Why do you enjoy working out?

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Morgan49, Jul 20, 2016.

  1. Morgan49

    Morgan49 New Member

    I'm curious about why people say they enjoy working out. I had a gym membership for 3 years. I went to the gym, switched it up between running, weights, swimming, kick boxing classes. I hated all of it. I hated how my body was always sore. I truly don't see why people say that feels good to them. Why does always having a sore body feel good to you?
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  2. plume

    plume New Member

    I enjoy working out for several reasons. One is that I challenge myself but don't torture myself. I go one step above for a little while and then go back to what is comfortable.
    I also integrate it with things I actually like to do. Walking in the scenic areas of my city with the dog, listening to music is fun for me.If you don't like doing a certain activity, don't do it. Honestly, the gym isn't the the only place one can get a workout.
    Soreness was a problem for me at the beginning, so I asked some athletic friends what to do. They said stretching before and after and drinking tons of water are helpful. I tried those tips and it worked. I also try to give my body adequate rest periods between each heavy wokout. For me this means two to three days of lower activity levels.
  3. Igor Severino

    Igor Severino New Member

    The first reason to working out and how much you are concerned about your health and take into account the number of people and children up to the weight.
    My question simple and you are happy with the body? So why not take care of what is most important to our physical and mental health.
    When we practice sports we feel more prepared for the day to day, we are happier, we can make new friends even find a new love, make food education, and our friends just seeing how well we are.
    Practice some sports and you will see how good and not think that working out is only gym
  4. jblaylo1

    jblaylo1 New Member

    I like working out because it makes you feel refreshed. Life can be so stressful and having a good workout makes you feel less stress. Studies have shown after at least 30 minutes of exercise your body releases the feel good hormone. The more you workout the less sore you will feel. You become sore when you use new muscles. Try doing yoga this may be relaxing to you !
  5. Vicky Bassett

    Vicky Bassett New Member

    Exercise isn't usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think about things they enjoy doing, and personally, I used to hate it too. I was always that kid that asks to go to the nurses office during gym to avoid doing any type of exercise, especially push ups and the, dare I say it, mile run. But, recently I've been trying to lose weight, and exercise is a key part of that, along with diet. I found exercises, such as swimming and yoga, that help to tone up muscle and lose fat, all while not even feeling like exercise! Now I love exercising! Exercise makes me feel good because I know that when my muscles get sore, it's because I've worked so hard trying to achieve my goal weight and get that rocking healthy body I've always wanted!
  6. Kori

    Kori New Member

    A sore body means it's working! That's what I love. I work out at home with DVD's and On-Demand workouts. I do both cardio (HATE!) and weights (LOVE!). I just love the feeling of accomplishment when I finish a workout. Yeah, being sore after isn't that fun. It's so worth it though to feel healthy and see your body change. I'm pregnant now and have lost all energy and motivation, so I haven't worked out much and I miss it! I only started working out last year at 30 years old. Never been healthy or fit, so this is a whole new journey for me. It feels amazing to know I can do it.
  7. yarelii_21

    yarelii_21 New Member

    Having a sore body feels good to me because it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. Feeling the soreness the next day reminds me that the working out paid off and it's working. I like that feeling after working out you feel relaxed and feel like you accomplished something good that day. Working out makes me feel better about myself. After putting in all that junk in my body working out is my way to recover from intoxicating my body with the bad things. I love how it gives me self confidence once I start seeing the results of working out. I work out to feel better about myself and not feel like I'm a big pile of junk just sitting on the couch while I add more weight to myself. Working out isn't always fun but you just have to have positive thoughts in your head thinking to yourself "It'll all pay off later, I'll get the body I want and I'll feel better about myself".
  8. mshard2please

    mshard2please New Member

    Exercising is enjoyable to me because it helps me look and feel healthier. I enjoy feeling the burn after an intense workout session. After a good workout, I feel energetic, relaxed, and refreshed. Exercising encourages me to eat well balanced meals, after all I would not want to ruin a good workout!
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  9. Rose0000

    Rose0000 New Member

    I enjoy working out because I immediately feel better within 15 minutes of my warm-up routine. I seldom get sore and I think the reason is because I take a slow and steady approach, unlike many of my friends. For example, I invited a friend to visit the gym with me...he had not been working out for a few months while I workout 5 times a week. He overdid it by lifting too much weight, too many times. Now I'm not saying that my way is right but it works for me: with weights I start with what isn't too hard to lift, but also not too easy. I stay with that weight (and # of sets/reps) until I feel like it's easier, then I bump it up 5 to 10 pounds. By the way, my friend is still sore and now doesn't want to go to the gym!
  10. aymenrobaini

    aymenrobaini New Member

    At first i was hating the gem but after two months i started to see the difference in my body it is starting to develop and its was awsome .that's why poeple like going to the gem and it also attract girls hahahaha .
    thank you!
  11. Rick Cole

    Rick Cole New Member

    Growing up, I was always a "scrawny" kid. At 6 foot 5, 150 pounds, I always felt like there was room for improvement (to put it nicely towards myself). Once I got older and started working out, I noticed changes, not only in my body but also in my mind. I gained weight and started to fill out how I always wanted, but I also gained a sense of confidence that I had always lacked. I'm not saying weight lifting is the key to gaining confidence for everyone, but it was the catalyst that helped me and I will always be grateful for that.
  12. Akaplan_3

    Akaplan_3 New Member

    I enjoy working out because it makes me feel confident, I like challenging myself to do better or do more than I did last week and I love meeting my goals and seeing the progress I make.
    Working out also releases all the negative emotions I have in me. It's a stress reliever, after a long, hot, sweaty workout I feel exhausted but rejuvenated at the same time. I feel lighter and my body is relaxed. Although sometimes there's a little soreness afterwards, I'm always in a much better mood than I was before. I don't workout everyday because I don't always have the time, but the days I do, are the best days of my week. It's a great way to start or end the day!
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  13. dkenny

    dkenny New Member

    The major reason I like to workout and exercise is because it makes me feel good internally and externally. It makes me feel confident about how I look. Internally it makes me feel good because I feel as if I have accomplished something, and I feel healthy. I also like to challenge myself to be a better me.
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  14. olir1234

    olir1234 New Member

    I enjoy working out because it makes me feel better and happier ( while exercising the body produces serotonin ). Also it boosts my metabolism and reduces the risk of getting sick.
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  15. skushisbrown

    skushisbrown New Member

    I enjoy working out cause I was brought up with it. Now what I mean is that when I was young I go for training, I play football always mostly at evening, I and my friends we never got tired. This developed me to look fit, and look slim. Working out makes me look younger and healthy. it also saves me from sickness. What I mean is that I hardly fall sick.
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  16. bdlj

    bdlj New Member

    I enjoy working out because I set clear and attainable goals to work towards. It's really key to have measurable, objective indicators of progress, and using those to evaluate whether you're actually doing well versus just sandbagging it in the gym. Following a good program really helps.
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  17. Chris000777

    Chris000777 New Member

    I really enjoy working out because I like setting goals for myself and then I always try to achieve my goals beforehand since I'am really competitive.I have found this method particularly very helpful since competing with yourself is the best way to progress.
  18. Sonny Boy Reboldera

    Sonny Boy Reboldera New Member

    Working out is happiness. It will make you healthier.
  19. preetham b h

    preetham b h New Member

    The early morning workout really helps the body to be active all day along .it makes our mind fresh and tender to start any work and becomes successful. May be some of them have not shown keen interest in what they really wanted to achieve so they need to change their routine early morning jog makes enjoy the nature with less traffic sounds and you hear chirping sounds from birds it all make contribution to betterment of our health
  20. hockeysgal

    hockeysgal New Member

    My favorite way of working out is to practice team sports (hockey, soccer, etc.) I enjoy the team atmosphere and making friends through a shared interest as well. As for soreness I usually only feel sore when I start playing sports or working out after a long break. For example I've had multiple injuries since September and wasn't able to practice my regular sports so now that I've just started up again I'm quite sore.
    Sports or working for me is also an outlet for my emotions (mostly anger but others as well) I find that whenever I am angry I feel like I can vent the energy through physical activity.
  21. Onni89

    Onni89 New Member

    I personally love working out, because everette when I do so I feel relaxed and good. Always after my workouts I feel healthy and energised. The best time to workout for me is in the morning, because working out helps me really wake and feel ready for the day.
  22. Ben Reilly

    Ben Reilly Member

    It reminds you that you've done a good workout! Also you get less sore the more you do something. If you start cycling your legs will be super sore at first, but after a few weeks, there'll be little to no soreness unless you're really pushing it. So if you just want to exercise to stay in shape and not to push yourself to the limit (which is totally fine), you shouldn't have a huge amount or soreness to deal with.
  23. plenc

    plenc Member

    Because it is like an addict to though an healthy one which i recommend and the doctors to, When you begin working out and exercising at a early age then your body adopts it, and it turns into a hobby, old habits are hard to quite remember that.
  24. maximumsteve

    maximumsteve New Member

    I'm with OP on this one and envy all of you who enjoy working out. I absolutely hate it! It's not fun at all for me, and afterwards I'm always just tired and sore. But I do it for the same reason I eat my broccoli and pay my taxes - because I have to. And, I'm not going to lie, I look bloody good when I keep up with my workouts, and the female attention and ego boost are not at all unpleasant. I hope I'll find some form of exercise that I genuinely enjoy at some point, but until then discipline is all I have.
  25. plenc

    plenc Member

    Well you just have to put your back into it, You can go on long walk, that is exercising to,or siting in certain positions that flex muscles.
  26. Masterclips

    Masterclips New Member

    I do enjoy but recently I been slacking off and I should start to run 5k and help my self to workout programs like Zumba and 30 days I have a friend that is having a workout problem he can not stop but he inspires me every day
  27. nhuj72

    nhuj72 New Member

    I like working out everyday except sunday going to gym in the morning feels better before going to work.. It makes me feel refresh and alive after I work out coz it takes out all the fats and cholesterol in your body. It is also my outlet when I'm stressed out at the office and at home specially when my angry with someone I flushed all my anger into the weights, then after it I feel relaxed and ready to work again.. I'm working out not because I want to be a hunk or macho man I do work out coz I want to be healthy and to avoid high blood and heart attack coz nowadays you can not feel if you're healthy or not unless you do work out. I'd rather recommend working out everyday to feel healthy not only in the body but also in the mind.
  28. kevincapolino

    kevincapolino New Member

    As you continue working out and become more fit, the soreness goes away and all you're left with is a nice fatigue-like feeling in your muscles that many people really enjoy. Working out releases chemicals in the brain called endorphins which control pleasure centers and make you feel happy! I'd recommend getting back in the gym but taking it slowly... Don't do too much too fast and don't stay longer than you're comfortable. Leave after you accomplish what you wanted to and don't drive yourself into the ground. Make sure your form is proper and stay consistent! Stay hydrated and such :)
  29. Med rida ft

    Med rida ft New Member

    I enjoy working out because it makes me feel confident, I like challenging myself to do better and better every day and of course to reach my goals, my first goal is to be engineer of computers, and why not to be famous one in my country to show that if we work well we all arrive at our goals even if those goals are harder to achieve it doesn't matter.So to achieve it we must trust our self before anything.
  30. sixela1977

    sixela1977 New Member

    Working out or having exercise is fun, it helps me to feel better everyday, gives me energy that i need, and also it becomes our bonding time. Doing work out with families or friends adds enjoyment to the activities that we are doing. Lets live life to the fullest by giving our body the right care. Start our day with exercise for a healthy and happy life.

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