line, and if they are making
    money on their site, then it can affect rankings also, however, and most likely come back stronger.

    Another thing, what do you really expect out of free software? Who is paying their bills?
    What phpbb has done is noble, but it does not pay the bill. It sounds to me like phpbb was
    started as a hobby type software, then real life comes along, interests change, so I am surprised
    they have been around as long as they have; However, i think it would be better if they
    just sold their platform, and moved on, not sure about the script, but I bet the domain
    name would be very valuable in itself, and I doubt phpbb would ever be reconstructed
    unless it was sold off, then maybe the new owner would redevelop or use domain for php project.

    I would never use "free" forum script.
    I would want my script updated often.
  23. Aloony

    Aloony New Member

    You realise free scripts can be pretty great don't you? Look at Wordpress. Look at Jetpack. Look at Wordfence.

    Free forum software doesn't mean it's bad or insecure, etc. SMF is one of the most secure ones out there, it's a little slow on updates recently but that's because they're building a whole new version. If there's ever a problem they send out updates ASAP as well.
  24. Jason76

    Jason76 New Member

    Of course, the free forum software is on par with the paid stuff to a wide degree. Nonetheless, the paid stuff has lots of bells and whistles already built in.

    Also, I thnk the spam protection on paid software is better, even though a recent version of VB has failed in that regard (according to some). Nonetheless, free forum software keeps out spam for most forums. However, I had one phpBB and MyBB forum that got broken into. I don't know why that happened. Maybe I forgot to do an upgrade or accidently didn't turn on the spam protection.

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