Why do you like music

Discussion in 'Music' started by Dyn, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Dyn

    Dyn New Member

    Music brings out the inner me
  2. clydeterence

    clydeterence New Member

    Because when i hear a certain song that is played and listen to the lyrics being sung, this can describe a situation or experience that I may be going through at that time along with the particular emotions that are felt. This can help me to feel better by knowing that another person has been through this type of challenge also, and or has felt the same emotions about certain things. A special song, with amazing lyrics and even a good rhythm, can always mean so much to a person.
  3. Ywun

    Ywun New Member

    Because it makes me to let my hair down. I listen to music whenever I feel stressed or feeling something miserable and it helps me to feel relaxed. I love music from the bottom of my heart so I listen to every genre of music from the oldies ones to edm 0nes like that. It can be said music is one of the most important things that I can't live without them.
  4. xianmi13

    xianmi13 New Member

    Music defined by google definition "vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion." But in my opinion, Music is one of the most beautiful creation of God inherent in Human which made us live a life with harmony and rhythms. The sounds of voices and instrument are just mesmerizing and I or we can all say that without music our life would be quiet and no color at all.
  5. Ejbading789

    Ejbading789 New Member

    Music reminds me of someone or special moments, some music motivates me and some gives me ideas in life, Music sometime brightens my day, and comforts me when i'm down.
  6. zor1448

    zor1448 New Member

    I love music so much and acoustic rock is one of my favorite. Music is a big part of life and it always my best buddy . It's my pill to relieve stress and it helps me to feel relax. Also, music makes me feel at ease whenever I am into difficult times. I can imagine my day will be without music.
  7. sheshamar

    sheshamar New Member

    Music brings out the best in me. It motivates me to go on in our daily lives. When I am feeling down, I listened to my favorite music (together with a little prayer) and lightens me up even for a little bit. I love music because it is a special bonding of our family. We love singing together. Music also is a form of prayer to God.
  8. mayhes

    mayhes New Member

    Music brings joy, color and life to us. It is a way of expressing our feelings, someone's story bad or good and emotions which you cannot tell it to someone face to face. It's a way of expressing one's feelings and emotions. We get addicted to music, I may say it takes part to our everyday life. The songs that we listen to is related to our experiences sometimes it makes us because we get carried away.

    I like to listen to music because I feel relax. Music is my stress free reliever. When I feel bored at work and no one to talk to I will just sing a long to the music being played in my work place, it eases my boredom. I use to play and listen to music while doing the household chores time passes that I don't even notice that it's already dark outside. Music also make me fall asleep.

    Music keeps me going, inspired, motivated and brightens up my day. One thing that I like music is because of the melody, the lyrics and the message of the song that sometimes makes us cry.
  9. PilyongHusband1990

    PilyongHusband1990 New Member

    Music is essential to our soul. It affects our emotions greatly. It may sound absurd but music can sometimes control a person's way of thinking and perception about life. The choice of music also reflects a person's personality and behavior.
  10. lotay

    lotay New Member

    "Music is a meditation" music is everywhere, we hear it everyday in our lives, for many people it serves as a medicine, whenever they hear it, they feel meditating and feel relaxing, based on my own experience in music every time I play my favorite music i feel so happy and it makes me a good person as well why? the music inspires me to do good things and I hope that music have the same impact with you.
  11. Phiann30

    Phiann30 New Member

    Music for me is an important way of life as it play a key role to different activities in our lives, it expresses human experiences, a music writer cannot write a love song with no total experience. He must first feel the feeling of being madly deeply in love in order to externalize his true feelings
  12. wilbertbarrientos

    wilbertbarrientos New Member

    What i like about music is that it gives me the feeling of comfort. It allows me to generate positive vibes and get rid of those negative emotions. It gives me more courage to what i do by listening to motivational or inspirational songs. Listening to music is also good for my health because it relieves stress and by relieving stress I my mind and body can be more functional. It also makes me happy. It strengthens learning and memory. It elevates my mood and by listening to classical music such as piano and violin instrumentals makes me more relax.
  13. MrsPerk

    MrsPerk New Member

    I love music because there is a song for everything. Anything you are going through you can find a song relatable and that helps me get through things. Music is also a huge motivator for me.
  14. Martis999

    Martis999 New Member

    i like music bec., it helps me to lessen my stress, helps me to become hyper when I am doing works or doing exercise. Music for me helps me to motivate in every work I do. It is also helps my feelings to comfort. If theres no music theres no songs, no artist or singer so music is part of our life. And music can help you or me or other people to earn.
  15. luv2xacosta

    luv2xacosta New Member

    I like listening to music because it relieves stress and boredom. Music makes me calm and gives me comfort. For me music is a universal language because no matter what kind of song it is, it makes me understand and relate to what means. It may be sad, happy, in love, angry, seductive, etc. music helps me distress and dance me in its beats and make me cry depending on what mode I am in. Music is also another way to understand people whenever you hear it what kind of music they are listening. It is like it can help us communicate to one another and without talking one word, just by listening to music we tend to understand a person's feelings or their emotions. Music tends to help us relax whenever we wanted to relax. Music tends us to chill whenever we want to chill.
  16. Rosing

    Rosing New Member

    I like music because it is like an enterpreter of my feelings. It is one way of expressing myself. Every harmony and rythm that I can hesr from a music feels like a medicine for me. Music is also my comforter. Whenever i feel sad and lonely. It can turn my feelings into something more happy. It gives me more energy to continue doing something great every. For me, it's like one music a day, keeps a the doctor a way. Music is my bestfriend. And that's the most important reason why like music. Truth is, I just don't like it. I love it.
  17. Sonnyboy

    Sonnyboy New Member

    I like and love music because this the one who keeps me going everyday thru work also lm in abroad lm alone so it help me a lot to go thru things.
  18. lilephe

    lilephe New Member

    I like how it evokes emotion. A sad song can make you feel like you're going through the same experience with the singer. A happy song can make you feel like you're on top of the world. Music is a pulling form of entertainment for me personally.
  19. Adrian120501

    Adrian120501 New Member

    All people have different reason's why they love music. And for me the reason i love music is because it help's me more calm and also help's me to relieve stress. Listening to music can help people in the way we didn't expect. Until now i'm still listening to music everytime i felt sad or lonely even before i sleep i also listen to music because it help's me sleep more deeply than my usual night's. It's so refreshing to listen in any kind's of music that help's our mind become more peaceful. By the way i love sad song music and kpop song i always sleep with my earphone's listening to my music. Thats all thank you.
  20. Gemmacastillo030108

    Gemmacastillo030108 New Member

    I like music, it makes me feel relieve specially when i i have my devotion time to God. Really helps me to mdeitate while reading bible.
  21. happyfeet

    happyfeet New Member

    Everything around us is music, which is why music is everything. I have read that somewhere I am not sure. Makes sense? Who doesn’t love music?! With music we can feel everything! We can feel happy, sad, relax and alive! All the emotions that you can think of, music can bring it out. Have you ever like or hate a song even if you don’t understand exactly the lyrics because it is in a different language? Listen to a song or better sing it. Does it make you feel better? Of course it does. That is the power that music can give to us.
  22. agbuyahapon

    agbuyahapon New Member

    All of us have differences but the only thing that could bring us all together is music. Everyone have their favorite music. Music is an essential part of our life because it sometimes comforts is in our darkest days especially when the lyrics speak your current emotion and situation.
    Actually I'm a dancer and music is very important because the music determines how my body should move. Imagine if I dance without music that would look so awfull.
    I can't live without music. Why? Because it can lift up my mood when I'm down and depressed.
  23. jezzamae

    jezzamae New Member

    When I hear a certain song that is played and listen to the lyrics being sung, this can describe a situation or experience that I may be going through at that time along with the particular emotions that are felt. This can help me to feel better by knowing that another person has been through this type of challenge also, and or has felt the same emotions about certain things. A special song, with amazing lyrics and even a good rhythm, can always mean so much to a person.
  24. erinjade

    erinjade New Member

    It's a universal truth that life without music is impossible. It makes us all feel connected. Whoever you are or wherever you came from, it doesn't matter as long as you appreciate it. It doesn't always have to be something that you can relate to. It is something that makes you feel different emotions that's why when we feel empty inside, it makes us feel that we are not alone as if we've got company. Songs can be written in different ways but they are all able to deliver a message or a simple thought. I think music is one of the most amazing treasures life can offer us.
  25. Rjyu

    Rjyu New Member

    Music gives me a wonderful feelings that no one could, it can told my story through the lyrics. their is something in music that no one can express the HAPPINESS it made.
  26. jathropanzocaber

    jathropanzocaber New Member

    because music can speak or can say what is on your mind and it expresses feelings and it is like a story telling.
  27. Nexy92

    Nexy92 New Member

    Because i love listening to music and gives me in one way peace and making me feel relaxed , even if i have a stressful day it helps a lot when listening to music and also makes me happy.
  28. matmat515

    matmat515 New Member

    you can express your self in music that's all.
  29. dandybratz

    dandybratz New Member

    Music is very relaxing to me. I can listen to music and it takes me out of my head.
  30. marcialsha28

    marcialsha28 New Member

    Music is my turning point whatever moods i have.
    If im sad music affects my soul very much.
    When i'm happy music makes me more happier.
    When i'm tired music can soothe and make me relax.
    When i'm sleepy music let me fell off sleep.
    That's why i like music very much.

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